How to Combine Video Clips with Freemake Video Converter

Sometimes it occurs that you take several videos during one event: a birthday party, music show, anniversary, and so on. It may also happen when you create a how-to guide and need to shoot it step by step. If then you plan to upload videos online or edit them and send them to friends, you can’t deal without a tool that will help you merge and edit videos. My favorite way to join videos is the free Freemake Video Converter.

It is a simple utility with a beautiful design and an impressive set of features. Let’s see how it works.

How to Install the Freemake Video Converter Tool on a PC

First of all, visit the official developer’s site and download the software installer file. Please note that Freemake Video Converter can be installed on Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, and Windows 10.

If you are still using Windows XP, you can create a ticket on the support page asking to provide XP installers. Just keep in mind that they may come without the recent features.

The Freemake company offers two ways to get the software. The 1st way is a small online installer that will download the rest of the software during the installation process.

If you have a stable Internet connection, you can choose this one. In case your connection is slow and has gaps, you’d better download a full installer.

It may take a bit more time, but when it’s on your PC, you will be able to install the software fast and without issues.

Whatever way you choose, as soon as you get the installer, run it on your laptop or PC. Follow the steps to install the tool.

Since Freemake Video Converter doesn’t have any ad offers during the installation, you can easily click the Next button without paying attention to the text.

Be sure that nothing will be installed on your PC but the Freemake tool.

When the installation is finished, start the software. The software interface is clearly visible and easy to deal with. At the top, there will be media type buttons:  “+Audio”, “+Video”, “+DVD”, “+Photo”, and “Paste URL”. They serve to add multimedia files into the tool. At the bottom, there are video formats you can save your joined videos too

There are also social media buttons right in the center of the tool that will bring you to Freemake pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Now let’s learn How to Combine Video Clips with Freemake Video Converter

Join Single Videos

If you have a number of MP4, AVI, MKV, or any other video files, add all of them to the software. To do it, click the “+Video” button. You can also simply drag and drop the files from a folder or a desktop. Please add videos to the online video converter in the order you want them to be in the final movie.

Now pay attention to the top right corner of the Freemake Video Converter.

There will be the” Join files” button.

Click this button to enable the feature. Don’t exit the software! To apply the changes to your videos, you need to convert them.

Join Single Videos

Have a look at the bottom of the software. There you’ll see green bubbles with formats: AVI, MP4, DVD, etc.

Select an output format for your new movie, depending on where you want to enjoy your movie. If you plan to do it on a mobile phone or tablet, choose “to MP4” since it’s accepted by the majority of devices. For TV sets, select AVI or MPEG.DBD or Blu-ray in case you need the movie on a disc.

Click on the selected format and set a quality preset from a drop-down menu. Freemake provides a huge number of presets to suit almost all possible needs. However, if you want to have particular settings, select an option Add custom preset.

In a new window, select a video codec, fps, frame size, and audio settings. Speaking of the frame size, you can also adjust it to meet your criteria.

Click on this option and choose Custom from the menu, there will appear the “Adjustment” button. If you open the settings, there will be options to stretch the video, zoom & crop it, auto-adjust, or add black bars.

Join Single Videos 1

By the way, you can also cut the black bars automatically if you have them. You’ll need an additional Freemake Pack for that.

When you add a video with black bars, they’ll be automatically deleted. In case you want to keep the black bars, go to File – Options – Black bars and choose the “Keep black bars” option.

After that set a destination folder for a new video. It may be a folder on a PC, a USB drive, or your cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). If you choose the “to YouTube” option, your video will be uploaded right to your YouTube account. However, you’ll have to provide your login information for that.

Please note that Freemake Video Converter doesn’t delete or substitute the original files, but creates new ones with the updates you’ve made.

Thus make sure you have enough free disk space. If you convert a 5GB-file, you should have at least 10GB of free storage.  If everything is OK, click the Convert button and run the conversion process.

Depending on your PC capacity and file size, the new movie will appear in a selected folder in a couple of minutes.

Join Online Videos

Freemake Video Converter Free can work both offline and online files. For example, it may help you perform one of the most popular actions – save YouTube Video for watching without the connection.

To join an online series from YouTube, you should copy the YouTube URLs of these videos and paste them into the software one by one using the “+Paste URL” button. Please note that you can’t download paid movies and those that are not available to you on YouTube.

Join Online Videos

Then click the Join option and choose a video format you’d like to save your future video to. Select the destination folder and click the “Convert” button to start the saving process.

Join DVD Movies

It should be said that Freemake Video Converter doesn’t support any kind of protected files. Thus before adding your DVDs, make sure that they are not copyright protected. To add a DVD video to the software, use the “+DVD” button.

In case you have movies on separate disks, you’d better move the VIDEO_TS folder from each disk onto a PC and join videos from the PC. Choose the titles that you would like to merge. Now follow the same procedure as for the simple single videos:

  • Enable the Join on option;
  • Choose an output format;
  • Run the conversion process.

You can convert files for watching on PC, on a portable gadget, or on DVD. For the latter, you may choose two options depending on the number of files you are joining: one-layer DVD and double-layer DVD.

In case you want to join many files and keep the quality, go for the second option.

That’s how you can easily Combine Video Clips with Freemake Video Converter. If you have some spare time, explore the free online video converter tool thoroughly to get what other cool features you can use in it.

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