Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

Technology plays an essential role in our everyday life. With the advancement of technology, it has now transformed the method of education, making students learn the new technology.

Technology is also used for classroom studies to help teachers teach through digital methods with the help of videos and 3D animated lectures, which are easy to understand and creates an interest in the subject.

In a classroom, teachers can easily adapt the technologies such as tablets, computer, projector-based smart classroom, which can be beneficial as it enhances the knowledge and brings engagement amongst the students while studying.

Following are the benefits of using technology in a classroom:

(i) Instant Access to Knowledge:

The Internet provides students with instant access to knowledge that is beyond the textbooks. The use of the internet in the classroom provides students with an integrated knowledge of the subject.

Teachers can deliver students with quality information in a smart classroom that can be helpful in providing a better understanding and knowledge of the subject.

(ii) Builds Interest and Engagement amongst students:

For a student, the classroom has always been boring especially that of maths and science; but with technology in a classroom, it can never be the same.

With technology, the session is now interesting as it involves student’s engagement even in boring topics like Calculus. The methods like gamification, adaptive learning, augmented reality, visualized learning have been great benefits that involve students’ interest while studying.

(iii) Improves Retention power:

It is a well-known fact that images and videos have a higher impact on our mind rather than texts. Just think of a book you studied and a movie you recently watched, one can easily tell the story of a movie without much difficulty, whereas most of the things from textbooks would slip from their mind.

Thus, from a video lecture, one can easily grasp the conceptual knowledge for a longer duration.

(iv) Encourages learning for individuals:

Everyone has a different pace of learning. Technology provides opportunities for making learning more effective for every student with their various needs.

As videos help students to understand every topic, this would result in motivating students to develop their conceptual knowledge.

(v) Faster and Easier:

Videos are said to be one of the fastest modes of learning. One can easily study topics like Vectors in a day or two, while it takes around a week to study through the traditional method of learning through textbooks.

One can easily understand the concepts as video provides proper visualization for understanding the concepts.

Thus, Technology in the classroom provides all the benefits for the growth of students and makes them understand the concepts easily.

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