10 Best Royalty Free Music Download Sites for Vlogger’s

When someone joins the YouTube league as a creator, he can start shooting and editing videos using a smartphone. On another hand, the finest quality videos may need a good setup including a decent camera, lighting arrangements, editing suite, understanding of videography, and many other things. However, in most cases, creators use royalty free music for YouTube videos.

Although it’s not a big problem, you must know the difference between royalty-free non-copyrighted music for youtube and free music tracks available online.

Free music necessarily need not be free for commercial use and you may face copyright issues in the future if the original music publisher notices that you’re using their tracks without any permission or paying the royalty premium.

We have seen many YouTube creators facing copyright strikes due to using tunes from free music downloading sites in their intro or as background.

You need to either pay a royalty for that content or bring it off from YouTube which ultimately results in the loss of revenue.

Royalty free music, on another hand, is completely free from such issues. You can download free music, use it in a personal or commercial project, and keep all revenue generated from your videos.

Royalty-free background music tracks are free most of the time, but sometimes you may need to purchase it for a specific price defined by the original creator or seller.

In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 websites for downloading Free royalty free music, no copyright free music for YouTube videos.

Best Royalty Free Music Download Sites for YouTube Videos

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library
  • The most popular resource for accessing music records from YouTube’s free audio library.
  • Music, audio effects that could be used straight off to your own videos on YouTube, or download to operate offline.
  • Countless royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, searchable and may be filtered by genre, instrument, mood, length, and attribution.
  • Make sure to check whether the attribution is required or not.

2. Epidemic Audio

Epidemic Audio
  • Complete Flexibility to choose between the full track, melody, drums, bass or instrumentals.
  • Unlimited access to 30,000+ soundtracks and 60,000+ sound effects..
  • Different subscription plans for individual creators ($15/month) and Businesses ($149/month)
  • Social Media boosting included in Business subscription plan (up to $1000 per video)
  • No copyright claims or royalty fees.

3. Bensound

  • One of the greatest websites for copyright-free audio
  • Easy filter and search
  • Great user interface and navigation
  • Decent sized library
  • free music for videos
  • Free Creative Commons license or you can buy one of the premium licenses depending on your project needs.
  • Regularly upgrades brand new music
  • Attribution required in a certain type

4. TechnoAxe

  • Over a million monitors, covering all genres.
  • Music is accessible in MP3 format.
  • Citation demanded that complies with C.C. 3.0 permit: A link to the TeknoAxe YouTube Channel, a URL to the TeknoAxe site, a hyperlink to YouTube video in which the audio was utilized, or a URL to the particular page on the website with monitor place.

5. Machinima Sound

Machinima Sound
  • A wide selection of soundtracks and stingers with multiple genres & moods.
  • Free Legacy tracks are available with Creative Commons 4.0 (soundtracks released prior to 2015)
  • User-friendly search feature
  • Available in MP3 format
  • Attribution required under a certain accredited format or need to buy a premium license (starting at $1 for a single track)

6. Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward
  • He is a musician who records many different songs, typically with vocals.
  • All music is composed, recorded, and made by him. This site is a great place for royalty-free songs for YouTube movies.
  • Free for usage, only give him the credit and promote his website.
  • Sorted by genre, subject, and disposition.
  • Searchable by title.
  • Filter with duration and speed.

7. Soundstripe

  • Stock music site for video producers a great variety of high-quality royalty-free songs.
  • Not free, but actually cheap ($135/year for a standard license or $245/year for a premium license).
  • You can get 20K+ sound effects and 600+ songs with the stem.
  • Weekly addition of around 200 new quality tracks.
  • Although you can use Soundstripe tracks on multiple projects, you must download the particular song to generate a new single use license.

8. Synkio

  • Distinct from other Websites.
  • You begin with a concise survey, instead of browsing through a list of genres, songs, moods, etc.
  • The Synkio staff will return to you with a choice of tracks that satisfies your thought and price range.
  • Clear and simple pricing for every monitor.
  • Lots of excellent songs to choose your YouTube station to another level.

9. Free Stock Music

  • True to its title.
  • A significant inventory of free songs.
  • Countless free tracks in a range of genres.
  • Formats Offered in MP3, WAV, & AIFF.
  • No attribution needed.

10. Soundgator

  • Hundreds of sound effects
  • Use license for multiple projects including films, videos, presentations, apps, and games.
  • Fair usage policy for apps, games, and YouTube where you should not post the sound effects directly as content.

Can you Use 30 Seconds of a Copyrighted Song on YouTube?

There’s not any clear guideline for how long can you play a song without copyright on YouTube that falls under the Fair Use policy.

There are multiple factors to decide whether it’s a copyright violation or not.

Here I have mentioned a few key points.

  • The purpose and character of your use
  • An amount and substantiality of the portion of the soundtrack taken
  • What is the nature of the copyrighted material, and
  • The effect of the use upon the potential market for the copyright owner.

If you anticipate using copyrighted material in an online promotional movie, especially a popular platform like YouTube, then getting clearance from the copyright owner to use it should be the best option for you no matter how long you want to add the particular track to your YT video.

TL;DR – There is no size that ensures that you are protected.

There are several other websites for downloading royalty free background music.

You can use any of them, but don’t forget to check their ToS and copyright policy before including their music tunes in your videos.

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