Chatwing Review- A Free Chat box for Your Website

Are you an online marketer or business man who generate business online?

Well, are you really capturing all the business as per your capacity and strength?

Well, if not, you should look for an option for making communication better with the customers. You might have seen many websites nowadays started using the chat software and they have dedicatedly assigned chat agent to talk to each customer who asks query.

Why so much dedication and support? There must be some benefits …right?

Yes, it is!

And so, if you are also working online and have a business, you must incorporate a chat mechanism to talk to your customers and provide the solution in real-time.

Although there is many chat software in the market, I found Chatwing the leading one due to various features and pricing. Integration is easy, and any one can easily integrate the chat software in the website. Also, creating a chat room, assigning the chat agent and getting the issue resolved is a straightforward task.

Chat feature integration and Chat agents

All you have to do is, just sign up for the Chatwing and add your website. If you are on WordPress or Drupal platform then no need to go further but if you are on other platforms like Blogger, you need to generate a simple JavaScript code and add that in the head section of your website.

If you are on WordPress, then just download the Chatwing WP plugin and then add the key which you will find on Chatwing dashboard or you can ask the Chatwing support. They will guide you and help you find the key.

You can also add as many chat agents as you want with different roles so that they can handle and access the chats easily. You can define the templates which will help while replying.

Personalized Apps

As said, Chatwing offers apps for both iOS and Android platforms, and so you will get the access as well. If someone starts the chat on your website, you can attend the chat using your phone as well.

The best thing is the chat app will look like your company’s app as Chatwing will add the logo to yours and will also make it more personalized.

Calendar and Bookings

You can also integrate your own calendar with your schedules to Chatwing and allow people to take your appointment and schedule meetings with you through Chatwing platform as well.

Once done, both the requester and you will receive an email as well as a text message for confirmation. This is a beneficial feature which makes you more productive and will help you avoid colliding.


First of all, you can use Chatwing for free as well. While the feature is limited and if you want to access full feature of Chatwing then you may have to go with the paid plans. The paid plan just starts at $11.2 per month if you go with the yearly plan while $14 per month for the monthly plan.

Also, the prices depend on the chat boxes. If you need more chat box then you may go with higher pricing options.


This was about Chatwing which is a great software for everyone who is doing business online. If you are a small business owner, you can just go with the free plan and test their chat room for website, and once you are satisfied, you may browse the paid plan.

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  1. chat box is very effective for website and it is hook the visiter and engage them. this idea is very good for get more traffic also

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