7 Budgeting Android Apps to Track your Monthly Spending

The word ‘budgeting’ is very familiar to the business world and our household activities. Budgeting is the process of balancing between our income and expenses. A few years back, people used to do budgeting manually on a piece of paper which was quite tough and time-consuming. But with the invention of smartphones, users are able to calculate their monthly budget easily. 7 best budgeting Android apps are mentioned below.

7  Best Budgeting Android Apps to Track your Monthly Spending:

  1. Good budget:

You can check out this app for Android which is a quality app for home budget planning keeping complete track on your expense and income. If you want to export data such as CSV file, QFX, and OFX, you can do so through a Good budget app. You need not worry since it is free and simple as well.


  • Track your monthly spending
  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Based on envelope method
  • Plan to save for big expenses
  • Analyze spending
  • Edit budget as required
  • Help to live within your limits
  • Add accounts
  • Edit accounts
  • Add income
  • Save time
  1. Mint:

Mint app is free, simple and easy to get started. Updating your information automatically, Mint serves as one of the best apps on Android. It gives savings tips to help you in budgeting.


  • Manager of money
  • Track your monthly expenses
  • Get a complete picture of your finances
  • Check the pending balances
  • Get alerts when something happens with your money
  • Payment of bills
  • Well- secured
  • Simple personal finance management app
  • Track and display transactions across all your accounts.
  1. Money Manager:

Money Manager app on Android keeps the record of your personal and business financial transactions by depositing money into your account whenever your income is coming and drawing money from your account whenever your expense is input.


  • Facilitates efficient accounting
  • Deposits your money into account
  • Draws money from your account
  • Manages budget and expenses
  • Track your monthly spending
  • Manages credit/debit card
  • You can check passcode
  • Transfer between assets
  • Manages your salary, term-deposit, loan and insurance easily
  1. My Budget Book:

My budget book app manages money effectively and easily keeping an easy record of your income and expenses. It personalizes your Material Design layout.


  • Need no internet connection to protect your privacy
  • Visualize your data
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • No advertising
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Export your data
  • Protect your data with a password
  • Create your own templates to make transaction entry easier
  • Remind you to make pending payments on time
  1. Wallet:

You may plan your budget and track your monthly expenses easily through Wallet which balances your transactions with your actual bank. It is also free to download.


  • Transactions synced with your bank automatically and securely
  • Import your transaction data to wallet
  • Helps to plan for the future
  • Flexible
  • Multiple currency support
  • Exports to CSV/XLS/PDF
  • Management of debt
  • Geo-mapping transactions
  1. Prism Bills:

Though Prism bills is a free app, it tracks all your money and pays all your bills anytime, anywhere. You can check your account balances through Prism Bills.


  • Visualize balances
  • Make alerts for payment of due bills
  • Add your bills and bank account
  • Check your bank account balances
  • Secured
  • Receive notification of arrival of your bills
  • Pay your bills anytime, anywhere
  • Track bill amounts
  • Flexible
  • Track your monthly spending
  1. Spendee:

The best budget app on smartphone Android is Spendee which manages your personal finances easily. It is possible to connect your Spendee account with your online banking. You can download transactions automatically.


  • Secured as securely connected with your bank account
  • Track expenses manually
  • Add expenses easily
  • Synchronize data securely
  • Multiple currency support
  • Share accounts with your friends
  • Track your monthly expenses


The knack for planning the finances and saving a considerable amount for exigencies should come from within. Rest of the activities related to tracking of your expenditure and financial management can be easily and most effectively done by these smart Budgeting Android Apps. So, keep earning and keep saving. Well, are you looking for Credit Card Consolidation loans companies? These companies will help you to close down the various credit card and loan arrangements you’ve had previously, using your consolidation loan to clear the debts.

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