Best Mobile Apps for Small Businesses in 2024

Apps exist to make our lives easy. It could be as simple as the torch app or fitness tracker. The same is the case with businesses. The right set of apps can free you plenty of time to focus on scaling, manufacturing, etc.

That’s because they can help with inventory management, accounting, staff management, income tracking, etc. But which are these apps?

To make your job easier, we picked out a few apps that are designed to help all sorts of businesses. So let’s jump straight to it.

Best Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Lio- Excel, Notebook, Register

Whether you run a small mithai store, a bakery from home, a construction company, a clinic, or are a simple shopkeeper, Lio is for you.

With 60+ templates tailor-made for different businesses, Lio helps you track various aspects of your business ranging from daily cash transactions, udhaars, customer details, to even GST.

Furthermore, Lio takes less than 30 seconds to get started with it and is available for users on both Android and iOS. Plus, there’s a web version so you can access all your information anytime, anywhere using any device.

To top it all, it is 100% free and no, there aren’t any annoying ads either. So if you aren’t already using Lio, this one’s a no-brainer.

QuickBooks OnlineAccounting: Invoice & Expenses App

When you think about accounting for any business, QuickBooks is the first software/app to come to mind, and for good reason. It is easy to use and integrates with various other apps. 

QuickBooks can be used for tasks like tax accounting,  payroll, profit analysis, and even inventory management. You can also create invoices, track miles, manage expenses. Etc. So if you run a supermarket or a restaurant, QuickBooks should help.

Though keep in mind, QuickBooks does not come free though you get various plans to best suit your needs and budget.


If you sell products and need an app to help you with inventory management, product cataloging, stock low-level alerts while giving you the freedom to check your inventory transaction history anytime, then Delivrd is the right app for you.

Most of the features of the app are free but if you plan to scale your business and need more advanced features, you can subscribe to the monthly plan that starts at $49.99.

Also, keep in mind that while you can use it on your phone or laptop, it’s a web-based application and isn’t available on the PlayStore or App Store. 


If you manage a large team, you probably have a tough time keeping tabs on things like attendance, holidays, working hours, etc. Well, no problem. Team deck is the app to help with that as it gives you a centralized place for employee management related tasks.

Furthermore, you can create custom reports to measure your team’s performance and even track KPIs that you think are important for the growth of your business.

It is available for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, you can use it on your laptops/desktops as well with the web login.

The only drawback here is that it isn’t free. Thankfully though, the prices are reasonable as you can add each new team member for $3.98 per month.


Are you a remote company or currently have a work-from-home setup due to the pandemic? With remote working, staying in touch with your employees, having meetings, etc. can be a challenge. Imagine having to send an email every time you wanted to have a meeting with a team member or members?

But that’s where Slack comes in. With features like Huddle and Call, Slack allows you to connect with individuals and the entire team within minutes and get resolutions quickly.

Furthermore, team members can update status as in a meeting, on a call, having lunch, away, sick, etc. so you know exactly when they are available. 

Plus, most of the Slack features are free but if you have a large organization and you need advanced features, there are paid plans as well. 

Note: Slack claims to increase productivity by 32%. Download and let us know if that stands true for your business or not. 


If you are looking for an app to help you improve and better manage customer relations, it is hard not to come across Salesforce. 

Ideal for small, medium, and even large businesses, Salesforce allows users to track and edit customer profiles, set up custom marketing plans, respond to customer issues faster and more efficiently, and so on. 

It is available as both, a web-based platform and an app for all smartphones. A tad is pricey since it costs $25 per user but worth every penny if you value your customers.


That’s our list of some amazing apps for small businesses. We have covered an array of apps that focus on solving various issues in a business and ease pressure on owners and managers.

If you have used different apps and have gotten great results, we’d love to hear about it. 

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