10 Best Automated Twitter Unfollow Tools 2018

This Post is all about Twitter unfollow tools to unfollow inactive, Spam, and non-follower profiles with one click.

We know, The micro-blogging social platform gained popularity with its very own style of promoting products, services, and people and eventually became a marketing dais for many giants.

The efficacy of Twitter lies in the way it is channelized, by that we mean following or subscribing to prolific content acts as a deciding factor.

Since millions of profiles are active on profile and you tend to follow some substantial number of profiles that you trust are essential and productive and over a period of time in the thirst to keep yourself abreast of what’s happening around, the number of profiles that you follow pile up leading to unwanted or futile tweets appearing on your wall and the content you actually looking for flushed down in the gutter.

More often than not, cleaning up your Twitter profile is a decent option. Here comes the catch, easier said than done, cleaning up a huge pile of futile stuff on your profile is time-consuming and rather frustrating to do. And here comes our solution.

We bring you Twitter Unfollow Tools that make your life comfortable and easier. Our motive is to unfollow profiles that don’t follow you, make sense!

Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

1. ManageFliter

This one is a beast. It allows you select accounts that you want to unfollow and discard them with just one click.”
– Please note, that it is not possible to unfollow in one click.

You are required to manually click one by one to unfollow an account. It also has features to detect fake accounts and chuck them off. Overall, it’s a handy tool to keep your microblogging platform clean and up to date.

We recommend you to try this tool out and you will fall in love with the tool in no time.

2. Tweepi Geeky Flush

The name tells you the complete story, Geeky flush simple flushes out futile accounts from your Twitter space and keeps your arena as clean as ever.

By following simple steps, you can unfollow one by one and the best part is its UI, visually appealing and hassle-free

3. Crowdfire


One of the best-automated Twitter Unfollow Tools available to unfollow profiles on Twitter, crowdfire has come a long way from just unfollow with is scintillating features that allows users to sort profiles based on last followed to date.

This enables the users to wisely choose the profiles that have never followed you back and clean the profile. This is available as paid subscription too that has got no limits to follow/unfollow 25 as with the free version. 

4.  SocialOomph

By any chance t, e profiles you follow are huge in number and you just want to get rid of it, try SocialOomph. It brings the profile to the ashes and you can start playing on the fresh wicket and make your twitter account more productive.

5.  Untweeps

If the ratio of your followers and the people you follow is not in proportion then try Untweeps to unfollow all the inactive twitter accounts.

Just enter the number of days that you set as criteria to determine and unfollow profiles that are inactive andUntweeps does the trick for you. The best part of this Untweeps is it is a free version. 

6. TwitCleaner

After taking a few minutes to lacerate your twitter account, TwitCleaner generates a report of your profile.

Once granting permission you will be provided with a link that redirects you to a report that entails the list of followers who are futile in nature. Now choose the accounts that you want to unfollow and clear the list. 

7.  SocialBro

Log in to SocialBro using your twitter account, tap on the dashboard to see community option on the top bar. The tool provides you the list of users you follow and also displays who are not following you back.

Besides, it is equipped with many other features that help you to keep your account organic.

8. TweetAdder

The perfect combination of smartness and rudeness, Tweetadder provides you umpteen filtering options that you can use to decide whom to follow and whom to be followed by. You can also unfollow accounts that have no display pictures.

9. FriendorFollow

The interesting feature of this tool is, it gives you .csv file that has got a list of users that you follow and who follow you. The task of unfollowing is made simpler in a friend or follow tool. It’s plain and easy to navigate.

10. Doesfollow

The last one on the block does follow is a magic. It seems small but it’s complicated in character. It assesses in a primary approach to sorting out who is following who. It merely gives you the information about individuals following individuals who have got nothing to do with unfollowing however also the information it gives speaks volumes of your profile.

Wrapping up

Now that you have automated Twitter Unfollow Tools to unfollow profiles on Twitter, we hope you utilize the Twitter Unfollow Tools to filter the content that appears on your wall. And it’s not a bad idea to keep a tap on what you are viewing at!

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