10 Best Free Youtube to Mp3 Converter Online

Everyone listens to music, but as the internet rates are getting cheaper day by day, we are moving from listening to downloaded songs to streaming them on music apps or more often than on YouTube. Ever thought of downloading the video you are watching, or should I say listening on Youtube on your device? Then you are in the right place on the internet. Today we are going to discuss the top 7 free youtube to Mp3 Converter to convert youtube videos to mp3.

There is quite a lot of free online youtube to mp3 converter Websites

Let’s have a look!!

Why Do You Need To Convert Videos To Mp3?

Before we go any further, we would like to shed some light on why converting youtube to mp3 is an excellent idea and should be considered by larger masses.

  • If you are looking for background music like walking on a busy city street on a rainy day, a dog barking, birds chirping, etc., you can easily extract that from the video to use it in your video or music composition.
  • Love movies and their quotes. The characters we see in movies have a significant impact on our lives. Their dialogues and quotes can be easily used for making a video more inspirational and attractive. When you convert video files into audio file, you can quickly get the quotes in mp3 format without having to try too hard.
  • You like reading books but don’t have much time to read, so instead of text, you purchase audiobooks. On the other hand, you can easily find a video of someone reading that particular book on Youtube. You can convert that video into mp3, and now you have your very own audiobook at zero cost.
  • Sometimes it gets tuff to get your hands on particular music audio. You have searched it everywhere but are still not able to find it, or you like the live version of a specific song whose mp3 file you can’t find anywhere on the internet. For example, I’m a huge Linkin Park fan, and their live performances are just better than the studio version of their songs. So what do I do I download their live performance video and convert it into an mp3 to listen to their live performance vocals without even attending their concert.

Now let’s move to our list of best free youtube to mp3 converters, which you can easily find on the internet.

Top 7 Online Youtube to Mp3 Converter Free for Mac and Windows

#1- GetMP3 – Convert YouTube Videos into MP3 Files in Fraction of Seconds

GetMP3 is the fastest Youtube to MP3 converter online platform easily available in the website format by which you can convert youtube video to mp3.

let’s have a look at the advantages of the GetMP3 online platform as well as how to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

No Limitations

You can convert any number of YouTube videos to MP3 files using the GetMP3. There are no limitation restrictions for a day or even for some specific time frames.

Luckily, the online Youtube Video to MP3 converter platform gives you an unlimited number of conversions as much as you want.

You Do Not Need to Pay Anything

The platform GetMP3 best youtube mp3 downloader is absolutely free for anyone as you do not pay anything to use the platform for YT videos to audio conversions.

One of the coolest things about the platform is that due to high demands for YouTube Video to MP3 conversion stuff, there are many online platforms and software are charging for the conversion services. But YouTube video to MP3 conversion via GetMP3 is free of cost.

Choose the File Quality of your Choice

There is no compromise in the quality of the output files. GetMP3 offers a fine-quality output as MP3 files after your conversion.

Also, you are given multiple quality bitrate options while converting your files. According to your requirements, you can choose the quality bitrate. The higher bitrate you choose the more quality you will get.

If you are worried about internet data usage, go with a low bitrate as it will consume very less data while the conversion happens.

You are Free from Creating User Accounts

Another finest part about the free yet no-limitation YouTube video to MP3 converter is that you do not need to register for any user accounts to use the services from GetMP3.

Almost all the platforms that offer YouTube to mp3 music conversion functions even for free of cost demand mandatory user accounts, especially to collect personal information such as name, email address, and DOB for different promotional stuff.

There is no such hassle with the GetMP3 converter and downloader as you can avail of the benefits without entering any of your details. As said, it’s totally a simple online process.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 with GetMP3?

The process is too simple and it will take only a couple of seconds to get your output.

Step 1: Head over to this page https://getn.topsandtees.space/dw4MY7AQLG 

GetMP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter

Step 2: As shown in the image, GoTo YouTube,  just find the YouTube video from the YouTube app, copy the Youtube URL and get back to the GetMP3 page.

