10 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android and iOS

A few years ago, video calling apps were nothing due to the slow speed of 2G Network, If you walk back a decade with me, to imagine connecting with a brother far far away via video call or Video Chat was as tough and unimaginable as it is to travel to Mars today.

But thanks to the boom in New 3G and 4G technology, it has become as easy as pie now to Video calling and Video conferencing via these webinar platforms!

Now, more  people are interested in using their 4G Android smartphones for video chat, Most of the new best Selfie Camera android phones with blazing fast internet connections,

So these free Video Chat app for Android & iOS helps you to communicate with your team members, friends, and family face-to-face through your mobile devices.

10 Best Free Mobile Video Calling Apps for Millennials

Switch on your mobile data or Wi-Fi ‘cause you are just one step away from video calling!

#1 WhatsApp


Site: https://www.whatsapp.com/

Did you know, WhatsApp adds 1 million users every day? Isn’t that mind-boggling?

In 2012, there was an SMS cap that was imposed on Indian users which limited users to send up to 5 SMS/day. That was the time when I downloaded WhatsApp and there has been no turning back ever since.

Back then, WhatsApp was an independent organization. Two years down the line, the WhatsApp WhatsApp video calling app was acquired by Facebook.

Over the years, WhatsApp has grown beautifully in terms of advantages, thus making it a 360-degree app. What started off as a free messaging app has evolved into one of the best video calling app. Whatsapp Also allows you to do audio and video group calling

Other functionalities include sending and receiving files, payment, documents, contacts, etc. WhatsApp for business makes it easy for business owners to receive money from customers easily digitally!

Check this Guide, on how to download WhatsApp on Windows PC

#2 Imo Video Calls and Chat

imo free video calls and chat

Imo video call app is another video chat app that is quite famous. The name ‘Imo’ resonated with emoji, which is the modern-day version of the emoticon.

Download this Indian video chatting app and sign-up with your contact number via an OTP. Once done, you will be flooded with notifications about all your contacts already using the app.

If not, bring them over to Imo, and be sure they will love it. Understanding the app is a no-brainer for every millennial out there. Start chatting without a delay.

Two interesting features of the app is the camera with multiple features and ‘draw and send’ that lets you send anything that you draw from scribbles to a Picasso. By the way, if you sent something by mistake, the delete permanently features got your back bud!

#3 Google Duo

Google Duo

Site: https://duo.google.com/about/

When it comes to anything manufactured or developed by Google, I know I have signed up for something great.

Tagged as one of the Editor’s Choice apps, the Google duo video calling app is one of the most recent video call applications out there.

The free High-Quality video calling application is a common one in every Android lover’s handset. iOS and Android video calls are made easy with Google Duo since it only focuses on online video calling.

Sign up via your mobile number and go on a video call. Initially, Duo was focused exclusively on video but later on moved to voice calls as well.

As plain as that, you can choose to connect your Google account by choice as well as limit your mobile data usage in the setting. Ain’t that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet?

#4 Skype


Site: https://www.skype.com/en/

One of the oldest players in the video calling market, the skype video calling app still comes to my mind when I want to install video calling apps on my new phone. Not only is this one of the best video calling app, but Skype is also Editor’s Choice at Play Store as well.

This is a video calling app for android as well as a video calling app for iOS.

If you need to make a reliable video conference call with your clients, employees or any other interested parties you need just to install Skype on your smartphones and witness the video chat on the go. The feature of the best quality conference call is a con.

This is one of those video chatting app that strikes the chord of nostalgia (especially the logo). Being owned by the tech giant Microsoft, sign up with your Microsoft account, any active email address or simply your mobile number.

Choose the UI as your preference – dark or light. Besides being one of the most loved video calling apps, Skype is also the home of tonnes of emoticons.

Go get skyping!

#5 Line


Site: https://line.me/en/

While choosing an app, how important is its cross-platform sync? Very much!

