Your Guide to Making a Black Friday Social Media Strategy

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Black Friday is a major event for businesses, which is why getting your social media strategy spot on is so important.

But what kind of strategy works best when there are so many companies capitalizing on the year’s biggest sales day?

If you are a blogger, freelancer, or affiliate marketer, you can effectively use social media to boost your Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns.

Read our guide below to find out how best to create a Black Friday social media strategy that will see your sales soaring on the day.

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Social Media Strategy

Plan Your Social Media Strategy

With an event as popular as Black Friday, planning has to be a top priority for social media marketers. And this is true for small and large businesses alike.

Your Black Friday campaign can’t be cobbled together in the spur of the moment—your strategy needs to be well thought out if you are going to nail the execution.

Analyze your platforms and find out which ones have been consistently performing better for you. Those will be the channels that you want to use for your Black Friday campaign.

You also need to plan your Black Friday creative—the imagery you use needs to be unique enough to make you stand out in the crowd of Black Friday promoters.

Another aspect of Black Friday marketing that has to be planned is how you will cross-promote on your channels.

Your social media marketing cannot exist in isolation—it should be tied to your website, email marketing, and general content marketing strategy to provide a cohesive front.

Adopt a Black Friday Hashtag

Part of the planning process for your social media campaign will involve choosing a hashtag.

Most brands will be adopting a Black Friday hashtag to track their campaign, and you need to decide on one that can share your brand message and attract users.

The most important part of creating a Black Friday hashtag is to ensure that it represents your brand. Or go with something simple like #BlackFridayOffer or #BlackFridayDiscounts.

Avoid making your hashtag too long—it can look unattractive in posts and has a propensity for spelling mistakes, which will make tracking the campaign very difficult.

When you post on social media, don’t use only the Black Friday hashtag. You can use multiple hashtags, especially on Instagram, where you can use 30 hashtags in a post.

But limit the number of hashtags on other platforms—Twitter has a character limit for each post, and on Facebook, too many hashtags look clumsy.

Use your Black Friday hashtag alongside your brand hashtag, as well as relevant trending hashtags such as #CyberMondaySale and #HolidayDiscounts.

This will help you tap into multiple target markets who may not be looking to join in on the Black Friday sales.

Update Your Social Profiles

With your social media strategy planned in advance, you need to ensure that everyone who visits your social profiles knows that you are offering Black Friday discounts and sales.

Adapt your creatives to different sizes and specs so you can update your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter header.

Your website should also have a similar banner on the homepage. Additionally, you should create a poster to send via email to your existing subscribers.

It is important with a one-day event such as Black Friday to be as consistent and cohesive as possible to improve brand reach.

Share Social Media Teasers

You want to let people know that they can expect your brand to be participating in Black Friday. The best way to do this is by sharing teasers on social media.

Your social media strategy will have been planned in advance, and that is when you should decide at what point to release your teasers.

Some brands announce their intent to join the Black Friday sales almost a month before the event—but for other brands, a week or two could be enough.

Remember not to keep your teasers too late or else your customers could end up going to your competitors because they heard about their sales before they found out about yours.

Segment Your Black Friday Audiences

Most businesses have a target market in mind for their products and services.

However, unless your business is targeting a very specific niche, your audience will tend to be a little varied.

Study your audience using monitoring tools or through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram analytics.

These will let you know your audience segmentation according to gender, age, interests, and the posts that attracted them.

Using this information, you can develop strategies for your different target markets.

For instance, if you sell clothes for both men and women, you can create different posts and ads for each segment that will ensure that the right people see the right posts.

Conduct A/B Testing

Testing has become a massively important part of social media marketing. If you want to know what creatives, what copy, and what hashtags work best for you, you need to conduct tests.

During the planning process, you will have created multiple campaign creatives and copy options. Launch your Black Friday campaign with one and analyze the results.

If the results or positive, with increased social reach, site visits, and sales, you’ve hit upon a winner.

But if you aren’t reaching your goals with the campaign as it stands, try a different tack that will get your Black Friday marketing campaign on track to boost sales.

Social Media Automation

The days of posting to social media manually are long past—automation is what is needed now, whether you are a small or large company.

This is especially true when you have a social media campaign for a major event like Black Friday. You simply cannot post as you go during the day.

On the day of the event, you will need to reply to messages and comments and keep your audience engaged.

To make the most of your campaign, use social media scheduling tools to add posts in advance according to the best timings to reach your audience.


With these few steps, you should be able to create a social media strategy that will optimize your Black Friday campaign.

Planning is key for an event that could make or break your business. And you should keep plenty of time aside to do just that.

Then it is a matter of execution—deciding on creatives, resizing them for your social profiles, creating hashtags, and letting your audience know about your sales.

Segment your audiences, and conduct tests to see what works best. Finally, invest in social media automation instead of manually sharing posts on Black Friday.

You now have the necessary tools to create a social media strategy that will see sales booming on Black Friday.

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