Top 5 Freelance Websites to Find Freelance Jobs Online

Have you decided to start your career on the internet as a freelancer either it’s a content writer, App Developer, Digital Marketer, web designer, or web developer? It depends on your skills. In my previous article, I had already discussed Make money online & start your Freelancing career. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 freelance websites to start your freelancing career.

These top 5 Freelance websites which I am going to discuss here, I have my personal experience with these sites. So I will try to provide you the best of these Freelance websites.

As a freelancer, blogger, or startup, you may have the freedom to work from but some face difficulties working from home as they feel isolated, distracted, and lonely. Coworking spaces near me provide a solution to these problems, you can get a corporate work environment as well as you can avail of a lot of networking opportunities.

but first!

How to Get Freelance Jobs

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Maintain A Personal Blog or Website
  3. Create An Online Presence
  4. Use Social Media To Promote Your Work
  5. Start Writing For Services That Pay Bloggers
  6. Only Show Your Best Work
  7. Be Consistent and Persistent

5 Best Freelance Websites to Find Freelance Jobs and Make Money Online

This list is based on my personal experience don’t feel shy to share your views and feedback in the comment box if I missed anything important.


One of the best and oldest freelancing website and number one on my list of 5 best freelancing sites to start your freelancing career.

When I started my freelancing career I did a lot of research on the best freelancing sites, and at last, I came to know about, and I created my first account as a freelancer on up work.

Upwork Pros

  • You can find work from all around the world.
  • Easy payment gateway.
  • Options to pass out various types of tests to show off your skills.

Upwork Cons

  • Navigation is not that comfortable.
  • Inbox functions can be modified like video or audio calls so that no need to use third-party software likes Skype.


From the domain name, it is evident what niche this website belongs to. Freelancing, I usually call it “Being Independent.” Do check this article to know in detail about freelancing.

Coming back to our topic, is one of the finest and cleanly designed a freelancing website which gives benefits to both seller and buyer equally. I gave this site 2nd rank not because it has something less than the first one.

There is only one reason that is some of the useful features are paid and if you are just starting your freelancing career than the maximum of you won’t be able to invest that amount in the starting at least, but once a freelancer is established and started earning, then they can charge for these paid services.

Freelancer Pro

  • Easy to find work from anywhere around the world.
  • You will get automatic updates for the new project posted on the top right side of the navbar.
  • Easy sign-up policy.

Freelancer Cons

  • Many excellent services are paid.
  • Inbox options can be improved.

Do Check Out Freelancer Review here;

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People per Hour aka of the peoples, by the peoples and for the peoples. I know you might be thinking if I am using these words for this website then why it is at 3rd rank out of these 5 best freelance websites?

The only reason behind this is the difficulty in understanding its payment structure.

This is one of the popular freelancing portals worldwide.

I will give 10 out of 10 for user experience and find a job for a beginner.

They have many features that make it easy to get hired and start earning money online.

Peopleperhour Pros

  • The buyer and seller are friendly.
  • Get hired easily if you are a beginner, but you must have skills.
  • Inbox has video and audio chat options that give access to the user to have a live discussion rather than using third-party software.
  • You can post hourly to show off what skills you have.

Peopleperhour Cons

  • The only difficulty I found was understanding the payment structure. They must have a video tutorial to explain it to the beginners.
TRY PeopleperHour


Fiverr is the other big player when it comes to freelance sites that cover a wide variety of freelance work. Like Freelancer, you can find projects or jobs you can do from home from creative work like graphic design, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing, Web design, and all.

Fiverr plays a significant role in the freelance world because you can sell/buy almost every digital service online which is starting from $5 only.

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Fiverr Pros

  • Clean and bright website design, easy to navigate, easy to use
  • Clear and easy to understand a concept

Fiverr Cons

  • Limited ways to get paid,
  • 14 day hold time on funds
TRY Fiverr



Guru is another one the largest freelance site out there. According to their site, they connect over 1.5 Million freelancers with over 1 Million employers.

Guru is organized into several categories and subcategories from The Web, Graphic Design, Sales & Marketing, Management to Programming to Business Consulting.

Guru Pros

  • Easy website Interface
  • Free Membership

Guru Cons

  • Paid Membership Priority
TRY Guru

 Hubstaff Talent


Hubstaff Starts a new initiative in the field of freelancing is called Hubstaff Talent.

Many freelancers turn to freelance marketplaces and directories to find work but are often charged fees for using the services.

Hubstaff Talent wanted to change the way freelancers find work so they created a directory that features the world’s top freelancers and is growing in popularity each day. Unlike other freelance directories, Hubstaff Talent is 100% free – no markups and no fees for both freelancers and businesses.

Hub staff Talent makes it easy for freelancers to find quality work, just Create a Profile, and wait for businesses to start contacting you. Potential employers can reach out to freelancers directly – no intermediaries involved. Hubstaff Talent also recently launched a “Jobs” section on their website where freelancers can search through hundreds of excellent remote jobs to find the right one for them.

Hubstaff Talent has hundreds of freelancers creating professional profiles every day, and they understand the importance of attracting and retaining talented creatives, which is one of the reasons why they keep their services free.

It’s easy to use the platform, and it’s clean, professional design makes it straightforward to search thousands of contractors based on skill, location, or category.

Once a business discovers a freelancer they think would make a great addition to their team they can contact them directly – no mediators involved. Freelancers are also able to search for work on the Hubstaff Talent Jobs page, a newly introduced section of the website.

Thousands of remote startups, agencies, software companies, and e-commerce businesses have chosen to use Hubstaff Talent for their recruitment needs, and they are looking for talent just like you. signup and begin your career in freelancing today.



I hope this article will help you in starting your freelancing career easily on these top 5 freelance websites that offer online jobs from home.

Please share other top freelance sites in the comment box which you are using for making money online.

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