10 Best Content Writing Tools to Write Killer Blog Posts

Can you create content which is always interesting to the readers? Is it possible to reach the target all the time? The answer is simple: yes, you can. It might be a tiring task if you do it all by yourself. However, if you opt for using special tools, the task of creation of excellent content can stop being a pain every writer experiences on a regular basis and turn into a fun and exciting thing to do.

So, what are these tools we are talking about? We will talk about them in a minute in our article. So, if it sounds like something you want to master, then read on and get all the valuable information you need.

10 Amazing Content Writing Tools


Every content writer should be aware of the fact that readers find videos easier to comprehend. So, whenever they have a chance to watch a video on a given topic instead of reading a long piece (no matter how talented and experienced the author behind it is), they will opt for a video. There is nothing surprising about it: we have to digest so much written information on a daily basis that watching a video is a much better alternative which saves us effort and brings the same results. Besides, they are bright and engaging. So, what’s not to like about them?

All you need to make a good video is a camera, a video editor, and an Internet access to upload it to your YouTube channel. Do not be afraid that this requires a lot of technical knowledge. The thing is that most video editors were developed in such a way that beginners can easily navigate them and find all the features they need. As you get used to working in such programs, you will be able to understand more complicated software.


This tool is one of the best proofreading services online. The system was developed in such a way that writers can upload texts they created and have the software correct all the mistakes. The best part is that it does not fix everything automatically but rather points out the possible errors and when needed, offers a better alternative. So, you can see what mistakes you make often and work on preventing them. Grammarly helps you correct your grammar, punctuation, and find better words in some situations. It is a real must have for any writer.


Another brilliant assistant when it comes to crafting perfect content. As you understand, good articles are the ones which you can read easily without stumbling over every second word trying to figure out what an author really wanted to say. That is where Hemingway application can be a real help to you.

It helps writers improve readability of their texts by pointing out what parts are heard to read as well as which words have simpler alternatives. Thus, instead of reading the text and double-checking it yourself, you can have this tool save your precious time.

Google Docs

Even though not all users realize the potential of Google Docs, they can be a fantastic tool in a writers’ arsenal. First of all, they can track all the changes made in the text, step by step. Second, of all, a writer can start right where they stopped the last time. So, no matter where you were writing, you can easily get back on track. And also, it can correct some grammar mistakes and fix the punctuation errors whenever noticed in the text. So, use it to simplify the process of creation of killer content!


If you run your own blog and have a series of blog posts, then you can put them all in a single ebook. There are different formats which only depend on the target audience you choose. Such books do not take too much time to organize: just bear in mind that it should not be too long, must contain interesting chapters with catchy titles, and offer the readers tons of useful information. Check out Lulu and PapyrusEditor for more details and guidance.

Meme Generator

If you use the Internet at all, you will not be surprised to see this point on the list. Memes are fun pictures which mostly have famous people with particular expressions on them. Usually, there is a picture of a person in front of a background and some comments. You do not have to be a guru of design to create such images. Besides, with tools like Meme Generator or Quick Meme, one can create them in no time at all. So, think of adding memes to your blog to make readers love your content.

Best Meme generator Apps for Android

“How-to” articles

There is no tool to craft such articles, but you should realize the potential “how-to” content has. One of the main reasons people go online is to find answers to their questions. So, creating pieces which offer a solution to a particular problem step by step is exactly what you need in this case.

Just make sure to add enough visual material to illustrate your ideas step by step to help your readers walk with you in your explanation of an issue.

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There is probably not a person who has not used them at one point or another. But if there is, you should know that these are pictures with information and schemes on them. They often get wildly popular, especially if done tastefully.

The only problem is that they might cost you a fortune when done using special tools. Thus, it might be a good option for people familiar with design or for big companies able to pay money for such services.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend you using this tool as well.

Text-to-speech converters

It is not a tool which helps your readers but something you need as a writer. After you finish writing, you should revise the paper. And even though there are great tools to fix some grammar and punctuation mistakes out there, hearing your mistakes thanks to this useful tool is priceless. Make sure to convert your text to speech and listen to it. It will help you understand what places in the text need your special attention, what words are missing, and which paragraphs should be reviewed. Do not miss an opportunity to upgrade your text with the help of this tool.

Link list

Finally, users love it when you introduce useful links to them. Just make a list of links from all over the web which lead to some relevant content either on your site or on other great blogs in the neighboring niches. However, make sure not to provide the links to the blogs of your business rivals. It will bring no good to you and your business.

If you feel like you need a special boost in the process of content creation, then this information is exactly what you need. These simple tools are loved by many users and they will turn any ordinary content into a killer one. So, why not start using them right now?

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