10 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools You Must Know

Backlinks stay the most important ranking element. However, it can damage your ranking if you’re not receiving quality backlinks. As a blogger or a site owner, it is your obligation to verify your backlinks to be certain that you’ve got a fantastic backlink profile.

On the other hand, it is important to check on the opponents’ Backlinks to locate new traffic chances.

While you can find some ideas of your own backlinks from Google Search Console, it is not the best tool to look at the backlinks. There are a number of amazing Backlink Checker Tools. I did a study on several resources to discover the most effective Backlink Checker Tools. Here I will be discussing my results.


Ahrefs is your best SEO tools to test backlinks and referring domains. It is an all-in-one search engine optimization tool for bloggers & site owners.

The Backlinks part of Ahrefs Permits You to check any website’s backlink details based on No-follow, Do-follow, Edu links, UGC, Sponsored, Gov links, redirect, etc. You can also check the anchor text which is used by a particular website.

It’s an amazing keyword suggestion tool or you can say it is a must-have tool for SEO.

Another Fantastic feature of this tool is that it allows one to check recently acquired and lately broken and lost backlinks.

You can utilize the Lost Backlinks segment to keep your present traffic safe. You can utilize the Broken Backlinks section for connection prospects.

You can get Ahrefs access for 14 days at no cost.

Open Site Explorer

It is a free backlink checker tool provided by Moz.com. It gives you the ability to monitor the traffic of your website & your competitors’ sites. It is a very helpful tool to get connection-building opportunities.

It also shows the Domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)) of a website which tells you the strength of a domain and its pages. Nonetheless, it also reveals the high-quality backlinks of a website.

Well, unlike other tools it does not show you all the backlinks of a site but it can tell you the quality of links that enable you to comprehend the potency of the page and domain.

This tool Permits you to check backlinks Many times a day for free. You need to update to premium to get unlimited reports.


SEMrush is helpful for keyword exploring and Competition analysis. It’s a potent website backlink checker tool that lets you assess traffic, backlinks, anchors, referring domains, referring IPs, etc. of a blog/site.

SEMrush includes a backlinks comparison tool that allows you to evaluate your traffic along with others. It is a useful tool to evaluate your website with opponents.


Majestic is just another excellent SEO Backlink Checker tools. The Interface of this device might appear somewhat awkward for you. However, it’s all you will need to learn about backlinks. In actuality, I have discovered that it reveals more backlinks than many others.

It lets you check backlinks at no cost. However, You Want to Make a free account and confirm your domain names. You may even observe the backlinks that are deleted.

Majestic has the biggest database of backlinks.


OpenLinkProfiler is your best free backlinks checker tool that reveals just the latest backlinks. You may get up to 200,000 new links for a website and download 1,000 backlinks in. CSV format.

As it reveals the new backlinks just which has been busy for the Past 90 days, the overall backlinks count will be lower than the other programs. However, you’ll find a fantastic idea of traffic that is active. It reveals the “Link Influence Score” for each link which can help you to ascertain the standard of a backlink.


BackLinkWatch is a decent tool to assess the backlinks of a website. It is a very simple tool, but the issue its interface is bombarded with Advertising.

It reveals authoritative backlinks largely. But a number of those Links are inactive and old.

However, it utilizes ahref’s API. So that the results are somewhat trustable.


BuzzSumo is a Fantastic tool to examine the content and find influencers. However, it is also possible to use it to assess the traffic of any URL or domain name.

For this, you want to use the BuzzSumo paid version. The great news is, that BuzzSumo provides 14 days free trial for an ace version without including a credit card.

You are able to search for backlinks predicated on a date. However, it is not the perfect tool if you would like to confirm the no follow or do follow connection.


Have you ever tried to check backlinks manually? If yes, then you’d have realized that it’s a time-consuming procedure and that it’s simple to maintain. This is the principal reason why the prevalence of Linkody is increasing by the day. It is a backlinks checker tool that automatically does this whole process.

There are lots of reasons as to why you can use this tool. They comprise:

  • Provides notifications once you gain/lose links.
  • Provides an inside look at what your opponents are up to.
  • It can do pinpoint and disavow spam links.

As your link profile keeps shifting, this tool provides you with vital information that you will need to remain on top. Another aspect to be considered is that this backlink checker tool permits you to execute daily email alerts.

Monitor Backlinks

In Internet Marketing, nothing is more significant than the backlink Profile of your site. This link checker tool doesn’t just permit you to comprehend your site’s bad links but additionally provides you with a good notion of the competitor’s useful links. This is to state that this tool allows you to know exactly what your competitor is doing.

It can be linked to a Google Analytics account. The benefit is you get email alerts as and if you lose/gain a backlink. Both winning and losing are significant so far as your backlink profile is worried. Furthermore, you can set up alarms to know how your rivals are doing in regard to link construction.

The other metrics associated with search engine optimization that Monitor Backlinks provides include backlink standing checker, discussing traffic per backlink, outside links count, MozRank, and web page and domain name authority.

SEO PowerSuite

This is also one of the finest Free Backlink Checker tools. Over 500,000 people are using this backlink checker tool. It can show you the following:

  • All backlinks are pointing toward your E-commerce Agency or Competitors’ website.
  • Anti-penalty audit.
  • Link quality variables
  • Backlink reports.

When you support for link building, this tool may be used to conduct a thorough link quality evaluation. As it assesses links against 50 plus quality variables, you acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the effect of each on your website’s search engine positions.

Final Words

SEO is not as complicated as you think. All you need is to create a healthy backlink profile to get closer to your marketing goals.

And these 10 best Free Backlink Checker Tools can help you to achieve your goals.

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  1. Hello, Naval!

    Great reading your best piece on Saurabh’s place!

    I don’t stress much for the SEO… Because I don’t give it as much importance.

    I know I’m technically wrong in terms of helping in growing my site but I think I have the good results coming in, itself.

    And that is the reason I am not much worried of SEO.

    But that does not mean I don’t do anything for SEO while writing the content; I have Yoast SEO and always try to hit the green for SEO and I’m 90% successful with it for my overall posts.

    I will give these tools a shot to see how I am growing my blog with my own strategies I set for myself. 🙂

    So, thank you! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  2. Other than BuzzSumo, I have not used any of these tools so far. Bookmarking this post for reference. I may have to look into some of these tools in the near future.

    • Both Semrush and ahrefs have great values and features. But I think ahrefs is more powerful because of the real-time and accurate data.
      Just my opinion.

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