Step 3: paste the video URL into the field. And click the Red Button with Search Icon. Refer to the image in Step 1. Choose the quality bitrate of your choice

Step 4: You are done. The YouTube video will be converted into MP3 audio.

The process is very simple.

#2- YTMP3 – Convert YouTube Videos into MP3 for Free

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the most considered video platforms to view videos online under different categories.

According to a trusted source, 5 billion videos have been watched on YouTube every single day.

How big are the numbers? So, you can imagine how people worldwide spend their time on YouTube watching different videos.

I came across many people who would like to convert Youtube videos either into MP3 or MP4 format to use the same for different purposes. But, most people are not aware of the process and even some believe there is no possibility of such conversions.

There is so much software out there for the Youtube to the MP3 conversion process, but only the limited software offers the process in an easy manner as well as for free. 

Due to the limited number of good YouTube to MP3 converters software, Youtube to MP3 or MP4 conversion software is always in good demand.

If you want to convert your favorite YouTube videos into MP3 or MP4, you can seamlessly do so with the help of a popular platform called YTMP3.

I will write down what YTMP3 is and how you can use the platform to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files.

What is YTMP3?

As the name of the platform itself suggests, YTMP3 means YouTube to MP3. The platform is open for people who want to use Youtube conversion functions.

With YTMP3, users can easily convert any YouTube videos into MP3 or MP4 files following very simple steps.

The platform has been in the Youtube conversion function industry for more than a decade and already helped millions of YouTube users to download mp3 from youtube.

The purpose is grateful for those who want to hear the YouTube videos as audio files and for offline hearing purposes. You can convert, it and then download it to your devices to hear offline.

YTMP3 does not just act as download youtube videos to mp3 to MP3 or MP4 converter, with the help of the platform, you can also convert TikTok videos to MP3 or MP4 as well.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 or MP4 with the YTMP3 Platform?

  1. Visit YTMP3 at https://ytmp3.cc/9622d/ .
  1. Refer to the image. The homepage is how it looks. Select your file format whether you want to convert to MP3 or MP4. And then, on the white column, either enter the keyword or even the direct URL to get the video file.
  2. Click ‘ Convert’. The YouTube video will be then converted into MP3 or MP4 of your choice. You can now download the MP3 file to your device and hear it offline.

YTMP3 is totally free and the steps are easy to follow to make conversion happen. Try it today and share with us your experience with YTMP3.

#3- AllavSoft – Download Music from 1000+ Websites

Great news ahead for the music freak and those who want to download your favorite music from 1000+ different platforms such as Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, etc

AllavSoft yt to mp3 converter is here. Freemium software is available in both Windows and MAC versions by which users can download Music from 1000+ different platforms.

AllavSoft software offers multiple functionalities which are great for users to download audio and video from different video and audio streaming platforms.

Here are some of the features of AllavSoft software

  • You can convert the Spotify Music file to MP3 to hear later offline
  • You can convert online video files into any other video format of your choice
  • You can download the original source of videos and music from 1000+ platforms
  • You can separately extract audio from online video files

The four said conversion process can be easily done using Allavsoft software. 

Download AllavSoft for Free

You can download the AllavSoft software for Windows Version and MAC versions free of cost. As said, Allavsoft is a Freemium software, so available in both free and paid options.

Free Trial is for anyone which you can download from the Allavsoft official website. No matter whether you are using Windows or MAC, the software is available to download in both versions on their official website

The conversion and downloading process are very simple. 

Once you downloaded and installed the free trial on your PC. Just open the software.

allavsoft music downloader

Refer to the image above. That’s how the software opens at first.

Let’s take Spotify for example and Let me tell you how you can download music from Spotify and convert it into MP3.