The line is undoubtedly one of the most loved live video call app because of its seamless syncing feature across different devices you log in from!

Besides excelling in giving your video calling, Line also offers some interesting playful filters to make your video calling engaging! Here’s one reason to get your gang on Line!

The app is no far behind in the chatting area. With numerous emoticons, the app allows forming groups with a member up to 200. Moreover, you can also do video calling with more than one contact.

This is one feature that has become a necessity to connect with your group all at once. Besides facing the task of being one of the top video calling apps, the timeline in Line lets you share your daily activities with your friends and family. In other words, it’s a package deal!

#6 Viber

Viber Messenger

Site: https://www.viber.com/

What makes Viber one of the preferred video calling apps is its availability on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Wherever you are, you can use it.

Even though the logo says that you can do audio calls, video call also comes in the package. With over a billion active users, the Viber video chat app still pops up in our heads when thinking of free video calls and chat apps.

Sign up with your contact number and skip all the paperwork by connecting your Facebook profile with the app.

The app does ask your age to know if you’re an adult. However, you can say Hi to your friends with the sticker of your choice rather than sending a boring custom-designed notification for all.

Video or voice calls, Viber video calling app has got you covered. You can also create a group with a contact of mutual interest or broadcast your message to a bunch of people effortlessly.

The ‘Discover’ section lets you discover the brand and its content like Getty, WWF, Tenor, etc. This feature is exclusive to this app.

#7 Hangout


Site: https://gsuite.google.co.in/intl/en_in/products/meet/

If you already know about Hangout, you’re probably a 90s or 80s kid. The Double Quotes logo still strikes the chord of nostalgia. Did you know, Hangout is another Google product? The first-ever digital hangouts took place here. Even though other video and texting apps from Google have been launched, Hangout is still available at the respective play stores.

No one minds their own business like Google Hangout – texting and video calling. It was dedicated to only these tasks. This social networking app is slowly upgrading itself to send not just text but also images, emojis, etc. Interestingly, Hangout was the only app ever to allow its users to send SMS. We bet you didn’t know that, did you?

#8 Tango


Site: https://www.tango.me/

It takes two to Tango. One of the most adored video chat app, Tango is one app filled with colours.

No wonder, it has 400 million+ loyal customers across the globe. Signup via Facebook, Google or your mobile number.

Tango not only allows you to do a video call but also broadcast live videos to your friends and family anytime.

Moreover, you can also add filters or apply face masks to make your live stream to add some fun to it. All the fun features are regularly updated by the developers to make sure you don’t run into any issues while enjoying the app.

Besides video calling or live streaming, you can also chat with your contacts through the app.

#9 Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Facebook Messenger

Site: https://www.messenger.com/

As the name suggests, Facebook Messenger lets you make an online video call. The app is more of a social media platform rather than an app. Whenever you are nearby, your friends will be notified and automatically connected. 

This is the Online Videochat app for Android and iPhone as the Facebook developers have given all their attention to getting perfection in one aspect i.e. Voice and Video call, Chatting, Sending files, photos, stickers, and GIFS.

The user interface of the app is very simple.

#10 Wire


Site: https://app.wire.com/auth/

Claimed as the most secure collaboration platform, this is one of the little know best video calling app.

You can be doubly assured that your privacy will be respected in this app. Not just security, the app offers all the features one can possibly want in their video calling apps.

Right from texting to sending images/emojis to conference audio and video calling… you can find all of it here.

If your smartphone allows fingerprint scanning, the same can be integrated into Wire to secure your chats further. Invite your friends or colleagues to share files via guest rooms.

What makes this free video chat app for Android and iOS suitable for the workplace is its flexibility over devices as well as operating systems. Besides, you can also approach the developers for solutions on-demand for your organization.


That’s a list of video calling apps for Android and iOS from the pool of apps out there at the Play Store or App Store. Feel free to go ahead and grab these face calling apps if they make your life a li’l simple!

Which one’s your favorite live video chat app?

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