7 Best Android Job Search Apps for Job Seekers

Are you looking for the best Android job search apps?


Are you stuck to find the best job apps 2017 for your phone?

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I want to solve that problem for you.

In this article, for your consideration, I have made a list of 7  best Android job search apps.

I will also discuss each of them briefly.

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With the arrival of the smartphone, most of the people now search job on their phone.

It has both its good and bad sides. The good side is that you can make an appropriate CV or Resume and put your talent in front of the whole world. On the other hand, the bad side is, because there so many platforms to do that, it often is not easy to choose the right one.

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Now, let me talk about those best Android job search apps.

Top 7 Best Android Job Search Apps for Job Seekers:

  1. Naukri:

Nauki Android mobile app was launched in 2012. It has approximately 49.5 million registered users. It is one of the most trusted job searching apps out there.

All you need to do is set up an account and give the relevant details. After that is done, there will be a brief period before your CV appears on the app and site. You can search for jobs once your CV appears.

Also, you can also refine your search by using filters such as expected salary, work field, location, experience, and so on. There are numerous job listings for you to choose from. However, IT sectors jobs dominate the postings more.

The only problem with the app is sometimes the resume takes longer to appear than promised. Apart from that, it is an excellent job searching app for anyone.

  1. Indeed Job Search:

Indeed Job Search is also a great option for Android job searching apps. It has over a 100 million users. It allows searching for jobs in over 50 countries. Besides, you can use the app in 28 languages.

Even, You can refine your searches based on your working field, expected salary, location, and many other criteria. You can search for full-time as well as part-time jobs in the app. Indeed Job Search has listings from a wide range of sources. Company Career pages, newspaper classifieds, and even other online job boards are listed here.

The app lets you set up email notification. In this way, you would know at once when new jobs are available in any category of your choice. In case you find the job you are looking for, you can save it to apply later on the website. Besides, you can also attach your CV to your account. You would be able to apply directly from the app if you do that.

The user interface and design feel a bit older. However, it does its job really well.

  1. Glassdoor Job Search:

Glassdoor Job Search is one of the most trusted job searching apps for Android. It offers a wide range of features to help you find the best job for you. The app lets you take a peek inside companies. You would also get an idea of the work culture of the companies.

Apart from the usual job listings, you would also get to see company reviews and their pay structure. The best thing is the reviews are given by their own employees who are working there at present. Also, people who have appeared for their interview can also share their experience. This will give you an even better idea and ways to prepare better for your interview.

Another great feature of the app is ‘Know Your Worth.’ This feature helps you get an idea of what your salary should be based upon your qualifications and experience.  The simple user interface makes your work easier.

  1. LinkedIn:

I do not need to tell you what LinkedIn is. Everyone who is a professional has heard about this app. It is extremely popular and useful. First of all, you would need to set up an account and put in the necessary details.

This includes information such as your academic qualifications and work experience. Then your future employer can find you. The app helps you to build your network and interact with professionals in your area of expertise.

It is a separate app from the website. The app lets you find vacancies in your work field. You can arrange them as per salary, date, and many other criteria. You can apply directly from the app once you like an offer.

Also, it would show you jobs that are suitable to you. The app uses your profile data and your search history for this. LinkedIn is easy to use and merges well with the website. You can also keep in touch with other professionals with ease.

  1. Shine:

Shine has made a name for themselves in the Android job searching apps category. It has over 20 million existing users as of now.

Like every other job searching app, you need to set up your account and enter necessary details first. Then you can search for jobs as per your choice. You would also get recommendations from the app based on your profile information and search results.

Also, you can also get reviews on recruiters who are visiting your profile. The app also allows you to get email alerts. In this way, you would get instant notification when a new job appears in your work field and locality.

The only con I found is some users complained that it takes much longer to receive job offers compared to other job search portals. Also, there are a lot of fake calls as well. So, keep that in mind before deciding.

  1. TimesJobs:

TimesJobs is another popular app in the Android job searching apps. It is owned by the Times Group. Apart from the usual job listings, there are quite a few customization options.

You can refine your search as per your location. Also, the app will show you jobs that people with a similar profile as yours have applied for. Not only that, but it also recommends you jobs based on your profile information and work experience as well.

The only con is some users have claimed there are a few fraud and fake companies in the app. You should keep that in mind before applying.

  1. Monster:

Monster is another good choice when it comes to job searching apps. The basic features are same. You open an account and put in the necessary details. Once you are done, you can search for potential jobs. You can also use location, work field, work experience, and many other aspects to refine your search results. Also, you can save any job listing as per your choice to apply to them later.

The app offers you many useful features to help you get a job. Some of the features include making a visual representation of your CV, which is called the Smart CV, increasing the CV’s visibility on the app and site, and highlighting your best skills on your CV. All of this helps you to land a better job opportunity.

Besides, you can also submit your CV to an even bigger number of recruiters if you shed a little money. The only problem with the app is its CV submission service. Often the CV shows up much later than the given timeframe. However, not everyone faces this issue.


These are the top 7 Android job search apps for job seekers. Now that you have the necessary information use them to your benefit.

While there are a lot of job apps for android available on Play store, these are one of my favorite app that I use and recommend.

I hope the article was helpful as well as being enjoyable. So, if you have any question regarding best Android job search apps, then you can ask me via commenting below. If I missed one of your favorites Android job search apps, please do let me know in the comments.

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