How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos on Android and PC

To know how to do this, This Guide helps you to download Instagram photos and videos on your Android smartphones.

Instagram is another best photo and video sharing app, which lets you share and explore photos and Short videos from Instagram users all around the world.

According to a report by Statista, Now, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users total up from 800 million in September 2017. IGTV, live and Short Videos have become a major feature on Instagram, with both casual users and major business brands uploading short Business and Product Video clips on a regular basis.

Watching and uploading videos on Instagram is fairly easy but downloading them to your android phone is not possible as the Instagram app doesn’t allow users to download videos or photos posted on the platform natively.

Well, if you want to share that video or photo on your profile, then you can use Instagram reposting apps.

The third-party Instagram photo and video downloader apps can easily serve your downloading purpose. Here is the list of Best Free Android apps to save Instagram photos and videos for Android. Take a look.

Serious Note –  In this Post, I’m going to listing free Instagram Photos and video downloader apps for android and method to Download Instagram Photos And Videos on Windows PC but, I’m not responsible for any intellectual property violation.

4 Best Android Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Note – To download Instagram photos secretly, the best way to do it is to screenshot it. Later you can crop out those photos with the help of no crop instagram app.

#1 Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram – Saverr

Want to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, IGTV & Reels? All you need is Saverr App. This insta story saver online App can help you download Photos, Videos, and Instagram reels instantly without any hassle.

Saverr (Photo, Video, IGTV & Reels Downloader for Instagram) also lets you copy text and hashtags.

Reposting also becomes easier than ever with Saverr App. So install Saverr App to start downloading your favorite Instagram videos and photos now!!!

Imagine you are browsing through Instagram and liked a post, now you want to save it and view it offline or simply want to share it with your friends and family. How would you do it? This App is one of the best solutions you have.

It’s effortless and quick to download and repost Instagram photos or Videos! Unlike other apps that want you to log in to Instagram to perform all these tasks, our app doesn’t ask you to log in since you are already logged into the Instagram app. It feels unsafe for most of the users to log in to a third-party app and also seems a waste of time.

With our Photo, Video, IGTV & Reels Downloader for Instagram, you don’t have to log in at all. Simply copy the links and paste them into our App, that’s it. You can also copy hashtags and repost on Instagram in no time.


1. Download Instagram Posts: Save Insta photos and videos from an Instagram feed.
2. Download Instagram Reels: Quickly save Instagram reels and share them with your friends.
3. Save IGTV videos into your device: Download HD quality IGTV videos in no time.
4. Copy Hashtags: Copy hashtags from any post.
5. Repost: Easily repost Instagram Photos and videos.


– Launch Instagram App.
– Copy Link from Instagram Photos, Videos, IGTV, or Reels.
– Paste the URL in our App.
– Click on the Download button & Enjoy!


1. Seek permission from the owner before downloading their content.
2. We do not encourage anyone to download photos or videos without getting permission from the owner neither we are responsible for any intellectual property violation that may result from unapproved downloads and reposts.
3. Saverr app is not affiliated with Instagram by any means. It is just a tool that helps you download Instagram photos and videos.

Download Saverr

#2 FastSave for Instagram

This Instagram story download app with a neat and clean UI that is designed to do one thing: help you to download video Instagram and Photos on Android

FastSave Instagram video downloader frequently used to download pictures and videos posted on Instagram.

The “Fastsave” is free for all Android users and has more than 10 Million downloads. So open the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone and download it.

To know how to download Instagram videos and photos with this Instagram story downloader app, follow the steps below.

Step 1) Download, install, and open this application on your mobile phone.

Step 2) In the fastsave Instagram Downloader app, you have to tap on Enable “FastSave Service, now tab on the “Open Instagram” button

3rd Step ) After tapping on the open Instagram button, browse or choose any image or videos that you want to download on your smartphone then tap on three vertical dots above-,

4th Step-) Now you can see the many options for sharing:

  • Share
  • Share on Messenger
  • Share on WhatsApp
  • Copy Link

Step 5) Now choose the copy link option and “Your photo or video will start download automatically”.

6th Step)- Once this is done, open the FastSave app, a folder with “my downloads” will appear.

Best Features of FastSave Instagram downloader App

  • Share, Repost, Delete photos and videos from the FastSave App.
  • Save Multiple photos and videos


  1. Contain Ads, which is irritating sometimes
Download FastSave

#3 Saver Reposter for Instagram

Saver Reposter for instagram

Using this Instagram video download app, any Android user can easily download Instagram stories, Instagram videos, and photos in Android 5.0 or later.

This insta saver for Instagram is able to Download Instagram Photos And Videos by sending them directly to the photo gallery and add and view them offline as well as use them for reposting purposes.

It is an ideal photo video app for those who want to keep their Instagram photos and videos instantly.

How To Use:

1- Copy “Share URL” from Instagram.
2- Paste the URL or just click on the Saver icon in the notification bar.
3- Choose to Save the image, video, or copy the text & Enjoy!

Top Features of  this App

  • You can copy text and hashtags, images and videos from Instagram Posts.
  • Instagram photographs and videos can be downloaded directly to the gallery.
Download Here

#4- Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram

This is the coolest free Instagram downloader application which allows you to download Instagram photos and videos in just simple steps.

By using Video Downloader for Instagram, users can save photos/videos without anyone knowing.

Easy steps to download or repost videos and photos:

  1. Open Instagram and copy share URL
  2. Paste the URL on the Instagram video downloader
  3. Then download or repost.
  • Repost and Download Instagram Photos And Videos
  • Save videos and pictures in your gallery
  • Copy tags from Instagram
  • Share your favorite videos and pictures with other

Let’s Check How To Download Instagram Photos and Videos to Your Windows PC

The Instagram app is filled with funny and interesting photos, memes, and short videos that you want to share with your friends and family.

So, Downloading Instagram Photos And Videos on a Windows PC is by far the easiest method and that  doesn’t require any additional software installation

Simply go through the steps detailed below to Download IG Photos And Videos on the Desktop:

Step 1:- 

  •  Go to in your browser
  •  In another browser tab, open Instagram and navigate to the video (or photo) you’d like to download
  • Click the three dots icon and Copy the actual photo or video URL
  • Go back to the DownloadGram tab and paste the URL
  • Hit the Download button, again hit the download video or Photo button
  • Your video or Photo will get saved in the Windows download folder. 
  • You’re done.


These exciting methods to download pictures on Instagram and download videos from Instagram are all simple and straightforward to follow.

All of them work decently to Download Instagram Photos And Videos.