5 Digital India Products to look for in Future

Digital India is a national level scheme by Indian central Government. It aims at building a robust digital India products infrastructure that has the potential to keep India updated with quick digital shift happening across the globe. It was launched on 2nd July 2015 with an aim to serve India at three levels. Levels are:

  • Building secure infrastructure to hold digital shift
  • Transforming old conventional services to the digital In simple terms, all traditional services will now be ported to online clouds so that citizens can use most of the services online itself
  • Conducting village level camps to impart sufficient knowledge such that each home in country has at least one member who can use online services quickly

Within 1 year, we have seen real growth so far (at all the three levels). Several projects are being rolled out to build a required structure at all levels. Conventional services are getting connected to the digital world (passport, UIDAI card, etc. are best examples). Camps are being organized at a precise level so that masses can be covered with digital education.

In this article, we will discuss 5 elements of Digital India products that will undoubtedly help to transform India to a better country (regarding digital adaptability).

Top 5 Digital India Products

  1. Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate helps in determining age, birth (time and place) of the individual. It is one of the most important government documents/certificates in India. It is the first ever document where details of the newly born infant are stored. Till now people need to visit their nearby concerned office to enroll new birth each time. The process of digitizing birth certificates is on its way already. However, much work is yet to be done, and it is limited to basic stuff only. In coming future, we are going to experience a dedicated online birth certificate portal (devoted to each Indian state) where we will be able to register/update details related to births in India.

  1. Ration Card

Like birth certificate, ration card in India is a major document which helps Indians to get foodstuff at discounted/subsidized rates. Every individual family in the country is supposed to have their details entered on one single ration card. After the digital India campaign, ration card sector has experienced a paradigm shift with a dedicated online portal for each and every Indian state/union territory. Each portal is designed in a way that helps newbies even to find the stuff that they are interested in. State of ration card digitization is surely at a level higher than birth certificates, but it is yet to be rolled for all the Indian states. Till now fully digitized ration cards are launched for 5 states only but by seeing the pace that this initiative has kept, we are sure to cover all the countries very soon.

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  1. IRCTC Portal

If you have ever traveled via India Railways ever then you must have experienced the chaos that one has to go through whenever he/she tries to book/confirm online train tickets. The government has identified the need of the hour and has decided to shift booking process to a fast and reliable server that can accommodate a higher number of users simultaneously. After the decision was made and implemented, India railway’s portal is now able to handle almost double traffic than it used to hold earlier.

  1. DigiLocker

Digital Locker referred to Digital Locker and was launched in 2015. It provides personal electronic space that can be used to store confidential, important documents. One can store all sort of data in DigiLocker. However, it is advised to use this limited space to host valuable cards (PAN Card, Driving License, mark sheets, etc. ) only. If any case you have lost your data from your P, then Digilocker App helps you as a Data Recovery Software.

Each user is provided with 1GB default space that is linked to Aadhaar Number (UIDAI number). It is a secure way of storing all your important documents online that can be accessed anytime from anywhere (you need to have internet connection obviously). With DigiLocker, the government is aiming towards reducing the use of hard papers (photocopies) and using reusable e-papers wherever applicable/possible. To sign up with DigLocker, you need to have a valid Aadhar Card (UIDAI) number and a verified mobile number. Although UIDAI number is not mandatory to be linked with DLocker, it is advised to sign up using UIDAI number as it improves the overall security and privacy.

  1. MyGov.in

The government can work best when it can receive inputs/ideas from ordinary people. MyGov is launched with one single motive to connect Indian citizens with concerned staff where they can pitch up to their ideas, suggestions, and government can decide their plans after that. All you need to do is to sign up with MyGov and pitch up your idea in the relevant category.

This is all about 5 Digital India products that have the power to transform India into a digital world. Do let us know your views on the same.

Author Bio:

Narender Sharma is an IT professional working with Top Indian MNC. In free time he loves to share tips about Government processes like birth certificates,  ration card uses etc.

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