Step 1: Open Spotify and then open any of your favorite music there. There is a URL for all Spotify Music. Just Copy the URL.

Step 2: Paste the URL in the field. Refer to the image where you can get an idea of where to paste the URL. It has been mentioned in Step 1.

Step 3: Choose the Quality and then Click the Big Download Button. The download will start automatically and the MP3 file will be stored in the location you choose while doing the process.

The above steps are just examples of how to convert Spotify Music to MP3. Almost the process is the same for all platforms.

All you have to do is, copy the original source URL of the video you want to convert, no matter whether you take it from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. The software works fine and supports URLs from 1000+ platforms.

Allavsoft Windows Premium Version

AllavSoft premium for Windows costs just $19.99 which you can purchase directly from the AllavSoft official website.

Probably, try out the free trial first. If you are satisfied with the features and want more features, then go for the Premium version.

On their website, they have a guide for almost everything. So, whatever video platform you want to download Music from, refer to the How-To Guides.

Enjoy unlimited music downloads via AllavSoft which supports 1000+ video platforms.

#4 MediaCoder

Starting with our list, we have MediaCoder developed in 2005 and since then have been updated with the latest codex and features to make the software user-friendly.

This Online video to mp3 converter is semi-professional video conversion software, so it might take you some time to get familiar with its UIX and features.

On the other hand, it provides high-quality video encoding compare to other free converters.


  • First of all, it has H.264/H.265 GPU accelerated encoding (QuickSync, NVENC, CUDA)
  • IT can easily capture videos by ripping BD/DVD/VCD/CD.
  • You can use various filters for Enhancing audio and video content.
  • A vibrant set of transcoding parameters for adjusting and tuning
  • Its Multi-threaded design and parallel filtering use multi-core power to complete the task in less time.
  • Segmental Video Encoding technology for improved parallelization


  • The user interface is a bit tricky.
  • Even for a single conversion, you need to configure a series of different items.
  • It has built-in ads.
  • Lastly, the developer has locked the software with online DRM, so you need to be connected to the internet to complete the task.

If you are a professional and love experimenting with the sound and visuals of your video, then Mediacoder is an excellent software for you as it quickly gives you presets and other features that enhance your audio and video significantly.

Link to Download:- https://bit.ly/2BfGOaK

#5 Free Make Video Converter

At number six, we have a Free Make Video Converter. This best youtube to mp3 converter online makes the ticky process of converting the video into a piece of cake, all due to its well-constructed user interface.

Don’t doubt for a second by the name. It not only encodes videos, but you can use it for converting audio as well as images from one format to the other.


  • First, you can convert large files like 4k video into Full HD or HD videos.
  • It comes with DVD burn support so that you can burn your movies on DVD.
  • With this software, you can embed videos on your website using flash, HTML5 media formats.
  • Furthermore, you can add subtitles to your movies.
  • Lastly, you can directly upload your video on Youtube from FMV.


  • Some of the features require web pack activation after three days of use.
  • This software only supports Windows operating system.

The Free make video software could have been in our top three if it does have Mac support too. Otherwise, it’s a complete package for Windows users, and we recommend it to our readers without a doubt.

Link to download:- https://bit.ly/2MKlIqe

#6 FFmpeg

This video to audio converter software has a multimedia framework that helps you decode, encode, mux, demux, and play almost all video and audio formats that exist in the world.

Whether there’s a legacy format that you are looking for or something latest FFmpeg got you covered.


  • First of all, it supports the command line for giving inputs.
  • You can use several different GUI with this software for ease of use.
  • The software holds everything you need from video and audio software.
  • It can chop your desired audio from the movie and convert it into multiple formats.


  • It’s a bit tricky to use if you don’t know about operating the command line.
  • The 35 MB file for non-GUI software seems a lot when you compare it with other GUI software.

If you are an expert in the command line and want something which covers all the aspects of youtube to mp3 online converter without being machine-heavy, then FFmpeg is the right option for you.

