5 Best File Sharing Apps for Android [Infographic]

Transferring files from one device to another has been one of the most important tasks when it comes to using Android. Over time, we are required to send or receive different types of data to or from someone. To carry out this process of file transfer, we can use two ways. Either one can use Bluetooth to transfer files, or one can use File Sharing Apps to transfer data from Android to Android.

We are not going to talk about the Bluetooth method or transferring a file through a data cable as it is outdated and also the speed is not very good.

In this article, we will discuss different Best Free file sharing apps for Android.

5 Best File Sharing Apps for Android

To give you information about the different best file sharing apps for Android and let you choose the best one, I have prepared an infographic that lists the top 5 Indian file sharing app and also contains information about them.

Best file sharing apps for Android


Let us now briefly summarize the content of the infographic. So from the infographic, we concluded that there are best app for sharing photos with family that are actually good and are worth trying.

ShareMe – India’s best file transfer app

One of the best file sharing app for Android allows you to transfer files like “movies, videos, installed apps,  documents, music, wallpapers, GIFs” from 1 Android device to another.

By using shareit app for Windows PC, You can transfer files from Android to Pc or Vice Versa.

It uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files and the transfer speed can go up to 20 Mbp/s.

This makes it 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer.

shareit android file transfer app also works as an Android video player and an app manager, as well as it allows you to stream online HD videos.


  • Cross-platform sharing (Android to Android and Android to PC)
  • Support for any file size


  • Too much Ads

Xender – Share Music & Video, Share Photo, Share File

Xender is another file transfer application that is well known for its Friendly design and fast file transfer and has more than 500 Million Android users around the world.

If compatible with your Android device, you can download the Xender app’s newest version from the Google Play Store, The APK file depends on Varies with the device.

After Installing the Xender app, you are able to share files, videos, apps, and documents from one device to another, which runs the Xender file transfer app.

Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing Music Playlist

Zapya App is the best available option after Shareit and Xender to share your files with high speed and uninterrupted connection

This best sharing app has 500+ million Android users worldwide on the fastest tool for cross-platform transferring and sharing!

This Android file sharing app allows you to transfer files from Android, iPhones, Windows Phones, PCs, and Mac computers in an instant.

Top Features of Zapya File Sharing App

  • Group Sharing & More
  • QR Code Sharing
  • Backup and easily transfer all of the files on your old device to a new one
  • supports 20 languages

The 2 Best File Sharing Apps for Android With Wifi File Transfer are Superbeam and XShare.


Out of these apps to share photos, videos, and apk files, Shareit is the best one and you should definitely go for Shareit. If you some reason, you do not find Shareit good for you, then you can give a try to apps like shareit- Xender or Zapya as they are also good enough.

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