10 Best Android Apps for Business Owners

Whether you run small or large enterprise in today’s modern world of the technological era, all you need is an idea and a platform to put that over the internet to make aware of your product. The intent of applications has made this pretty easier. When we talk about the best Android apps, which channelize our way to promote various products and services, there are enormous Best Android Apps which help business owners to operate their day to day task.

Following are the best Android apps for the business owner:

Google Drive

The easy, secure, vibrant and most preferred application in today’s tech world which will help your business by making everything handy. Google Drive is a safe place for all your files and keeps them within reach from any computer, smartphone, and tablet. Files in Drive like your videos, photos, and documents are backed up safely in the cloud so you can’t lose them.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (free)

Microsoft Remote Desktop app, helps you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. With RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed helps you to get your work done wherever you are. This way to experience the documents as like as in the PC on our smartphones, tablets, notebook on the way and It’s utterly secure and easy to use.

Air-droid (free)

Air-droid gives us a quicker way to synchronize our mobile data with the computer we work daily to look after our clients call log, text messages, and all other needy notes to make it more compatible. This makes your multi-screen life easier and more focused on helping you access and manage your phone from any computer, anywhere.


If you need to make a reliable video conference call with your clients, employees or any other interested parties you need just to install Skype on your smartphones and witness the video chat on the go. The feature of the best quality conference call is a con.

Google documents, sheets & slides

The best apps are always from Google cause of its interface .features like Document sheets, presentation templates, excel sheets and other apps which make every businessman’s life easier. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are web-based software suite which is completely free. The suite allows users to create and edit files online while collaborating with other users in real-time.

aCalender (free)

To run any business enterprise smoothly, scheduling plays an imperative role.The acalendar is an almost perfect calendar app, which includes all the basic toggle features like days, weeks, months, years which help us to schedule our meeting, record any notes, and other needy features accordingly.

Evernote Business

Evernote apps is a cross-platform, well designed and free application which works on Android, iPhone, Windows and also in blackberry platform. Evernote mainly helps in note taking and organizing your personal and professional projects.  Take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online into Evernote. It sync’s everything between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.

Dropbox for business

Dropbox apps make your company works and data record over time and easy to retrieve the files when required. The files are automatically uploaded to Dropbox’s cloud-based service and made available to all the user computers where the Dropbox is logged in and installed and also keeps all the files updated. It has full secured advanced security and helps in dedicating live support.

Google My Business

Another app from Google which helps in getting your business found on Google for free. Google my business helps in managing, responding customer reviews and manages multiple locations from the dashboard. Also, you can be accessed on Google Maps with directions making life simple for your client.


Another mandatory application which helps us to manage and transact our all financial transaction on the go from anywhere. It mainly accepts more types of payment like credit and debit cards, bank and PayPal balance quickly and more securely from your international customers. It also comes with the secure web security and well maintains security concerns.


Moreover, the way in which business and the corporate world are rising the use of Best Android Apps is extensively growing with more demand .thus; the improvements take place to a meet the challenging needs of the market. Read More about Best Indian News Apps for Android.


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