5 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp

Has it ever happened that you took a beautiful photo but you can’t share the picture completely without chopping off the edges to make a perfect square? Doesn’t it make you burst out? It surely does! That’s when no crop apps come to picture. Then apps help convert the non-square images into a perfect square one. Luckily, Android as well iOS have a bunch of apps that does the same. We have selected 5 Best No crop Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp (Android and iOS).

We have taken special care to select no crop apps which is compatible to both the OS so that you can see the post from any OS and download it.

5 Best No crop Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

  • InstaSize Photo Editor Collage

InstaSize is designed by Munkee Apps, Inc. This app is sized ~23MB for an Android version and ~120MB for iOS. This app is the only app where it’s easiest to select an image. All images are displayed first and then you select which effect to add. You can change the image size as well. The interface is okay for navigation. You can check out other options below.

Features :

  • Edit photos and videos
  • Add premium filters to your photos
  • Add text in different fonts
  • Rotate and flip image
  • Background color options while using no crop feature
  • Adjust sharpness, contrast, sharpness, warmth, etc
  • Up to 4 picture collage
  • Add borders
  • Save pictures at high resolution
  • Premium users get added features
  • Multi-language support
iOS App Android App
  • InstaSquare Size Collage Maker / Photo Editor InstaSquare

InstaSquare is developed by Lui Bin. The iOS version of the app is ~57MB and the aAndroidversion is ~11MB. I can’t help but say that the interface of the app is very simple and a lot soothing.

Features :

  • Multiple templates for making photo collages
  • Shows charge status while charging
  • Add emojis to photos
  • Add text to image
  • Drag the image to use a part of the image or as a whole
  • Choose plain backgrounds while squaring the pics
  • Add filters to your photos
  • Fix image according to a situation like food, landscape, flash, lamp, backlight, etc.
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, shadow, etc.
  • Fix color imbalance
  • Add frame
  • Multi-language support
iOS App Android App
  • No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop and square app is developed by Riley Cillian. The Android version occupies ~22MB of disk storage while the iOS version occupies ~53MB. In order to use this app completely, you have to download additional apps. Even if you don’t, you can use all the features of a usual photo editor app. You can edit photos as well as videos in this app.

Features :

  • Choose from 30 filters to apply your photo
  • 900+ stickers
  • Add emojis from the gallery
  • Rotate, flip and resize images
  • Add text in different font or size
  • 200+ background patterns to choose from
  • Make collage
  • Blend photos
  • Photo-In-Photo feature
  • Multi-language support
iOS App Android App
  • Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

Square InstaPic is developed by Studio 8 Apps. The Android version has a size of ~9MB and the iOS version occupies ~42MB. If you are a starter to editing images on phone, this app is great as it has the required features represented in the simplest manner.

Features :

  • Simple interface
  • Change ratio of image
  • Make Collage by using up to 6 photos
  • Add HD filters to your HD photos
  • Add text to your photos
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.
  • Blur background
  • Add Emoji
  • Save image with jpeg or png extension or both
  • Add patterns to image background
  • Select color from image as background
  • Add and resize emoji
  • Multi-language support
iOS App Android App
  • Cymera: Collage &PhotoEditor

If my memory permits me, then Cymera was the first app with which I tried my hand at editing photos in the phone. Nonetheless, it is one of my favorite no crop apps. It is great to see the app add so many features over the years.
This app is developed by SK Communications. The iOS version of the app has a size of 123MB and Android version is only ~37MB.

Features :

  • Silent Mode
  • 100+ filter and effects
  • Create filters
  • Collage up to 9 photos
  • Professional tools ( like slim, softening) to give your face makeover
  • Supports selfie stick with remote operation
  • Blur background
  • Resize eyes, face, smile, etc.
  • Resize image
  • Reshape body parts
  • Add hair
  • Add text
  • Face pop and meme
  • Multi-language support
iOS App Android App

Note: We have picked up a handful of specs because our article is about no crop apps. Download the app to know more about it.

Disclaimer: All these apps are quite big in size because they have multi-functionality. You should have ~100MB to install them initially. The app consumes more space as you use it. 

That was our list of 5 best no crop apps for Instagram and WhatsApp (Android and iOS). If you are using some other app then do share it with us in the comment below. Also, make sure you share why you love using the app.

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Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching - June 16, 2017

It’s so useful to have a comparison of the different features in a simple list form like you have given. I often struggle to understand the ins and outs, so this is great!

    Saurabh - June 21, 2017

    Happy to help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

Jacqueline - June 16, 2017

Why does the IOS apps take up so much memory is beyond me! I’m glad you created this post because I really didn’t know which app to download to my iPhone. I tend to crop my images on my iPad. But if I’m at an event that I’m invited for the purpose of social media contribution my phone would be the first choice.

SivNadh - June 17, 2017

Great Share bro. well explained full guide of each app.

    Saurabh - June 21, 2017

    Hey, Shiv!
    Glad you liked. All the no crop apps are awesome, aren’t they!

ShaBree - June 18, 2017

This is definitely a good list to refer to. I’m always cropping of trying to fit images on IG. Thanks for sharing.

    Saurabh - June 21, 2017

    Hi ShaBree, Thank you for your great words and keep visiting.

Mihir gadhvi - June 18, 2017

Amazing content! We have also written and post on the same topic if you haven’t seen it.

Jess - June 18, 2017

Great suggestions! I have recently started using Canva myself for a more put together page. Though I do have some in my old files that are not perfect squares, they just wouldn’t be the same in a box. 😉

    Saurabh - June 21, 2017


    Yeah, these apps can really help you with your no crop editing process for sure!

Mandy Allen - June 19, 2017

That’s brilliant! I get so fed up having to crop bits off my pics, thanks for sharing these!

Enjoy the journey!

lex - June 21, 2017

good to know of such apps, good to have this handy as alot of others i know make it difficult for the purpose.

Chrissy - June 22, 2017

What a great article! I hate it when IG crops out the most important stuff.

Sonal Talwar - June 23, 2017

Hi Saurabh

Great list and very well explained. My favorite is Cymera.

Thanks for sharing!


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