Link to download:https://bit.ly/2OTl8t0

#7 Kastersoft Audio Extractor

Just from the name, you know this software means only one thing, and that is extracting the audio from a given file. You get several different audio codecs that you can use to transfer your audio file, including Ogg and Wav.


  • First, you can use it with the visual timeline, meaning you can know precisely when to extract the audio from the video file.
  • You can extract a particular soundtrack or the whole audio from the movie, depending on your needs.
  • Moreover, you can customize the bit rate, channels, VBR, and quality of the extracted audio.


  • You can only extract audio from your video with this software.

This software’s sole purpose is to extract the audio and nothing else. If you are looking for multipurpose software, we suggest you should look at other Software on our list.

Link to download:https://bit.ly/2Mm7gpn

#8 MPEG Streamclip By Squared 5

If you want something that can play as well as convert your video files to a different format, you should look for MPEG Streamclip.

Also, you can easily transport and edit the format with the simple command of cut, copy, paste, and trim.


  • First, you can easily convert muxed and demuxed files.
  • The software allows you to export AVI, MPEG-4, DV, or QuickTime files without affecting the quality of the video.
  • You can directly import the files from the DVD and CD.
  • Input formats include M2P, DAT, MP4, PS, MPEG, VOB, TS, M2T, REC, MPV, M1A, AC3, M1V, AVR, REC, MMV, AIFF, MP2, MPA, MOD, M1V and more.
  • Fast and reliable encoding of Apple formats.
  • Completely free of cost.


  • The software heavily relies on QuickTime and computer Operating systems to deal with instability issues.
  • Moreover, the windows version hasn’t seen an update lately.

It’s an excellent mp4 to mp3 converter tool for beginners who are looking to work on both apple and windows formats. You can easily convert videos from Mac format to windows format without getting into tedious rendering and syncing. It can easily change the format with cut-and-paste commands without needing to render the video.

Link to Download:- https://bit.ly/1P8D5IE

#9 Handbrake

Missing the top spot by an inch, we have an online video to audio converter software with a weird name called Handbrake. With this video to audio converter online, you can convert video to mp3 from any format to any format.

It’s a youtube video to mp3 converter software so it’s free of cost.


  • It has built-in device presets
  • You can cut out the black bars from your movie with the help of a Handbrake.
  • Also, you can shrink down your video files quite significantly without losing the quality of your video.
  • The progress bar and the notification that come along with it are easy to understand.
  • Even though it’s open-source software, you still get software updates quite frequently.


  • Handbrake requires an above-average computer configuration to work flawlessly.

We loved its ability to reduce the file size of videos in such a short time.

With the variety of tools in your hand, it is easy to get intimidated, but with Handbrake UI, you can easily understand what each tool does and how you can use it on your files to get the desired results.

#10 Any Video Converter – youtube mp3 converter

Holding the number spot we have Any video convertor yes, you might have guessed it right.

This video to mp3 converter can do a lot of things while being user-friendly. Even we use this converter due to its various features.


  • First, it has a high number of input support formats.
  • You can directly extract audio from your CD and DVD.
  • Furthermore, with AVC, you can download videos in 4k and music from the internet in high-quality.
  • Likewise, you can quickly burn your video and music on DVD.
  • Lastly, you can edit your videos with simple cut, copy, and trim commands.


  • Most of the things are free, but you need to pay 60$ for the ultimate edition.

We have tested this music downloader ourselves, and we can get sure that you won’t find any other converter more reliable and user-friendly than AVC.

It has everything you look for in a converter, along with many extra features that will help you in a lot of ways.

Link to download:- https://bit.ly/33ybvnw

Final Verdict

So that’s our list of the top 10 youtube to mp3 converters in 2023. You can download them now and give us your thought about what you think about the best Software to download music from YouTube.

Make sure you check out our other great articles on tech and stay updated with the latest news in the tech industry.

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