Blogging Goals- Tips to Achieve more number of Goals

And the New Year is just around the corner, what all have you ticked so far? Few? So what? Leave no room for any upset; we are going to fill you with buoyancy with our scintillating ideas that jeer you to set some conceivable blogging goals 2017 and to achieve them.

Speaking of goal setting, it’s a tedious job, for the fact it perplexes you with a bunch of possibilities. And every year it turns out so much so that you jot down a list of goals to be accomplished before stepping into the new year and after four seasons you realize that hardly most of them were not met. That’s pretty sickening, that not only brings your morale down but also sends negative airs to your competitors.

So whatever may be your track record so far, dump it, just dump it. Take a new stand, start fresh, make a new beginning and we are up in arms to make it a child’s play.

First things first, the original rule in setting up new writing goals is to know what have you done wrong and where have you taken a wrong step and for heaven sake, don’t repeat it, stringently, very strictly.

Hit the bull’s eye with these 4 most successful tips to achieve some Blogging goals:-

Make up your mind:-

Fine tune your mind, by that we mean, flush out all sewage, and think with a cool head to extrapolate what do you want to be in the next year. Here comes, breaking that big mountain into small chunks, prepare a chart on a monthly basis and distribute those small pieces to those 12 months. Set quarterly targets. Play it like a temple run, reach the top level by clearing level by level.

Write, Write and Write:-

The more the cricketers spend their time in nets, the more they are likely to perform on the wicket. In the same line, when you are deft at writing, you are bound to write, that hones your dexterity, pick a trending topic and start scribbling about it. Possibly, Use stickies to remind your day to day tasks.


It’s a 3-dimensional multi-colored singing and dancing version of your affirmations, almost all the peak performers in the field of business, art, and sports imagine what they are going to do before they get into the ring. You are no exempt, get a crystal clear picture of you and your work before you start and keep a watch on the deadlines in the meantime, at the end the model output matches production the actual production. Say cheers!


Like the judiciary is the watchdog of our constitution, you take charge of tracking your work, more responsibility. Never pardon yourself; if any quantum of work has to be done, yes it has to be done, no excuses. Review your job, twice, thrice. It makes the final output hot chilly pepper, thus yielding more profits, more gratification. Never lose faith and focus on your work!

Hope we have served an enchanting meal, create a virtual locker in your cerebrum and store these tips in it, tick these tips to see your chest bulging by an inch with pride and pleasure.

Saurabh Tiwari

I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.

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