10 Best Weather Apps and Free Weather Widgets for Android

We all are aware of the fact that weather status is something pretty much needed for all of us to know. Mobile computing has been steadily improving over the years and thus the availability of the best weather widgets and the Best weather apps for android 2023 are serving us to meet our requirements.

The Android world is expanding bigger and bigger and hence, the availability of the best android weather app works better and provides people with much more detailed and accurate information.

So, you can use your android device to check the weather when you are rising for a vacation or can also select the weather forecast apps for your Android Smartphone.

10 Best Weather Apps for Android and Free Weather Widgets (2023)

#1 WeatherBug

WeatherBug min

It is one of the favorite weather apps among users. The user-friendly interface attracts more people to avail of this best weather app for android on their devices.

It provides weather alerts to the users and helps them plan their outings accordingly. Doppler radar effect is an important feature of this app that allows users to keep in knowledge regarding the range of precipitation in and around the county.

WeatherBug is the best Android Weather app that provides every important detail of the climate of your city.

Highlights of WeatherBug App:-

  • Winner of the 2016 “Best Weather App” by Appy Awards.
  • Weather News
  • Radar Weather Maps

#2 Accu Weather


This Free Weather app takes a minimal approach to its designs. It is elegant in its display and is often referred to as the best bare-bones weather application.

The AccuWeather app has an easy-to-adapt user interface for smooth navigation.

The daily forecast includes a variety of weather information such as Today’s temperature, Live weather 24/7, wind, sun, or rain, Accurate weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and severe weather warnings available on-demand.

With such information, one can easily estimate the weather outside.

#3 1Weather

1Weather min

It is one of the most popular as well as top-rated weather apps available on the list.

This can also be regarded as one of the highest-rated android weather apps that comes with some standard features such as an hourly or daily forecast of weather reports along with the availability of several additional features.

It supports 15+ languages and comes with Android Wear support. Moreover, the application itself is well designed and thus, the user-friendly app is amazingly loved by the users.

1Weather provides a simple weather widget that displays only one image and the current temperature. It also offers a widget that shows climate information in detail. The 1 weather app displays cool weather facts when you run it.

Best Features of  1Weather App:-

  • Current Conditions and forecasts
  • Precipitation Forecast
  • Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (*F), Celsius (*C)
  • Support for 15 languages

#4 GO Weather

GO Weather

This weather forecast app works too well and it keeps on updating the users about the upcoming weather forecasts.

This best free weather app also provides weather widgets and different other features that are pretty Android to be used.

GO Weather app has accurate forecasts, dynamic backgrounds, hourly forecasts, 10-day weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, precipitation, real-time weather reports, and a lot of really nice widget options.

If you’re looking for a new weather widget, then go for Go Weather.

Features of GO Weather:-

  • Current Weather Info
  • Hourly/Daily Forecast
  • Weather & Clock Widgets

#5 The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel min

The decency of this best weather app in india attracts its customers. It is more loved by the users due to its accuracy in providing information when it comes to offering weather forecasts. It also presents weather channel videos in order to keep users updated about the latest weather news.

The Weather Channel employs amazing UI to display climate information. This free weather app allows you to track weather in up to 20+ cities.

To get started with this application, users must specify their location by placing their finger on the screen and swiping right.

Best Features of  The Weather Channel App:-

  • Stay Up to date on the latest weather news
  • Daily temperature
  • Stay alert and plan winter outdoor activities with confidence.

#6 Weather Underground

Weather Underground min

It is one of the most bloated weather apps available in the store and thus, it rains smoother over the Android interface.

It offers detailed information when it comes to the weather forecast and thus keeps its users alert regarding the uncanny weather predictions outside.

Highlights of Weather Underground:-

  • 10-day Forecasts (Daily, Hourly)
  • Crowd reporting
  • Switch between Forecast on Demand & NWS Forecast
  • Health Tile: Monitor air quality, UV risk, & local flu outbreaks

#7 Weather Wiz

Weather Wiz min

It is one of the newer weather apps available on the list and being released in the year 2017, it works pretty well among the users.

This Weather app offering the basics related to the weather forecast, radars, and so on. It also consists of a small collection of weather widgets for its users. The major reason for this best weather app android to be famous is its set of gorgeous themes.

This accurate weather forecast app comes in real-time, hour-by-hour, and 10-day, and local weather radar features.

Highlights of Weather Wiz:-

  • Best Free weather app comes also with free weather widgets
  • Local Weather Radar For More Detailed Weather Report
  • Current, Tomorrow, Hour-by-hour and weather 10-day forecast
  • Moon Phase and Sun Status

#8 Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather min

This app features a beautiful design along with several awesome graphics that in turn is tuned up with essential radars, weather data, alerts, and more.

The unique design of the best weather app for android is great fun to use for its users.

The only downside of this best weather radar app is that it lacks the availability of a strong widget selection for its users.

Favorite features of Yahoo Weather

  • Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation.
  • See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.
  • Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.
  • Track all your favorite cities and destinations!

#9 Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather

Dark Sky

Although it is a bit newer among the users, it has gained a significant following at the store. It consists of a lot more flash than a majority of the weather apps, such as an hourly animated weather forecast that allows users to keep scrolling and check the weather.

It is neither too light nor too heavy and is quite competent to most of the similar suites.

Favorite features of Dark Sky

  • The temperature in Status Bar
  • Weather Widget
  • full 24-hour forecast
  • A detailed 7-day forecast

#10 Bright Weather

Bright Weather min

The weather almanac of this app is too bright and thus, it is capable of providing a bigger overview of the world’s weather before the users. It is free to download weather forecast app available on the Google play store.

It usually comes with ads but they could be removed by making an in-app purchase.

Features of Bright Weather:-

  • 24 hours forecast with temperatures and conditions
  • Beautiful Weather Widgets with an optional clock
  • Daily updated background picture

Wrapping Up

So, Do Check Out these 10 best weather app for android and get information and plan your trips accordingly!

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