10 Best Camera Apps for Android [Free Download]

Best Camera Apps for Android which are used to capture photo and edit them for sharing on social media. While buying a new smartphone first thing that comes to mind is the features of the Android device.

And every user first checks “camera” when they think to buy an Android Smartphone.

Now a day every smartphone company collection user requirement on smartphone and try to give output on their new device or update their current device.

This improvement brings more users. This is the world of a selfie lover.

Where ever they go, the photos to make remarkable that moment and for that, they require a good camera on their device.

So we think to share the best free camera apps for Android.

10 Best Free Camera Apps for Android

Camera MX App – Better Photos Every day

CAMERA MX is the best camera app for Android devices. The app is easy to use and comes with some existing features. Features like photo editing and effects in real-time make this app more addictive.

This photo editing android app offers clear visuals on the picture and you can add informative text where you want them. Its aspect ratio and JPEG quality, retain complete control of resolution.

Some great features like display flash on the front camera, video recording pause, rotating grid function, and much more.


Camera 360 Ultimate – Selfie Photo Editor

Camera 360 Ultimate is the best free camera app for Android smartphones. The app has many ultimate features that every professional photography needs.

This is a free beauty photo camera app which has over 500+ million users over the world.

This is the best professional image editing app and offers video effects along with funny stickers, motions stickers, poster templates, art filters, and much more.

You can use a filter before and after capturing a photo.


Retrica App – Selfie, Sticker, GIF

Retrica App is another good camera app for Android users and this also the best selfie camera. The app is very easy to access. You can use effects while capturing a photo in real-time.

You can make your camera retro phone both in just a single click and take multiple photos to make instantly college.

With this camera app, You can create GIF images directly from your camera and also can make videos easily.

Some other features in the Retrica Camera app are, you can make your photo blur, vignette, and set timers to make your selfies look professional. With 100+ stickers doodle text, this app becomes very popular.


Cymera – Collage & Photo Editor

Cymera is another free photo camera app available on the Google Play store which comes with lots of features. The Cymera is one of the best influential photo editors which comes with all in one beauty camera.

The photo editor app is quite easy and fast photo editing tools that save your time and give more effects option. The app offers 130 different filters to make the perfect instant selfie with various 7 camera lenses

. If you are looking for a powerful camera app for your Android device, you can go with this photo editor app.


Camera MX

Camera MX

Camera MX a powerful camera app for Android user who wants some unique features on their camera app.

The Photo Editor App has tons of features like action shots, stable shots, photo filters, collage, photo composition, and much more.

The app is paid but the user interface of this app is worth using.

You get full DSLR controls on your camera with a faster camera. If you are creative and able to buy a premium app than Camera MX is best for you.


Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is another professional camera app that has a bunch of features like DSLR manual controls. The is the app is best for the raw photographer.

The app has a lollipop Camera 2 API implemented so you have the better camera on your device. Camera FV-5 has features like DSLR viewfinder, manual shutter speed, and much more. This pic editing app is available in more than 30+ languages.


A Better Camera

A Better Camera

Free camera app and this best camera app for the professional photographer. This camera app designed to mimic DSLR in the best possible way.

The app is developed by Almalence Studio who also developed some great camera app.

This stylish photo editor app has an excellent user interface and powerful features like two shutter buttons, movable viewfinder, geotagging, color effects, and much more. Some features depend on your hardware. If your device is not supportable, you can’t use this excellent camera app.


Footej Camera

Footej Camera

Footej is fully featured with some cool and fun features for Android users all over the world.  It has 70+ customizable filters and 50+ frames to make your photo more creative and impressive.

Digital zooming, time-lapse, self-timer, time-lapse intervals, Video slow-motion recording Photo histogram, High-resolution Animated GIFs, and much more you will get in this cool camera app.

The best part of this best image editing app is you don’t need an internet connection to capture a photo, and you can take pictures underwater which is not available in any other app.


Candy Camera – Selfie, Beauty Camera, Photo editor

Candy Camera is another best camera app that every Android user needs on their device. This best photo editing app has tons of filtering options and also silent mode.

Candy Camera comes with ultimate features like beauty functions, silent camera, and much more.

The best camera app has some beauty functions like whitening, concealer, widening eyes, putting lipstick, and much more.

If you are a selfie lover then this is the best android camera app you can use.



Snapseed photo editing is another free best photo editor app for the Android user which is developed by Google Inc. You can create your own profile with Snapeed and can upload pictures to it.

This camera app for android has 29 tools and filters like Healing, Brush, HDR, Structure, Perspective, and much more. You can open JPG and DNG files and can readjust them.



Here I mention the top 10 Android camera apps for free which you can use for best photography.

So let’s make your photo more beautiful.

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