10 Best Screen Recorders Software for Mac

Screen Recorders Software for macOS users is one of the productive sides of the operating system because MacOS users are generally content creators, writers, office workers, bloggers, and other production workers.

A macOS user mostly uses a Screen Recorder for video tutorials on how-tos and coding video tutorials of various languages on YouTube. All this requires good video quality and sound quality of the content and produces not usable but the best possible content quality.

There are a ton of Screen Recorders Software out there but not all provide the best possible quality and resource efficiency for your computer.

So here are some handpicked options for your product line of work.

Screen Recorders in general, are available both in free and paid versions.

Best Screen Recorders Software For Mac OS are:

1. Quick Time Player

Screen Recording

It’s one of the most popular (Free) Best Screen Recorder out in the market right now. It’s highly recommended due to its simple and easy to use interface.

Just a few clicks will get you started, making it quick and easy.

It’s highly recommended for beginner content creators and quick office presentations.

2. VLC

vlc open media

We all know VLC as a media player but it has some tricks up its sleeve. It can also be used as a screen recorder and it has great quality too. We all know and many use VLC as a media player.

Its screen recorder for Windows 10 is recommended for people who use older Macs in general as it helps you save quite the resource and makes it easier to handle without any extra applications.

3. OBS

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) is one of the most powerful Screen Recorders software on the market right now. Due to its not-so-easy’ interface, people find it difficult to work on this application.

If you know or learn thoroughly about its vast amount of features you can use it professionally without spending a penny as it’s completely free.

4. Jing


Jing is a free and lite screen recorder for pc for quick and easy screen recording sessions, offering clips up to 5 minutes in recording time with the option of using a microphone to quickly guide or narrate something on your video recording content.

It’s helpful for students as it saves a lot of time in installation and learning to use the application.

5. Monosnap


Monosnap is another easy to use screen recording software as it basically helps you by using your webcam and mic of your device and at the same time recording the screen.

This screen recording application helps a lot during quick Q&A live sessions as it provides an easy to use interface and highly popular Picture in Picture mode recording and streaming.

6. Recordit


Recordit is another easy to use and social-friendly application for recording your screen and also records through your webcam. It’s a very low resource-hungry app and can record up to 5 minutes.

It also has fun to use a feature that is it can also be used for creating a GIF of your videos which is a social media trend right now. The GIFs can also be sent through all social media platforms.

7. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

A lightweight simple app that you can download from the Apple App Store.

With it, you can select any part of the screen with your mouse to be recorded. However, the lite version only allows one to record for only 200 seconds. This tool can also be recorded as the mouse clicks and have it shown on your video.

8. Camtasia Studio (Paid)

camtasia studio 536372 full

Camtasia has been a leading name in this department for quite a while.

While Camtasia might not provide you top of line editing features, you can rest assured that it will get the basic tasks done with relative ease. If you are an amateur content creator then Camtasia is more than enough for you.

9. Snagit (Paid)


Snagit boasts a user-friendly design along with the capability of recording high-quality videos. With Snagit, you can retrieve the recordings anytime you want. This is a feature not found in the other apps on the list.

10. ScreenFlow (Paid)


With the $99 price tag, ScreenFlow provides more features and control in recording than any other app available. With the control and flexibility you get you can zoom, pan, and record every part of your screen.

This Screen Recording tool can let you create professional-level videos with a number of editing tools it possesses. So do not forget to check it out if you are looking for a powerful screen recording app.


Our top 10 picks are tried and tested by us and are the market-leading applications for recording your screen on your macOS device.

Now all you need to do is rejoice!

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