15 Best Free Blogging Apps for Bloggers to Stay Organized

How do you manage your everyday blogging activity? If you are blogging from your smartphone, then you must check this list of the best free blogging apps for bloggers.

The biggest problem of blogging is managing multiple tasks at the same time. E.g. photo editing, writing, promoting, social media, time management, traffic analysis, earning reports and many more.

With the evolution of smartphones, now bloggers are not waiting to sit on their laptops before executing any blogging related task. E.g. you can write a blog post on your mobile, do on-page SEO and publish it easily.

Thanks to different types of blogging apps which are actually making the life of bloggers very easy. If you don’t know what are those useful mobile apps that can help your blogging journey, then this list of best apps for bloggers will surely help you.

15 Free Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Have

1. Swiftkey Keyboard


I know there is no introduction required for this keyboard, but I would like to keep this on top of my list. This is a lifesaver as you will get very handy to use auto-suggestions.

Although it looks annoying sometimes, most of the time it is beneficial only while typing. E.g. this app will help you to fix typos, suggest previously written words quickly. You can Type and text whichever way you like, with swipe-to-type, Hindi typing, emoji, and a GIF keyboard.

[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey&hl=en_IN” target=”blank” background=”#150fd4″ size=”5″ radius=”0″ rel=”nofollow”]Android App[/su_button] || [su_button url=”https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/swiftkey-keyboard/id911813648?mt=8″ target=”blank” background=”#ca360f” size=”5″ radius=”0″ rel=”nofollow”]iPhone App[/su_button]

2. WordPress/Blogger


First of all, you must have to install the app of your blogging platform. Whether you have a blog on WordPress or Blogger or Tumbler, you will find the respected app on the Google play store.

However, not every blogger knows that it’s possible to write, format, publish, and edit posts right from their smartphone. With its help, you can also moderate the comments and view the analytics of your blog performance.

One of its most remarkable features is publishing photos and videos taken by your camera. Let’s say you have a blog about traveling and want to write a new post about the country you are now visiting. Write while your memories are still very fresh and publish your freshly taken photos.

This app will give you a very good interface to perform various activities like edit a post, write an article, reply to comments, etc. on your website.

One of its biggest advantages over other writing apps is that you can publish your posts immediately instead of just creating drafts and waiting till you get home and turn them into a fully-ready article. This app is currently available on iOS and Android devices and it undergoes regular upgrades for improving user experience and blogging capabilities.

[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.wordpress.android” target=”blank” background=”#150fd4″ size=”5″ radius=”0″ rel=”nofollow”]WordPress App[/su_button] || [su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.blogger” target=”blank” background=”#150fd4″ size=”5″ radius=”0″ rel=”nofollow”]Blogger App[/su_button]

3. Writer


If you want to write without any distractions on your mobile phone, then you must install this app. Generally, on a mobile phone, we used to get a lot of notifications like WhatsUp, Facebook alerts, and many others.

This is really annoying while writing. This writer app will easily provide you a distraction-free editor so that you can easily create text for your blog.

4. Grammarly


If you are using Grammarly for your desktop version and want to have the same experience on your mobile device you can use this Grammarly keyboard app.

This Grammarly app will make sure you are always writing incorrect English. Without any doubt, Grammarly is the best sentence checker tool and with this mobile app, you can make sure you are writing grammatically error-free content.

5. Dictionary


English is one of the most preferred languages in blogging, in case your niche is targeting a global audience. But what if your English vocabulary is not strong enough like native English speakers?

Don’t worry, as with the help of the Dictionary.com app you can easily get the meaning of any word or phrase quickly.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best apps for bloggers. As you can easily store important sheets, files, or documents on Google Drive and access them from anywhere.

Reading is a crucial part of blogging, and that’s why personally I prefer to upload useful pdf or docs in Google drive. And then access them from my mobile phone while traveling.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

If you want to know how good or bad your website is performing, there is no alternative to Google analytics. Especially, if you have multiple websites then you must have to install the Google analytics app. Google Analytics still occupies a top position when it comes to traffic and performance analysis. It has been developed by Google to let users monitor how their websites or blogs perform.

This is the best apps for every blogger or digital marketer to keep a track of their blog traffic, bounce rate, top traffic articles, and many deep data.

Things get even easier when you can review your blog performance right from your mobile device. Available for Android and iOS users, Google Analytics enables performing extended keyword research, based on popularity, competition, and some more factors.

Similarly, with its help, you can view your bounce rate, click-through rate, traffic sources, and the overall performance of your blog.

The app is highly useful when you cannot wait till you get home to view how your freshly-written post is performing. Whether on a train, bus, café, or just waiting for someone, it might be difficult to concentrate on writing or reading. Checking your blog analytics is the best way to spend your time with us.

As a blogger, you should be aware that a successful blogging strategy is a result of constant testing of your writing styles, post lengths, CTA’s, links, traffic sources, and other factors that can influence the behaviour of your readers. With this app, you can spot any blogging mistakes you make and improve your existing strategies.

8. Google AdSense App


How come one forget this crucial app to install on your mobile? If you are making money from the Google AdSense program, then you must install this app.

You can regularly check your every AdSense performance, Estimated daily earning, page views, impressions, clicks, and CTR, as well as keep a track of your account for any violation or not.

Google kills AdSense app, Android and iOS

9. Evernote


Blogging is like journalism only. Whenever you find something to write or note down, we generally take note of that. And in this regard, Evernote is the best app to use by every blogger.

