15 Best Cricket Games For Android [Free Download]

One of the best religions in India that actually promotes secularism is cricket. People, no matter what background or geographical area, when it is about cricket, unite. That’s the better part of this game. Not just India, but other parts of the world also love cricket. In fact, it is the second most loved game in the universe. For those who have no time to pad up on the ground, smartphones have become an escape window through mobile cricket games and the best cricket games for Android are not scarce.

There are a large number of Mobile gaming fans all over the world who fantasize about playing mobile games i.e. Shooting games, Bike racing, Car racing, or cricket games as a hobby. But in the real world, they encounter a lot of obstacles like lack of space to play, lack of free time, lack of co-operation of friends and team, resources, and many things.

Android provides a platform where they quickly get into multiplayer cricket games and experience the real feeling of a cricket player, scoring, winning & losing, team members, etc.

Let’s take a look at the top android new cricket games of 2023 you should have on your mobile phone if you are a cricket lover.

[Latest] 15 Free Best Cricket Games for Android!

Real Cricket:

Real Cricket

This is the most realistic cricket game ever on an Android device. The surreal experience in 3D single and multiplayer modes experience immerses you in the cricket world.

Almost most of the android smartphones available in the market today have a good graphics processor to play smooth 3D graphics.

Take a look at the list of complete features of this most competitive game of the year 2018.

Features of Real Cricket 19:

  • Realtime multiplayer gaming – ranked, unranked, and play with friends.
  • Campaign mode gameplay.
  • Innovative gameplay experience.
  • DRS system makes the gameplay more immersive.
  • Duckworth-Lewis method in case of rain.
  • Authentic stadium environments.
  • Different camera angles.
  • Tournaments gameplay.
  • IPL gameplay.
  • Unique player faces and jerseys.

World Cricket Championship 2 -WCC2:

World Cricket Championship 2

The second best cricket game on android that you should try playing is WWC2. This easy to play has good 3D graphics and different playing controls compared to Real Cricket 19. If it’s not Real Cricket 19, it is WWC2 that you should be playing.

11 different tournaments including World Cup, T20, test, Blitz, and ODI series.

Features of World Cricket Championship 2:

  • Online and offline one-on-one multiplayer gaming.
  • Ashes test tournaments.
  • 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling animations.
  • D/L method for rain-stopped matches.
  • Hotspot and ultra-edge detection for LBW.
  • Quick throws and surprise fielding dives.
  • Realistic ball physics for dry, dusty, and green pitches.
  • Player attributes – players gain extra skills on consistent performance.
  • 18 international teams, 10 domestic teams, and 42 different stadiums.
  • Batsman injury on poor shot selections.
  • Realtime cinematic visual angles.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D:

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

Get the thrill and excitement to shoot 4’s and 6’s on the ground. With this app, you get a chance to score runs and play high hits rapidly.

You will get a master class batting experience and choice from the wide variety of shots to play. Make a boundary by timing your shot through the gaps on the field.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D will increase the enthusiasm to play it repeatedly.

Features of T20 Cricket Champions 3D:

  • World-class matches.
  • Master-class batting experience.
  • Clever bowling strategies.
  • Unleashing power-ups.
  • Simple play controls.
  • Quick match and tournament mode gameplay.
  • World cup match settings
  • Full 3D graphics with realistic animations.
  • Optimized for large screens like tablet devices.

World Cricket fever:

World Cricket Fever 2019

This cricket game app contains full HD graphics that have realistic animated batsmen motion and ball physics. The stadium is full of the audience cheering which motivates the gameplay.

While bowling, you can set the speed, direction, and swing or spin of the bowl pace.

You can strategize each delivery by mixing your pace, length of birth, and orientation to pick up a wicket.

The movement of a fielder can be controlled in a straightforward way. This app is entirely free to download and play. This best cricket game in the world made Cricket a fantastic game with the best graphics, physics, and a good overall experience.

