Why 5 AM the Excellent Time for Blogging by Adeel Sami

Mornings are good.

Mornings are the best time to do anything.

It is the time when you’ve everything in place.

Your mind is so fresh.

There’s peace in the street you’re living on.

Everyone is sleeping and giving you a chance to conquer the things you want to get done.

Yes, that’s the prime time when you have got the sound chance of “getting done” the things.

And our thing is “blogging.”

So, knocking out the important bits of the blogging tasks you’re up to with. Or probably the whole task in one shot.

My experience as the 5 AM guy

I am actually no more the 5 AM guy.

But I followed to be the 5 AM guy back in the time and not long ago, for a month.

I used to get up at 5 AM and straight knock into the gym for an hour.

Back at 6, and hit up my laptops at like 6:15 AM.

And pull up my blog.. for the writing.

And really I can claim I used to finish up the post in one shot and under the minutes and not longing to the hours.

These were a hell lot of a work I couldn’t do in the whole day time when the sun is totally up (what I meant that everyone is up.)… πŸ™‚

Unusual do happen during the day, right?

What involved to make me productive at 5 AM

The peace in the town.

And the peace in the home.

Everyone was sleeping.

And you’re all up by yourself to hammer up the blogging tasks.

So, that really was the best month for me in being super productive.

The misconception of early rising for bloggers

Yes, there’s the misconception as well on the earth set for bloggers and by the bloggers.

It is said we are so good at blogging during the night.

And I used to hit up the same thing in the past.

I used to be awake for very late (up to 4 AM) and that did well initially.

As time went by, I felt so exhausted and tired that I was “sitting like a fool” even I had no sign of the sleep anywhere close in my eyes.

That, then, played up with my health and so much bad happened with me that I totally got lost in my routine.

I’ve always the *problem* of getting up early even if slept late in the night.

And the same happened with me — I was awake at like 6 to 7 AM even I slept at 4 AM.

So, you can easily guess your health is all ruined when you don’t have the good sleeping schedule catching up every day.

I went by this “waking up to late and getting up early” for some years and that so messed up my health.

Not only the health but I have not had any work schedule.

I used to be like a sleepy head for all day without taking a nap for a few minutes.

And when I had my time up, late night, I was already the total mess because of no sleep.

Then you may easily catch up how productive I was and what level of work I was doing in such state…

My condition right now

I’ve some schedule, for now, thank GOD!

Getting up at 5 AM is so helping me in getting the things killed “done.” πŸ™‚

Yeah, I am little late to early by 5 AM but it is almost there as long as I am awake and doing my things.

What can really help in getting up at 5 AM

This is the impressive piece from Robin Sharma that makes you get up at 5 AM.

Practice it and reap the fruits of getting up at 5 AM. Literally.

Your turn

When do you get up by?

How’s your productivity level?

And how’s your health? (Mine is still worst.)

Let’s share in the comment and let’s become the 5 AM guy! πŸ™‚

Happy early risin’!

About Adeel Sami –

Adeel Sami is the blogger from the tiny village in Pakistan. Loves to blog about “blogging” and have a keen interest in the writing. He helps in making the real tone of “blogging” understood by keeping everything simple and grow the network.

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