You can download and install Evernote and easily organize your work, note down the points you thought just now about your next blog post, or save the stats you found while reading some articles to refer to in your existing blog post quickly.

With the Evernote app for Android and iOS users, you will be able to record all your ideas, someone’s theses, thoughts, or just save any useful links.

When you collect ideas for your new blog post, you will see how much faster you can turn them into a good article instead of researching and writing from scratch. Just put down your notes into a clean workspace, draw schemes, and collect all the relevant web resources you may later need.

This note-taking app is highly recommended to those who are always on the go and find it easier to concentrate on new ideas when traveling, having fun, or simply drinking coffee in a restaurant. The best ideas come when you expect them the least.

Also, when you attend seminars or conferences, you will enjoy having your Evernote app with you. Instead of shuffling through the papers, store all your notes in one place and later access them from different devices.

10. Pocket


Well, this is another very useful blogging app for bloggers. Every day I read so many articles or at least search for many useful resources. However, it is not always possible to read all the articles.

That’s why as a blogger I need an app where I can easily bookmark such useful articles or stories. The pocket app will do exactly the same thing and help you to bookmark such awesome guides to refer to later.

11. Speechnotes


Don’t like to write continuously? No problem. You can use this awesome app named Speechnotes, where you just have to speak and this app will write everything for you.

Yes, install this awesome voice to text app and plugin your earphone to start writing your next blog post. After finishing the content, you have to format the text to publish.

12. IFTTT (If this, then that)


We all want to automate blog post publishing on social media. But how to do that using a mobile app?

There are many awesome tools like Hootsuite that are available, but using this IFTTT app you can do this easily from your mobile phone itself. Especially, if your blog is on the Google blogger platform, you will find this app very handy.

13. PayPal


PayPal is a very crucial app as one can pay or accept money using this awesome app. If you are into affiliate marketing, then you must need this PayPal app to keep a track of your affiliate earnings.

Not only that, but you can also offer a couple of services from your blog and accept payments through PayPal.

This one is a must-have Blogging app for bloggers.

14. Canva

Canva quote maker

Editing images of creating stunning pictures for your blog post is a must. But, how to create a good & catchy image for a blog post for free? You need to install Canva, the best tool for creating images. There are many free templates available in different sizes that are enough for you to create featured images for your blog post.

It’s worth reminding again how important images are for your blog posts. If you want to receive more exposure from your blog posts, think about the use of attractive and memorable images.

Infographics or some edited photos can be a good alternative to traditional stock pictures. But if you are traveling and cannot use your computer to work on creating appealing graphics, you can still design some creative stuff right on your mobile device. The Canva app is currently available only for iOS users.

With its help, you can craft good-looking graphics, Social Media Banner, picture quotes, edit photos, add text, icons, borders, and other elements. You can choose ready-made templates and customize them to your needs. You can either choose your own photos or use any of the app’s stock photos and illustrations. Using the app is really easy – you just drag and drop the elements.

With the help of Canva, you can also create graphics to show your findings in stats or present your key information in such a way that it stands out. It is possible to subscribe to a basic plan and use the Canva app for free or get unlimited access to all the features for about $12 a month.

15. Social Media Apps

As a blogger, it is very crucial to be active on every social platform. At least a few of the top ones like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Make sure you download these apps and log in with your personal credentials to stay updated on social media. Social media is very powerful and it will help you grow your authority as per your engagement level.


So, these are a few of the essential blogging apps for bloggers to make life easy. There are many more blogging apps available, which are also very helpful. However, if I have to include them in this list, then it will be huge.

Take a look at the list carefully, analyze your blogging requirements and accordingly install these necessary Blogging apps on your mobile. Otherwise, you may find a performance issue on your mobile.

Times have passed when we used phones just for making and receiving calls. It has become a usual thing to manage a blog from mobile devices.

Think of any of your favorite bloggers – nearly 20-40% of their blogging work is done on mobile devices. Just get armed with suitable blogging apps and you can do the same or even more.

Can you think of other free blogging apps that might be suitable for bloggers in their blogging? Just share your favorite blogging apps in the comments.

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    • Thank you very much for your inputs. There are many such awesome apps available, I found these 15 apps most popular.

  1. Hi Santanu,

    That great collection of apps for bloggers.

    I personally find Canva app very useful, especially when I make graphics for Instagram and want to post through mobile.

    Apart from it I mostly use Evernote, Google keep and Google Analytics.

    I want to add another useful app called Screener. This apps lets you quickly put screenshots into different phone mockups. So the screenshots you share in your.
    blogposts look professsional.

    Have a great week ahead.


    • Thank you Susheel for suggesting one more app. You are right, taking screenshots is one of the very common activities every blogger is doing. I think this list can be enhanced with one more app.

  2. That’s an awesome list. I’ve never heard of Pocket before, but it’s downloaded and on my phone now ready for use. Can’t wait to see what it brings to the table.

  3. Wowooo Gr8 stuff, Actually its a complete guide, i love your article too much, specially your writing style, thanks for sharing a good article.

  4. Hi Santanu,

    Nice to see you here. You are always ultimate in helping others in a way or either. Even here you are sharing free blogging apps. New bloggers can make use of this list and benefit from the free sources instead of investing, at the very start. And frankly speaking, I haven’t used almost 50% of the tools you mentioned.

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