Features of World Cricket Fever:

  • Realtime multiplayer gameplay.
  • Data syncs with live world cup matches.
  • Live scoreboard.
  • D/L method for rainy climate selection.
  • Test and ODI cricket options.

Cricket Megastar:

Cricket Megastar

Now you can learn the depth of cricket games with this excellent game, Cricket Megastar. Play your shots and get access to the suggestions in the app for progress in the cricket world.

Enjoy the hitting of sixes with just a simple swipe of your device’s screen.

You can create your player and build a career within the cricket world. If you are looking for a fast, fun, and free cricket game, then just download this app and become a cricket megastar.

Features of Cricket Megastar:

  • Faster and easy swipe shots.
  • Create a player and build a profile.
  • International cricket grounds.
  • Story-based levels.
  • All types of cricket modes.

Epic Cricket- Big league Game:

Epic Cricket

This cricket game will give a complete and immersive experience to cricket lovers on the Android platform. The HD-quality visuals and sound of live commentary will build an amazingly realistic experience on a gamer’s phone.

The full replication of modern batting and bowling styles will leave an everlasting impression on the gamer’s visual and auditory senses.

This gaming app presents an epic gaming experience for truly passionate fans of Cricket all over the World.

Download it today for free from the Play Store and be the player of your dreams.

Features of Epic Cricket:

  • HD visuals and life-like international players.
  • Realistic live commentary.
  • Modern batting and bowling styles including helicopter shots.
  • International player’s portfolios.
  • Almost all international teams.

World Cricket Battle-Multiplayer & My career:

World Cricket Battle

WCB, as the name sounds, contains international tournaments. Build your own career in a virtual Cricket world with ‘My Career’ mode & real-time cricket batting multiplayer.

The addiction to tournaments, various modes, and autoplay options will double your cricket gaming fun. The more features include various battings, challenging opponents, weekly league events, etc.

Features of World Cricket Battle:

  • Real-time multiplayer batting.
  • IPL auction mode.
  • My career option to play ‘career mode’.
  • Unique and advanced gameplay options.
  • D/L method for rainy climate plays.
  • Game highlights after the match.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions:

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

The quick-play features of this game are very impressive. This game contains a very amazing animation of players. There are many interesting modes such as Legend, PVP, and Ashes.

While you bat, you will enjoy chasing down the scores.

The graphics of the game are amazing and facilitate you to control batting and bowling skills.

The various available shot styles are awesome and give a feeling of playing a real New cricket game. Download it for free from the play store.

Features of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions:

  • Play as legendary Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Start cricket journey as 16-year-old Sachin.
  • Sachin’s style of play with 28 different batting styles.
  • Online competition with other players.
  • Win league points by winning matches.
  • Increase the player skill level by playing different game modes.
  • 2 Grand modes, Super Streak PvP, and Champions PvP move.
  • Powerplay and booster gameplay options.
  • Weekly challenges to earn social points and rewards.
  • Events mode and a PlayOff mode.
  • Over 350+ Player cards.

MSD: World Cricket Bash:

MSD World Cricket Bash

This is the most downloaded cricket game from the play store and has got 4.5 ratings.

This game mainly focuses on Dhoni’s career with the objective to score runs when at bat and to put out the opposing batsmen when in the field.

This is the first-ever mobile cricket game to incorporate a Manual wicket keeping and fielding system.

The amazing game features include a unique bowling mechanic, manual catching system, simple and easy to learn controls with multiple control options for batting i.e., taps or swipes.

Also enjoy multiple modes like a champion, challenges, story, wicket keeping, etc. and get the real experience of a cricket match.

Features of MSD: World Cricket Bash:

  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Unique – never-before bowling mechanism.
  • Manual catch system.
  • Story mode – Play Dhoni’s career.
  • Dynamic AI gameplay experience.
  • Player equipment upgrades.
  • Leaderboard scores.
  • 10 world-class international teams.
  • Multiple camera views.
  • Helicopter shot, reverse sweep, square cut, and paddle shot.
  • Player profile and achievements.

