8 Simple Ways To Boost Sales In Your Woocommerce Online Store

How do I boost WooCommerce sales in my online store? Well, things aren’t complicated rather pretty simple. It’s all about analyzing your customer behavior and acting according to it. The blog post briefs on the simple ideas to boost WooCommerce sales. The ideas might already be your active marketing strategy but this blog adds a different perspective as well. It explains the reason which makes these sale boosting techniques a potential strategy.

In fact, Every Cause has a Reason!

  1. What makes the first buy?
  2. The Obsession of Saving.
  3. Where is a potential sale lost?
  4. Fear of paying additional charges.
  5. Once a customer will always be a customer.
  6. Gain trust to Grow Sales.
  7. The magical Sales loop.
  8. Shouting in a Crowd Sells more.

Definitive Guide to Boost Woocommerce Sales

Product Image

“Every popular brand must have started being unpopular”

What happens when a customer doesn’t really know anything about the product or the brand? What makes the first buy?

The attractive product display is the factor that pushes the customers to try shopping a brand. The only reason to design attractive ad posters, brand promotion banners, hoardings, etc. -to boost product sales.

Hope you’ve got what I’m about to relate. In the case of online WooCommerce stores, the better the product image looks the better will be the sales rate.

Coupon discounts

Ask me, I have never missed any WooCommerce discount and coupons. I’m also pretty sure that the majority of you would agree on the same. So, What makes these discount coupons so addictive? Well, the reason is quite simple and obvious. We, people, are obsessed with saving. The customer intends to save more – The WooCommerce store owners to sell more. That’s a Win-Win situation.

That breaks the Selling concept to be simple. The best way to boost your WooCommerce sales is to create shopping discounts and offer coupon codes. Whenever a customer notices WooCommerce discounts like BOGO offer, multiple discount coupon codes in your online store, the chances to improve sale conversion is high.

Cart Discounts

Everything goes well until the customer reaches the cart page. Is cart abandonment your WooCommerce store’s biggest problem?

In most online shopping scenarios the customers add products to their shopping cart. After browsing your online WooCommerce store, the customers move to the cart page for checkout.

It all happens now- The shopping dilemma. Seeing the huge cart total, the majority of the customers abandon their carts without checking out successfully.

So, Where is a potential sale lost?

A potential sale is lost on the cart page of your Woo store.

It’s easy to find something(High Sales Conversion) if we know where(cart abandonment) we lost it. Cart discount is a simple way to avoid cart abandonment.

Free Shipping

Hear me, the fear of additional charges kills the shopping excitement completely. If your WooCommerce customer is asked to pay additional shipping charges along with their purchase.

What tends to happen next?

(a) The customer may abandon his cart- That particular sale opportunity is lost.

(b) In the worst scenario, you may lose that customer- Customer LTV slopes to ‘Zero’.

What if your customers are given free product shipping?

Results are obvious- Your WooCommerce store gets an increased Sales conversion rate.

Note: Make free shipping available for customers satisfying a minimum cart total.

Follow up emails

Once a customer will always be a customer unless you care to maintain your customer engagement. Customer relations doesn’t end just after a sale.

Frequent follow-up emails to check on the customer’s satisfaction is the best way to earn customer loyalty. Once you build a healthy customer relationship, your WooCommerce store becomes the first online shopping choice for your customer.

What does it bring to your WooCommerce Sales conversion?

Loyal customers make frequent purchases – Frequent purchases boost product sales. Purpose proved!

Refund Policy

Online shopping. E-Commerce. WooCommerce – Call it anything. It has definitely made shopping simple. But, we’ve also got to agree on the following fact.

“Will I get a refund if the product received is damaged?” or “Can I rely on the company’s refund policy?”

What is the reason behind this shopping behaviour?

The customer doesn’t get a transparent refund policy with many eCommerce sites. The customer needs to trust your WooCommerce store before making a purchase. Trust happens when you provide them with a transparent refund policy.

A transparent Refund policy also assures the quality of a product. You would have probably guessed the closing statement.

Quality assurance boosts your WooCommerce sales conversion, definitely.

Transactional Emails to Upsell and Cross Sell

Transactional emails are the best email marketing strategy to boost your WooCommerce sales. Aren’t you curious to know why?

Transactional emails are sent to customers after every successful purchase. Having got the purchase details of the customer, you can now recommend useful product suggestions.

With every useful product suggestion, you are creating a way to sell more. You can create a potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities with every single transactional email. High click-through rates and high sale conversion rates of transactional emails makes this technique more potential.

Make one sale and loop the first sale to create consecutive sales- The Magical Sales loop.

Social connect

The traditional way to boost WooCommerce sales is to market. But, marketing on which platform brings you maximum customer engagement. Make your product promotions, discount offers, coupon codes on the social media platform- Social media marketing.

Because information spreads quickly on social media platforms. Shouting in a crowd Sells more! Also, when your WooCommerce store is active on major social connections, the chances of people knowing your brand is huge. You have a larger audience to market the brand.

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