5 Best Shopping Sites in India

Shopping online has become quite famous nowadays. With so many offers, users don’t have to visit the offline store and just by sitting at home they can select from millions of product available online. These products come at a comparatively lower price, and users save a lot of time as well. So it becomes quite beneficial for one to shop online easily. There is a large number of Best Shopping Sites out there. However, which one to trust is quite a dilemma.

Here in this article, I am going to share about the 5 best shopping sites in India where you can shop with the surety that you will get authentic products at many competitive prices.

So let’s start with the best shopping sites in India.

5 Best Shopping Sites in India

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping portals online. They launched in India slightly late but have made a huge impact and doing really well.

It is currently 2nd largest online shopping portal in India and fastest growing one.  If such growth will continue then they may acquire the first place very soon. I like Amazon a lot because of their support. You will experience a world-class support there that will be ready to help in any situation.

  • Flipkart

Currently, the largest online shopping portal has millions of products and thousands of sellers. Flipkart sells everything from gift vouchers to electronics to home appliances. In fact, statistics claim that there are more items on Flipkart than in a mall. Hence, Indians are heavily reliant on Flipkart for all their shopping needs.

  • Snapdeal

Snapdeal is one of the fastest growing online shopping portals in terms of products, visitors, and revenue. A company of over $6 Billion is making an impact on mid-level customers very aggressively. Also, you will find some products comparatively very cheap rather than other companies.

However, there have been times when consumers have complained of the products of Snapdeal and hence, some of them stay away from Snapdeal.

You may find multiple Snapdeal offers online and can use to get more discounts and fantastic deals.

  • Myntra

Myntra is mainly for the fashion brands and is a leading fashion shopping portal in India. They have the largest collection of fashion products for both male and female listed.

Myntra was acquired by Flipkart and a few months ago Myntra has gained second largest fashion shopping portal Jabong and currently has a monopoly in the fashion segment.

  • Infibeam

A silent business which made an impact in the lower middle segment very quickly. You will very frequently experience find some product which won’t be available anywhere else.

When other e-commerce startups were busy raising funds from investors to run the daily operation and to compensate the loss, Infibeam took the challenge and prepared themselves to go to IPO and is the 1st start-up of recent time which made to IPO.


These were some of the Best shopping sites in India. You should try these to get the best shopping deals online like Amazon Diwali Deals, Black Friday 2016 Deals, Cyber Monday Deals and all.

Which shopping sites do you use for online shopping?


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