Fondy Payment Gateway Review- Unified Payment Platform

A secured payment gateway is all it takes to keep the ideas about online businesses on the move. The ease of payments and the support of all debit and credit cards are responsible for the conversion rates sometimes. More than half of the customers’ back down from making a payment on your website just because they have no support for the cards. In this article, I’ll introduce you to a new payment gateway platform called Fondy that supports all major national and international cards, and accepts 100+ different local currencies.

Fondy Ltd. is a payment gateway service providing company registered in England, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It offers services to businesses and entrepreneurs to accept online payments from its customers from different currencies and cards.

It is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs to expand their business overseas without any worry about the payment gateway problems.

It is easy to install and supports applications like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, JoomShopping, Drupal, VirtueMart, Shopify, and many more. You can see the full list of compatible CMS applications from this link.

Features of Fondy Payment Gateway:

The following are the features offered by the Fondy Payment Gateway that make it worth considering for your next project.

Integration on the app, website, and social media

Fondy offers easy payment gateway integration options for your website, app, and also social media. At times, when you won’t need a website to take payments for the event, Fondy would be your best choice.

As the social media networks also accommodate shopping inside the platform, the need for a payment gateway can pretty much be expected for a business.

Quick install on 30+ CMSs

There are numerous content management systems to pick that suit different business requirements.

Regardless of the technology, they are built on, Fondy offers modules and plugins enabling a quick install faster than the store setup.

fondy cms support

E-Commerce Invoicing

Invoice creation after bill payments is made easy with the Fondy payment gateway.

It offers a lot of ready-made templates for various businesses. You can select a template and create invoices on the go.

One payment button for all types of payments

Choosing a type of payment after clicking the ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button shouldn’t take you on a tour of a bunch of payment options.

It’s not a good user experience. Fondy cuts it short, the process with its intelligent card type and payment mode selector algorithms.

You can simply type in your card details on the payments page and process the payment.

fondy supported payment methods

Personalized integration

Fondy payments offer a fully personalized experience of the store making it blend to the color schema and the theme of the website.

Thus, the customers won’t feel like moving away from the actual store website.

Advanced analytical panel

Fondy offers visually rich-looking advanced analytics on the Merchant Panel. Even the mobile application adapts the graphical representation of the analytics of payments settled, declined, and so on.

Associated with 200+ international banks

You don’t need to take overtime in selecting the bank and entering your details. Fondy autofill the form while you select the bank from the list of bank logos. All you need to do is verify the payment through the method your bank suggests.

SMS payment link

Out of the easiest and secure payment methods, if scanning QR codes and paying stands as the easiest one, getting a payment link through SMS stands as the best-authenticated payment. With Fondy, you can send the payment link through SMS. After they finish the payment process, the invoices can be automated in PDF format.

Recurring payments

Recurring payments are useful when you offer a product with a subscription model.

The card details entered are saved during the first time and can be set to recur the payment for every interval of time.

Which business need Fondy?

The following type of businesses will need a platform to accept payments online.

  • Hosting and internet service providers.
  • Online or offline publications.
  • Online game and software applications
  • Services for payment utilities, mobile communications.
  • Insurance businesses.
  • Educational portals, courses, training, and coaching.
  • Charities, volunteer organizations, regular fund acceptor businesses.

Benefits of Fondy payment gateway

Fondy payment gateway offers the following benefits

  • Automated payment actions from both customers and business owners.
  • On-time-worry-eliminating payment system.
  • Personalization of payment forms.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.


The pricing for the plans offered depends on the number of transactions per month on the whole. Fondy offers three offers and the details are as follows:


Before 10,000 EUR/month:

  • 1.8%+0.2EUR per transaction for European cards
  • 3 or 2%+0.2EUR per transaction for non-European cards
  • 1.4%+0.2EUR for bank transfers

Before 30,000EUR/month:

  • 1.6%+0.2EUR per transaction for European cards
  • 3 or 2%+0.2EUR per transaction for non-European cards
  • 1.2%+0.2EUR for bank transfers

For transactions of more than 30,000 EUR/month, the plans differ individually. Other than this, there will be a monthly fee of 10EUR/Month, chargebacks are charged at 35EUR, rolling reverse at 10% for 180 days, and extra payout for 5EUR.


CMS modules and technical support are offered free for all customers irrespective of the plan signed up for.


It is true that there are many payment gateway solutions out there but rooting for Fondy is an optimal solution for any entrepreneur who is just getting started with his/her business. The signup process is easy and fast. Get started with Fondy payment gateway here.

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