7 Android Apps without Which Your Device Seems to Be Incomplete

Life seems to be much easier and flexible with the advent of Android Apps that could keep a track of all that we need to do throughout the day. Starting from the basic gaming applications to travel apps, weather apps and e-commerce applications are all available on this handy device. Also, there are so many inbuilt Android Apps like Calculator, music player and so on while the rest, you can easily fetch from the web. You may choose to play games in your leisure time, scroll through the pages of social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and what not!

Among all the Android Apps that the platform usually provides, weather app is definitely an important segment and the presence of it would make your device completely.

Apart from the social networking apps and other inbuilt applications, you need to make sure that the device contains applications that are useful to you. Getting regular updates from the weather application would help you make your travel plans more easily, and you could get sure at the same time that your plan won’t be ruined anyway.

Here are some of the Essential Android Apps without which your device seems to be incomplete:

  1. WeatherBug

This has been a long-term favourite for all the android users and this is because it is one of the apps that contain all the features within a user-friendly interface. You can get it absolutely free without paying any cost for it.

The app includes weather forecasts, weather alerts, weather widgets along with different other essential stuff like that of live weather reports as well as traffic cams, helping the users to see the weather conditions.

Doppler radar effect is a significant feature of this app that helps the users to get an idea of the precipitation range so that they can plan their outings accordingly.

  1. CamScanner

It is one of the most useful apps that help the users to scan documents into their devices and convert them into the PDF format. You can then send it through email and use it whichever way you want.

  1. IFTTT

It basically stands for If this, then that. This is an important app that creates commands in order to help the users carry out a set of tasks. This is a decent app that provides a sheer number of services and products.

It also comes with Google Assistant support and is definitely considered as one of the most useful applications so far. It would be one of the must-have apps for individuals who have been looking for more automation.

  1. Financial Calculators

It is a nifty little application that is capable of calculating a ton of different things. This tool is useful for it allows the users to figure out anything right from the tip that you may owe to that of the compound interest over a large loan.

This calculator can also perform a lot of other things like that of APR, payoff amounts, loans, credit card as well as US inflation. This application also comes along with an ROI calculator, currency converter and a CI calculator. The best part of this app is that it is absolutely free!

  1. Google Translate

As the name depicts, this is a translation application that has been receiving a lot of updates over the past few years. It includes the feature where you can use the camera of your device to point at something and get it translated in real time. It could be gained for free and it is a must-have application, particularly for people who have to travel a lot.

  1. Push Bullet

If you need to connect your phone to that of your PC, this would be the best application that you can use. With this app, you can access your PC to text, transfer files and copy or paste things between the devices.

You shall also receive your phone notifications on the PC and enjoy the amazing features that it comes with.

  1. WhatsApp

Almost all of us are well aware of this application; this is certainly the best messaging app that has recently come up with modifications, of the new “status” feature. The app is simply awesome when you need to talk with your buddies.

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