5 Smart Ways to Create a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website

How to Reset Your WordPress Blog (1), Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website

More and more, the internet has become a necessity, and it isn’t restricted anymore to a laptop or a personal computer. Many users are already using the internet via their handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. So, if you can provide an excellent user experience to them, the better. Fortunately, making your WordPress site more compatible with mobile isn’t that hard. Even with less effort,

6 Best Free WordPress Plugins You’ll Need

Best Free Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most accessible and flexible website builders. WordPress has been a partner of multiple established websites on the web. Have you visited TechCrunch, Sony Music, BBC America, robots.net? Yes, that website is built using WordPress. How cool is that? The ability to use Free WordPress Plugins to your WordPress website is fantastic and has been a standard for other website builders

5 Ways to Protect Your eCommerce WordPress Website

E-commerce Site, eCommerce WordPress Website, Optimize Your Mobile Website

If you have an eCommerce WordPress Website, it’s crucial to gain trust from your customers. You’ll need to make sure that you’re providing a safe shopping environment and that sensitive information is protected. Hence, securing your online store should be a high priority, or it’ll be vulnerable to unauthorized access. In this article, I’ll show you what kind of threats you need to be aware

How to Reset Your WordPress Blog

How to Reset Your WordPress Blog (1), Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website

WordPress Sites that are up for an extended period will tend to get cluttered if not from the fronted, then certainly on the backend. Although these types of issues may not appear visible to your visitors when content is concerned, sooner or later they will feel it when the loading time on the sites starts going up and that is something nobody wants. That’s why