Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity As a Blogger

Being productive all the time is difficult, and if you are a blogger working from home, then every day would probably bring new challenges to combat. As a blogger, regular challenges not only make it difficult to achieve the desired goals but also reduces the overall work productivity. So, if you are among those who tell that you are working, but actually checking your text, updating your Facebook status, or watching YouTube, then it is time to change and look for ways that can boost your productivity simply and help you make the most out of your blogging.

How To Boost Your Productivity As a Blogger

Select an Appropriate Workplace

The environment in which you work creates a drastic impact on the mood, and productivity level.

As a blogger, you must select a workplace that is comfortable, allow you to sit upright, type fast, and serve as convenient access to all your necessities.

If you want to increase your productivity, then select a workplace that does not allows you to wander your eyes around.

Manage Time

Consider your blogging as a profession, and so you manage your time accordingly.

Don’t let the day to day problems come in a way and manage the time that you would have done if you are working full-time.

If you are able to find enough time to work, sleep well, and other vital activities, then only you would be able to blog more disciplined and dedicatedly.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”– Bruce Lee

Prioritize Your Tasks

As the day progresses the body tends to become tired and eventually we lose energy.

For this reason, it is better to prioritize tasks and do the important ones first. This way you will end up with a day with your important tasks completed, working things smoothly, and increasing overall productivity.

If possible, then Stay Away from Your Smartphone

If you wish to spend a few dedicated hours on your blog, then it is wise to keep away your smartphone for that particular duration.

The smartphone brings a lot of stress besides the benefits as you are always on the urge of regularly checking your phone for new notifications, messages, or updates on the social platforms.

The main reason people do this is out of fear of missing out on an important update or notification about an event or friends.

But, if you are once distracted by your smartphone then the mind needs at least a minute or more to return back to work and focus.

Plan a Daily Schedule and Stick to it

Each person has his own challenges, interests, and productivity levels. While there are few who are able to focus more and don’t require much time to resume work even after a distraction, there are others who find it difficult to focus when once distracted.

If you don’t want to feel bored and still want to complete all tasks related to your blogging, then the best way is to schedule a new plan on a daily basis. Whenever you wake up, draft a new work plan so that you do not feel boring and are able to focus more. Also, plan a schedule by selecting the work timings when you are most productive.

Action is the foundational key to all success.” –-Pablo Picasso

Eliminate All Sorts of Distractions

Some people are able to concentrate even when surrounded by distractions, but most of us are not able to do so.

If you are among those who are easily distracted by things around you, then you must work in a quiet environment that keeps you away from your social networking distractions, television or radio music, and more other things.

If you lack focus, then it is wise to eliminate all sorts of distractions.

Select Appropriate Browser Extensions

There are numerous add-ons or extensions available that can increase the overall productivity of the bloggers.

You can select adequate extensions that are reliable and can offer you numerous features in order to make your overall blogging work more easy and convenient.

You can support these extensions to construct an efficient blog in less time and without experiencing any trouble.

Watch Meaningful Videos on YouTube

If you are looking for an interactive source of learning, then the most amazing and reliable platform is YouTube.

There are various channels on this platform that offer adequate tutorials on numerous topics. These tutorials are much more useful and can be easy ways to learn about blogging, SEO, and more.

If you are bored of writing and want to do something that can add to your productivity, then watch videos of famous channels can not only make you feel refreshed but can also boost your productivity to a great extent.

Plan a Structure for your Blog

If you are planning to write a blog, particularly the lengthy one, then the best way to do is to plan a structure or an outline for your blog and break it into relevant categories.

For instance, if you desire to write a 2000 or 3000 words blog, then dividing it into various sub-headings would make writing it easy and at the same time help you complete the task as per the specific deadline.

Also, even if you wish to write a small blog and finding it difficult to start, then it is better to plan a structure and then begin with it. This makes writing a blog post more manageable and convenient.

Blogging is an inside-out game. Do things for fun and with love and sweet results will flow to you freely. Ryan Biddulph

Focus on one thing and Reward Yourself after Completing It

You can always use Google Calendar to plan your tasks, but even before that, it is essential that you frame the desired time for each task and then complete it within that time frame.

Don’t mix up things and try to work on 3 different blogs at one point in time, rather try to complete one at a time. Also, once the task is complete reward yourself, either with your favorite snack, listening to your favorite song, and more.

Focus on being productive instead of busy.” –Tim Ferriss


While these ways can help you Boost Your Productivity as a blogger, but eventually you must focus on increasing your personal productivity for which you need a healthy mind.

So, make sure your mind is stress-free as with a healthy mind you can always boost your productivity to the next level.

14 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity As a Blogger”

  1. Priotrize the tasks, are really important if you get involve with a plenty of things. Atleast spend some time in each an every aspect could make all the work get done.

    But, in the other hand dedicating time doing one thing at a time is also important, one should not get messed with doing multitasking at the same time. Which actually results in doing nothing EOD, here the role of proper planning comes in.

    one more interesting way to be more productive, take intervals regularly and talk to the colleagues. This actually diverts the mind and make it more working when you are at desk…

    You have mentioned some great points to Saurabh!

  2. Great post you’ve written here accompanied with awesome tips. Thanks for dropping them

  3. Good tips – I especially like the one about planning. I make a point of closing out each day with a review and preparing my plan for the next day so I waste no time getting started in the morning. Makes a big difference. Thanks!

  4. A great article with valuable tips on improving productivity.

    I completely agree with the thought of turning off your Smartphone because it’s SUCH a nuisance. Also Facebook notifications popping up in the corner of my screen are a big distraction.

    Browser extensions can be really really useful too. I’m just finishing off tests on one that’s already saving me a lot of time. If all goes as well as planned, I’ll be writing about it soon.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  5. Hello Saurabh! I loved all your tips my friend and with summer here ( And My Grandson) I find it extremely hard to plan my daily schedule and of course then it is impossible to stick to it!! Oh well Life is to short to NOT just enjoy it Right?

    Great Share…
    Chery :))

  6. Hi Saurabh,
    I liked that you started off with having an appropriate workplace. I have one but many of the bloggers I know still use the kitchen table type of office which is not as you say something that would help your productivity level. I thought that was important to point out to your readers.

    Time management is important, as well as setting a daily schedule. I also saved your chrome extensions article. Liked your post and will share it.

  7. Hey Saurabh!
    You’ve covered some really important points here. I have recently started with my blogging journey and have been following quite a few of these tips. However, I really need to work on ‘staying away from smartphone’ point. Any tips specifically for that?

  8. I really need to work on time management. I feel like there are so many things to do with regards to blogging it’s difficult to make time for everything.

  9. All of these are such great ways to be more productive as a blogger, the one I find the most helpful are watching youtube videos. They help me visualize what I want to do and in the process also show mw how to do it so its a win-win! Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hi Saurbh,

    It’s time to turn the productivity clock on. You turned the boats around and revealed the real deal behind being a producive blogger.

    It may not be easy to have your smartphone switched off, only if you have a different work and home line. For those who work from home, they should know how to handle this to become more productive.

    Brian Tracy’s “Eat That Frog!” has helped my blogging life. It showed me how to never procrastinate things and become super productive. However, the tips here serves as a plus to arrange my being for super excellence.

    Thanks for sharing.
    – Prince.

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