7 Best Free News Apps for Android and iOS to Stay Updated

The news app can inform you what’s happening around you and all over the world through your In this busy castle world you won’t be having a particular time to read the newspaper instead you can have a look at these best News apps, get your daily update and watch any news across the globe –from any corner of the world, .

Knowing the news will be easy as just having a cup of tea. These Best Free News Apps for Android and iOS can give you good knowledge and refer to a particular field you want to know the news.

7 Best Free News Apps for Android & iOS


The Flipboard is the best news apps for Android & iPhones. This was one of the first apps for news and magazines. This app makes you the news interesting it doesn’t make you feel bored.

One of the advantages of a Flipboard app is customization. You can read this news in your way; it can be interesting because you can read the report in your exciting areas which you want to learn and ignore which you don’t want to read.

You can also save the information and read it later so that you won’t miss anything which you want.

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The Guardian

The Guardian app is one of the most top-rated journalism. This app mainly concentrates on the international news. It also gives a fresh perspective on American politics in deep.

This app provides you with videos of all the latest current issues. It gives you the breaking news across the world and news will be updated very soon before it spreads. This app provides you with timely news.

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Appy Geek 

This is a great app indeed. You can access news for over and around the 30 top publications. This app lets you access what you want and what you are interested in, and you can concentrate on the news which you want to know and ignore the rest which you don’t want to see.

This app also recommends you with similar contents of what you are watching. If you are attending the news of a particular topic, it advises you on the same issues and same materials identical to what you are watching.

This app also has a cool concept of super geek once you participate you can become a super geek and get notified with good recommendations which you are interested in.

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Smart News

As the name of the app, this is a smart way of a unique way and in an intelligent way where you can quickly have a look at the headlines around the world. In the Smart news, you will be having different news categories so that you can refer to which you are interested in and then ignore the story which you don’t want to mention it. This app gives you the instant information.

The news here which we show an update is both from the newspapers and the online sources. You can add your experience here and reorder the news which you prefer. This app also has late night programming networks.

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This TechCrunch was started in 2005 by Michael Arrington. Techcrunch is the best technology blog in the world which you can find it better. For many entrepreneurs dream come true to get tied with the TechCrunch.  It gives you the great idea and a quality idea the technology business is heading.

The writers of this TechCrunch write their opinions pieces together with the latest news, latest articles and the most recent reviews. The TechCrunch have some of the best writers team in the world who are celebrities themselves that have exceptional access to top great companies of the world. This is the best technology app which you should have on your phone.

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USA Today

If you are much interested in international news and American news then USA today is the best app for you to prefer. This app is attractive with more of images. It takes your attention, and you can also feel it engaging, colorful and exciting.

It has a whole package of what you need for sports, news, weather, celebrity gossips, photo galleries and movies updates. You can also save the day’s news without reaching your phone with the help of android wear support.

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BBC News

Bbc news is Britain’s national broadcaster which can deliver you the news all over the world. It can update you everything that’s going on in the world presently. It can also give you the clock video coverage. It has a wide range of topics which you can refer and commute to London underground.

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