8 Best Free Hindi Shayari Apps List for Android

Here’s a list of 8 Hindi Shayari apps download that’ll help you post on different social media accounts or Messaging apps like Whatsapp as well as share with your friends and family seamlessly.

Shayaris are short poems that have a lot of emotions wrapped around a couple of lines.

Short shayaris are quite meaningful and bliss to read.

Who doesn’t love reading a nice Hindi sayri to start their day?

Some love to read Hindi Shayari while some love to write. Have you ever wanted to share some amazing romantic Shayari or Friendship Shayari or love Shayari with your peers?

We have something that’ll cater to your needs!

Hindi Shayari Apps for the Poet In You!

  • 10000+ Hindi Shayari
  • Shayari 2023: Status, SMS, Quote, and Thought
  • Hindi Love Shayri 2023 हिंदी प्यार मोहब्बत शायरी
  • SMS Collection ♥ Hindi Shayari
  • Hindi Attitude Status & Shayari 2023
  • Urdu Hindi Shayari
  • 2023 हिंदी शायरी- Hindi Shayari

10000+ Hindi Shayari

10000+ Hindi Shayari

As the name says, this is one of the best shayari app in hindi with the largest databases. This Shayari app boasts 20+ categories for you to pick up the Shayari of the Day!

These categories include friendship, love, romantic, cheat, etc.

The humongous collection not only makes it one of the most sought Shayari apps but also the Hindi Shayari collection that gets regular updates frequently to give you a fresh dose every now and then.

At the cost of 5.2MB, you can get hands-on new and classic Shayari every day.

Hindi Shayari App By – The Shero Shayari

The Shero Shayari

The Shero Shayari App: Now these days lots of shero Shayari app is available on the google play store,  But if you are looking for the Best app for Shayari then must be said that All Type Hindi Shayari App is best, Because this app has the auto features:-  Easy To Share Hindi Shayari, the best part of this app is its work without internet, Yes just you have to install one time all type Hindi Shayari app and after that, you can access all the Shayari with internet connectivity.

All Type Shayari App In Hindi: Free Download The Shero Shayari App: Love Shayari | Romantic Shayri | Sad Shayari | Friendship Shayari | Bewafa Shayari | Status of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram | Wish | Thoughts | Quotes | Shayari Status | Latest Events like New year, Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja Etc. | Life Inspiring | Fun | Quotes, etc.

Shayari 2023: Status, SMS, Quote, and Thought

Shayari 2020

This is one of those Shayari apps that not only focus on giving you a huge catalogue of shayaris but also an interface that is fun and engaging to use.

This best Shayari app for Android is available both in English and Hindi to suit your preference.

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or need to blow off some steam… This is the app you resort to. Jump from one Shayari to the next without much issue as well as animated UI to make the experience a memorable one.

The HD graphic design keeps your experience fun while copying and sharing the amazing Shayari with your friends right from the app. Guess what?

All the awesomeness comes packed in 2.5MB only!

Hindi Love Shayri 2023 हिंदी प्यार मोहब्बत शायरी

Hindi Love Shayri

Here’s an app that does promise regular updates from its developers. What’s best about the app is the offline feature that keeps the application free from the shackles of the internet.

Available in both Hindi and English, this app has over 100 categories to choose your Shayari, status copies as well as display pic (DP) from.

This is not just a love Shayari app but also caters to a bunch of occasions like friendship, breakup, friendship, etc. You will also find shayaris for different religions clubbed into one app.

All the data of this app is wonderfully accommodated in 8.5MB storage only!

Hindi Shayari ♥ SMS Collection

Hindi Shayari

Not only is this one of the Shayari apps but also a beautiful collection of messages that you can show off in front of your friends and family.

This Shayari app download is not only a free app but also allows you to copy a particular Shayari in your clipboard as well as mail it to someone if you wish.

Besides English, the app supports Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Don’t be surprised to see some timeless classics from the collections of Ahmad Faraz, Wasi Shah ghazals, Mohsin Naqvi, and Mirza Galib.

With a massive collection of over 50k shayaris, this app works smoothly offline too!

All this comes in a package sized 3.6MB only!

Hindi Attitude Status & Shayari 2023

Hindi Attitude status & Shayari

This frequently updated app comes with an impressive pool of shayaris for you to take a look at. Not only have the developers ideated a great app but also something with a neat and clean UI and impressive font.

All the sassy and chic quotes are added in bold to add to their feelings. Moreover, they also have a bunch of emoticons to make things more interesting.

From sad Shayari to romantic ones and from friendship to attitude shayaris… you will find everything here. The best thing is, you get thing massive app sized only at 6MB.

Hindi Urdu Shayari

Hindi Urdu Shayari

While talking about Shayari apps, Urdu Shayari is a must-have. So here’s one of our favorite Shayari apps in Hindi as well as Urdu.

This app has done a pretty awesome job in covering all the various categories that one might be looking for – friendship, love, ghazals, jokes, Bollywood shayaris, Dosti, dushmani, parents Shayari, etc.

Each is available in both languages in the app. Regular app update ensures you can get a fresh set of shayaris every now and then.

You will be happy to know that it’s the highest-rated app on the list. This multilingual app is available in 11MB only.

Hindi Shayari – 2023 हिंदी शायरी

2020 हिंदी शायरी

A compact Shayari app in Hindi for the Hindi speaking and writing folks. With over 10,000 installs, this app is loved and used by many users. Not only does the app have a massive database, but also lets you copy the Shayari from the app to paste it anywhere you want.

The app is also designed to work offline while you need the net only to update the app. Created a nice meaningful DP in a bunch of different backgrounds and fonts for you.

The best thing about the app is the ability to add new Shayari on your own to its pre-existing collection. With over 50+ categories, this is only of the unmissable Shayari apps for you!

This app is sized at 4.7MB only.


That’s our list of new Shayari apps for you to get started. Select any Hindi Shayari app and explore all the amazing Shayari listed.

Don’t forget to mention which one you liked the most and if you have any Shayari apps up your sleeve for us!

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