5 Best Online Learning Platforms Create and Sell Online Courses

The past decade has seen more e-commerce and a shift in how we live our lives. Every industry has been affected and education has not been spared. Sellers and buyers alike are going online to sell and buy learning materials to boost their knowledge breadth as well as master their skills. Top Online Learning Platforms have their pros and cons. That is why you should approach it with caution. Some platforms are not credible and therefore cannot always be trusted.

Even as a seller, you have to know how to make yourself visible to buying readers. One way to do this is through trustworthy platforms. Below are some of the best eLearning platforms, online learning, and best online course platforms you could learn or create or sell online courses on and get the audience you need.

The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023


This is one of the most effective learning management platforms today. As a seller, much as you want to create great content, your goal is to generate revenue that will make your business sustainable.

To achieve this you need a system that is well-integrated with payment gateways and an easy user interface.

Teachable offers hosting services and allows you to focus on service delivery as they take care of all the other logistics. You may not be required to be an expert in development. All you need to do is master your art ability to share your knowledge.

The online course platform has affordable payment plans. Besides, the platform is compatible with third parties allowing for easy checkouts.

The user experience for both buyers and sellers is amazing as well and that is why the chances of making sales are high.

Here are some of the good features of Teachable:

  • You can use your own domain
  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Members-only community
  • Instant payouts
  • Drip course content

2. Thinkific


For a while now, buyers, sellers, and reviewers have been comparing Thinkific to Teachable. Well, this is normal, especially for those keen on detail.

Even when doing such comparisons, it is prudent to remain objective. Teachable allows you to advertise your learning products better. This compatibility makes it stand out.

On the other hand, Thinkific leverages design. You get the opportunity to come up with unique layouts.

The themes are amazing and that may just add some competitiveness to your business. Most learners are curious and may stop to stare at your appealing themes which may mean more sales.

On matters of finance, Thinkific is fair enough. You have four plans to choose from with a free plan amongst them. The latter allows you to sell at most three courses while the most expensive plan does not limit you.

With this plan, you also get a chance to tailor-make your courses to suit your clients.

Here are some of the good features of Thinkific:

  • Interactive quizzes & surveys
  • Unlimited students & courses
  • Coupons
  • Third-party integration
  • Send emails to students

3. Podia


There are many reasons why the Podia education site is popular. The platform is user-friendly and that makes it easy to use. Another reason that may convince you this is a good platform for all is the fact that you do not need any hard skills to navigate this platform.

That means anyone with basic IT skills can get started on Podia and thrive.

Everyone has a field they have mastered or skill. But, only a few know how to share their knowledge or even monetize their experience. Podia turns you from mastery with no action to a greater seller of what you know through courses.

It gives you a platform to come up with content and sell it. The platform allows you to market your product thus more visibility and consequently increased sales.

There’s more to Podia than you’ll get from other eLearning sales platforms.

There are engagement tools you can utilize to retain your buyers and even appeal to potential markets through referrals. Examples include the window to do affiliate marketing as well as tools like quizzes, etc.

Here are some of the good features of Podia:

  • Customizable payment plans
  • Own a custom domain
  • Free Migration
  • Live customer support
  • WhiteLabel branding

4. Udemy – Online Education Platform


Udemy has about 35 million learners and over 50 thousand instructors and educators. Well, that shows you how much potential this space has. the platform offers more than 130K courses in various niche Digital marketing, SEO courses, graphic design, and many more, again, showing how competitive it can be.

That is why you have to be creative to survive in this space. With these opportunities on Udemy, the competition ensures only the best quality survives.

As sellers scramble to get the best out of their knowledge, buyers scrutinize the content and gains of each course before settling for a choice.

Some of the things that draw learners to this site are the certificates you stand to earn after the successful completion of some courses. As a seller, these are the things to consider when setting up a course on Udemy.

The platform is also known for affordable courses and that is why you have to be considerate when setting up your prices. They should be competitive to make your course more marketable.

You can say, it is the best online teaching platform for instructors to join Udemy and start teaching online.

Here are some of the good features of Udemy:

  • Wide-range of audience
  • Coupons and Offers
  • Support via call & chat
  • Student assignments
  • Promotional Email campaigns

5. Skillshare


Several sellers offer online classes on this eLearning platform. Graphic design, web development, and other technical courses are some of the most commonly offered outlines.

For such technical courses, you’ll have to level up to stand out. There are options for payment plans to facilitate your business model on Skillshare.

The free plan is available but not as beneficial as the paid plans. The former option is good when starting but the latter is better when scaling.

It is wise to know where your niche sells better before attempting to create content for sale. Creative arts do well on Skillshare, that’s why courses revolving around arts, design, and developments do well on this platform.

That means you have to possess some amazing technical skills to do well on this platform.

Here are some of the good features of Skillshare:

  • Create and promote course quickly
  • Easy promotion tools
  • Create free classes
  • Referral bonus program
  • Good Support


So, Some of the best online learning platforms for students and professionals include Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, Podia, Thinkific, Tutflix, Future Learn, LearnWorlds, Moodle, Linked Learning, and many others.

Selling is all about converting interested parties to revenue and retaining the clients for the future. When it comes to learning, it is about what value you add to the learners.

That is why the more educative your course is the higher your chances of selling. But it doesn’t end at that; you don’t spend on courses to fill up your brain. You study to increase your competitive edge in the industry.

That is why your course should equip the learner with the necessary skills to succeed in life.

To achieve this, you need a proper eLearning platform, especially in a world where everything is going virtual. The above 5 listed platforms let you train your clients well and earn at the same time.

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