7 Best Construction Management Software For Construction Company

Are you in a construction business? Are you searching for a better alternative to manage your projects or estimate construction costs? The effective solution to your requirements is available with the construction management software. These days construction firms are busy managing ample projects simultaneously.

To help them out with easy management of multiple tasks, construction software are worth using. These are well-designed to handle complex tasks of all projects whether big or small.

Make your tricky construction situations easy with the best construction management software.

Things to Consider While Selecting Construction Project Management Software

  1. Research the Collaboration Features
  2. Calculate and Justify the Cost
  3. Compare the Price With their Alternatives
  4.  Check Online Reviews
  5. Outline Your Implementation Plan
  6. Check Reliability & Flexibility
  7. Does that software have features like Task creation, Resource planning and tracking assignment, tracking, and reporting?

Top 7 Construction Management Software 2021



Procore is the leading construction software with more than 2 million users all over the world. It is a universal platform that connects your whole team and all the devices and applications used in construction.

The commercial construction project management software reviews above 90% customer satisfaction, zero sec wait time for phone support, and on an average response time of chat within only 30 sec. Your success partner never leaves you to work alone and helps you with unlimited support.

Procore engineering team has well-designed products to streamline even complex constructions. The user-centric app can manage multiple projects at a single place with broader visibility.

It relieves you of the risks with its ultimate quality and safety. Your construction finances also remain in your budget with this powerful tool.

Features of Procore:

  • Fastest Time-to-Value
  • Construction Project Management
  • Quality and Safety
  • Construction financial
  • Field Productivity
  • Mobility, Drawing-centric

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360

The construction management software is a unified platform that connects, organizes, and optimizes your projects starting from designing to the end of construction.

It supports you in your decision-making with more profitable outcomes. Worksite risks are reduced with its imminent safety hazard. Project quality is proactively managed with task automation.

Costs are controlled, and the project remains on schedule as work is handled with full perfection in the first go only. As the software allows you to go through the real-time data of the ongoing progress of the project, it helps to make appropriate changes in tasks for the outcomes of the project. Save your time with Autodesk BIM 360.

Features of Autodesk BIM 360:

  • Quality and safety operations
  • Work assignment and tracking
  • Real-time project status
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Issue management and Construction safety



Take your business to the next level with AccuLynx. It is your path that enables you to grow with its all in one management software.

The software brings all people, suppliers, and apps together that save you unlimited time. The complete visibility of your business makes your tasks and activities fast. With the automated sales and production tasks you can easily satisfy your clients and increase your revenues.

The real-time view of your business helps to take appropriate measures in the areas where improvement is required.

Sage 300 Construction

Sage 300 Construction

The management software is widely used in the construction business. It is the complete solution for managing an entire project with proper precision and efficiency.

The highly customized solution works best for better risk management and project visibility.

The easy access to field reports keeps the project on time and in the budget that helps to achieve financial and productive goals.

The software won’t let even a simple oversight harm your project.



Viewpoint is the leading choice of the construction business. It is a cloud-based solution that controls project management and optimizes the workflow.

The comprehensive suite brings your entire organization – field workers as well as office staff on a single platform for better communication throughout the project.

It controls the project at all stages of its processing. For better speed and accuracy, tasks are automated to well-organized the construction process.

The software preserves all your original and revised documents to give you a better view. Your productivity is increased with the flexible workflow by the use of Viewpoint.



Aconex is a cloud-based construction tool in collaboration with Oracle Construction and Engineering Cloud. It is a solution for construction management and delivery of the project.

The software is designed to connect teams across the project. For meeting the needs of clients, the management software combines the flexibility and speed of tasks.

Easy sharing of data through the entire lifecycle of the project allows easy transition at different phases of the process. Construct the world’s most significant projects safely and easily with Aconex.



Newforma is the best construction management software that serves architects, contractors, engineers. The software effectively organizes data and collaborates with team members for better management of the project. It handles the project from foundation to its completion.

You can have the project information whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter at which place you are at that time be it your office or on a journey to some other place.

Project risks and errors are successfully eliminated with real-time information. It organizes all the information about the project in a clear way for a faster and quick view of progress.

The technology-driven tool is designed to make the construction process hassle-free. It is essential to use these skillful tools more smartly for managing your projects efficiently.

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