8 Best SEO Optimized Themes for WordPress 2024

Apart from posting quality content and making your website neat, you will also need to have an SEO friendly theme on your website. If you are not having an SEO Optimized themes on your website then it will be very hard work for you to rank in Google first position.

And for the entire internet business person, ranking in Google is the first priority, so if you also want the same things, then you will need to be very careful while choosing a theme for your website.

Now many of the themes for WordPress don’t look tidy so that is unable to use in your blog. As in the website you need to use such theme which is both tidy, SEO friendly and easy customizable which is very much important. So here we have come up with the list of the some best SEO optimized magazine themes and fastest WordPress themes in the market that you can use on your website and get a result in the Google rank.

Top 8 SEO Optimized Themes for you:

  • Viral Theme:

This is one of the best SEO optimized theme for WordPress that you can use on your viral website. This theme does perform best on a site where you post a viral posts. Not only SEO optimized this theme is also fast responsive, and adsense optimized too, so anyone can open the website on any device.

In the features you will also get technical support to help you solve any issues with the theme, the theme also has lots of templates which you can use on only some few clicks. If you are planning for a viral type website then this theme will be very good choice for your website.

Wordpress seo optimized themes
  • Magazine theme:

This is a theme which you can use on your magazine type website. This theme too is excellent SEO optimized and is also very responsive. Overall the site looks very classy and professional. The best part is that the cost of the theme is not too costly in compared to other themes. Even if this is a magazine theme but you can also this theme on your news website if you want.

WordPress themes
  • Blogging:

I guess you have already made it by the name of the theme, this theme is only designed for the WordPress platform and is optimized for SEO too. Like the other SEO optimized themes from MyThemeShop market, this theme is also having bundles of features in it.

Like it is having option panel, optimized for all type of SEO, Superfast and responsive and also the money back guarantee if not satisfied. So you can try using this theme on your website as this is perfect and looks classy for all types of blogs or website.

best wordpress themes
  • NewsPaper:

If you are looking for a beautiful theme and professional look than the Newspaper theme is perfect for you. The layout of the theme comes so perfectly that you can even use the website without a freeze in your mobile phone. Not only this theme is SEO optimized, but it is also optimized for Speed.

So, you do not need to think of the speed test. Also, this theme has recommended subscription plugin. I like this theme because of the photo show, as the picture comes very clear even on the home page.

seo themes for wordpress
  • Genesis Framework:

This is one of the simplest but the best SEO optimized theme that you can ever get for your website. You can customize the theme, a header can also be customized, and the layout is also very much responsive in Smartphones. So these are all the features that you are getting from the Genesis theme. As this is also one of the simplest themes you can ever have, so if you are a newbie then this will be the best for you.

Wordpress seo themes for blog
  • Clean:

This is another theme from MyThemeShop theme market, and it is also one of the perfect match simple themes for a blog. As The best part of this theme is that it perfectly fits with its design in every niche blog. Also, you are getting all features like parallax scrolling, optimized in speed & SEO and much more. So if you are covering almost everything on your blog or website, then this theme is perfect for you.

seo friendly themes
  • Socially Viral theme:

If you are looking for a super fast responsive and good engagement theme for your social blog, then this theme is a perfect choice. This theme has all those things that you needed for your social website. Not only this, but it also got a lot of amazing features like you can use unlimited domains on a single purchase, ready for all SEO, incredible and meat layout of the theme has made it very much attractive. Now coming to the cost, the theme is having the same cost like the other themes, i.e. $59. So if you also have a viral website, then this is the theme you needed for your blog.

top seo themes wordpress
  • Marketing Pro:

This is another responsive theme for your website that you can go for. This theme has 7 different templates for a different purpose which you can use. So you can use this one single theme for all the 7 works.

The best part of this theme is that customizing is very simple, so even though if you aren’t that good in coding, but yet you will be able to make a real customization in the theme using some simple options. So if you are also looking for the easily customizable theme, then this is it for your blog.

WprdPress blog themes

Final Word:

These are the best SEO optimized themes that you can use on your website. All the WordPress SEO Optimized themes that are listed here have the best features in them. Also, they are very much responsive, so you can easily use it on any device you want.

The best part is that all the themes are such easy to modify that you don’t even need to touch into the coding of the theme, just a few clicks and it is customized in your way.  This is all, if you have any more confusion about it, then you can comment down below.

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