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When you create a website, you must find a balance between its design and SEO elements. The design allows the internet users to navigate their pages easily while the element of search engine optimization helps you rank higher in the results pages.

Many entrepreneurs who just launched their website and are new to SEO, might need help with their rankings. If you are one of them, you need to do a lot of things when it comes to SEO such as the use of proper heading tags, technical SEO, Link building, descriptive image alt attributes, and search-friendly URLs.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs who have just started your e-commerce website, you may find some things confusing. What you can do is to get help from experts in digital marketing to help you navigate your way through the technical aspects of web design. A Digital Marketing Agency offers PPC, Social media services and SEO services, they will also be able to help you with fresh quality content, Keyword Research, Site SEO Audit, On-Page Optimization, optimizing your web pages, Backlink building, and a lot more. The following are the things the Digital Marketing experts can help you with.

How Digital Marketing Agency Help You

1. Optimize Site for Mobile-Friendliness

The experts know the designs that will improve your site’s mobile-friendliness. You can rank higher in the search results if your web pages are great to look at on mobile phones.

More people are using their phones today to search for restaurants or shoe shops near them. This is why it is important for your business to frequently appear in their searches.

Many business owners, might think that this is a factor that they can take for granted. However, optimizing your website for mobile is one of Google’s ranking factors since 2015. Google understands that not all people have access to desktops all the time and the number of people who have mobile devices is increasing.

A lot of organic traffic comes from mobile searches. Your potential customers may often use their phones to search for things that they need since it’s more convenient. You can know more about organic traffic at this link here.

2. Create Designs that are Easy on the Eyes

If you are working seriously to improve your rankings, there’s a huge chance that content is one of your priorities now. For some entrepreneurs, they might not realize the importance of the design on their content.

If the designs are not laid out properly, the users may have a hard time reading content and they might not achieve what they came to do on your site.

The professional designers can help you put the content blocks in order and they know the number of hyperlinks that will create a positive result for your site.

You need to make sure that everyone gets the content and pieces of information that they are after regardless of whether they are browsing through their mobiles or computers.

To achieve this, the design for your pages should be easy on the eyes. For example, if your texts have black font colors, you may want to put them into a white background or something lighter.

The problem is not often the color. There are times when the blocks of texts may be too big and the fonts can be difficult to read.

The expert designers understand these distinctions and they always make sure that the extra elements such as line lengths, images, and space will be optimized for the site. Know more about elements here: It would also be best to consider people who have disabilities when designing your web format.

3. The Speed of Your Website

People expect to get results within seconds. If they have to wait long before getting the information that they need, they might get out of your pages – fast.

Most of the users today are used to fast-loading websites and speed is one of the most essential aspects in SEO that you should focus on.

If your site is not high in the rankings, this might be because the loading screen may be too slow and the bounce rates are high.

 What an expert can help you with is optimizing your images, texts, and URLs. They will also help you delete unnecessary plug-ins that make a page slower.

The ideal loading time is 2 seconds. When the page takes about 3 seconds to show, expect that the visitors will abandon it and look for other available sites.

The speed is also crucial to those that are using mobile phones because there are so many things that can distract them such as phone calls, texts, and chats. You want to keep their attention to your page as much as possible.

4. Improve Sitemaps

When it comes to spiders and crawlers, web design is essential in several ways. The sitemaps are important if you want the spiders to know how they can exactly go about crawling your site.

The map will provide Google or Bing with a guide on the kind of pages, articles, and content that you have on your pages. The maps give you an opportunity to tell the bots the most important pages on your site and what they should focus on,

If the website is new, the part of sitemaps is very essential especially if the pages don’t have any external links yet. This is also vital for those entrepreneurs who have larger sites and a lot of pages.

The users will get help when navigating around the pages. Most visitors seek sitemaps to get to see the content that they are looking for in the fastest possible time.

An SEO agency can improve the metadata on your sitemap so that you will have a greater chance to rank higher.

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