Creative Tips for Social Media Content Writers

Whether you’re a social media manager, an influencer, or a business owner, social media content is part of your daily life. You have to plan the types of posts you’re going to share. If you’re not regular, your audience will forget all about you, the platforms won’t push your content into their feeds, and you’ll stop attracting new followers.

You can’t allow that to happen.

But what if you hit a creative block?

The inspiration for writing for social media may come and go, so it’s hard to keep it consistent.

You can make a break of a day or two. But you need to force yourself out of that block by offering something new to your followers.

We’re here to give you the inspiration you need.

Creative Tips for Social Media Content Writers

  1. Monitor SMM Trends

What’s new in the world of social media? Observe your target audience and you’ll figure it out. If you target students as your audience, you can see how they use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms at the moment.

Are they excited about seasonal discounts and pop culture conversations?

Check the influencers, too. If you’re part of social media, you certainly identified the most influential users from your niche.

But if you’re new at this, you can easily locate them through influencer marketing tools. If you keep pace with the content that influencers publish, you’ll always know what the trends are.

  1. Check Out Competitors

You have to be aware of everything your competitors are doing on social media. You can follow them via “sock” accounts.

These are fake accounts that you create just to follow your competitors and engage in conversations to feel the pulse of their audience.

But you can also check them out without complicating things.

Their profiles will surely be public.

You’ll be monitoring competitors not because you want to replicate what they do, but to see what works for the target audience.

Then, you’ll get inspired to do something better.

  1. Post Daily, Weekly or Monthly Series

Humans of New York is one of the most popular pages on Facebook. It’s popular on Instagram, too. It started with New Yorkers sharing their stories, but it soon turned into something bigger.

The photographer travels the world and shares stories in the series.

This approach works! When the audience likes something and you tell them to expect more of it, they will come back to your profile to see what’s new.

You can schedule a series of daily, weekly, or monthly posts that will keep your followers engaged.

  1. Share Content

You don’t have anything new to share?

Why don’t you share long-form posts or exciting articles from other sites?

You can share the news from your industry, include your opinion in the caption, and invite your followers to a discussion.

  1. Get a Social Media Writing Toolbox

Are you using Buffer or another social media management tool?

It will help you get organized but inspired as well. If you open Instagram today and say “I’m going to post something amazing,” you’ll get stuck. But if you plan the weekly posts, you’ll already know what to write today.

If you still get stuck after so much planning, you can hire an assignment helper online Edubirdie.

A writing service is a perfect addition to your social media writing toolbox.

You’ll just provide the social media content writer with general guidelines and you’ll have your content ready when you need it.

  1. Post Different Types of Content

Post Different Types of Content

Don’t limit yourself to a single type of social media content. Maybe you did well with plain tweets, but why don’t you try posts with images and videos?

You can also post tutorials and interviews through videos, as well as how-to posts through videos and image slides.

Link posts also work well; they bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Social media content is a versatile category, so experiment with different approaches. If one of them works especially well, it doesn’t mean you should stick to it forever.

Your audience may appreciate the change.

Have Fun with Your SMM Campaign!

When you first started posting on social media, it was fun. You connected with your target audience and you started noticing results.

But if you consider this a job, it will soon get boring. You’ll get into the scheme of daily posts and it will be strictly business.

Don’t allow that to happen. Leave some space for casual flexibility in your campaign.

Check what your audience wants, see what your competitors are doing, and experiment with different types of content.

When you stop seeing the joy in this, it means you hit the writer’s block. Hiring a professional writer may bring your inspiration back.

Whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to have fun!

Social media is all about fun.

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