Big Bash Cricket:

Big Bash Cricket

Play authentic shots as your favorite player for your chosen cricket club in the stadium.

The awesome graphics present in this app will let you enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience.

This app provides realistic animation, and intuitive control over the batsmen that you will feel like a real play.

Even you can play online with your friends. Download it to get the most fun, exciting, and rewarding cricket gaming experience.

Gully Cricket Game-2023:

Gully Cricket Game

Everyone loves street cricket play. Now, to revive your childhood memories, the Gully cricket game app is the best fit.

This Android app is designed to get the experience of street cricket in real Indian gullys.

The features of this app include breaking neighbor’s windowpane, and car windshields, hit passing autorickshaws, Golawala, knocking down the milkman, etc. just like in a real gully match.

This app is full of excitement with amazing graphics. Must download it from the Play Store to get the fun of Cricket. Keep conquering gully and take the challenge to unlock higher levels for more fun.

Beach Cricket:

Beach Cricket

The beach cricket app gives the experience of playing Cricket on the beach with sand, sun, and ocean banks.

The features include a quick match of 5 to 10 overs with predefined batsmen.

The control is fairly simple and really easy for the fielders to run fast, jump, and make a catch. The game is very exciting. Get the new experience of cricket game by just downloading it free from the Play Store.

Chennai Super kings-Battle of Chepauk-2:

Chennai Super Kings Battle Of Chepauk 2

Battle of chepauk is fun to play online cricket games.

The scores are visible on the screen while you bat which gives an overall intuition of the match.

You get a chance to select 11 players and build up your CSK team.

The app features provide five exciting modes to play Cricket viz as – super over, super matches, super multiplayer, super chase, and super slog.

Download it now to get the experience of real-time fun of the cricket match.

Smashing Cricket- A Cricket game like none other

Smashing Cricket

This cricket game app occupies very space in your phone under 50MB only and also supports offline play.

The top cricket games for Android are cool with a great camera angle showing the overview of the match and ground.

Features of this cricket 3D games include fabulous animations, realistic ball physics, super slow motion, tournaments, etc. Play on your phone with ease with a single hand.

You also get a chance to compete with your friends and get a top score on weekly leadership boards. Download it from Play Store to enjoy in  4 different formats 5-over, 10-over, T-20 & ODI matches.

Smash Cricket

Cricket is fun but not the smartphones and tech for everyone. For all such cricket game lovers, this game brings easy controls and rich 3D gameplay. You can have a similar gaming experience as with the above two games but with easy controls.

Features of Smash Cricket:

  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Story mode gameplay.
  • Special and power shots.
  • Dynamic AI gaming experience.
  • Full HD 3D graphics and realistic animations.
  • Batsman upgrade options.
  • Multiple modes like an exhibition, story, and a quick play.
  • 10 international teams.
  • Full manual controls for batting, bowling, and fielding.
  • Realtime in-stadium audio experience.


No matter what, playing swiping shots to boundaries and swinging balls to take tickets while listening to the boundaries gives a close-to-real-life cricket experience to players. The format of the game, graphics, and compatibility is your choice here.

Don’t judge a game by its number of downloads, some Cricket games for android is even better than the top downloaded ones.

Pad up! I’ll see you in the next game list article.

is there a cricket video game?

Yes, there are a number of cricket video games for Android available in the Play Store. We above mentioned Android cricket games that we will recommend.

So, go ahead and try this game out so that you can have a lot of fun

Which is the best online cricket game to download for Android?

Here is a list of cricket games for Android users that we think you are definitely going to fall in love with and there is no doubt that you are going to want to play it all the time. This new cricket game is one of a kind and hence you need to try it out for sure.
Best Cricket Games for Android
World Cricket Championship 2
Big Bash Cricket.
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions.
World of Cricket
World Cricket Fever 2023
Epic Cricket-

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