GetAstra Security Review: Online Tool to Secure Your WordPress Website

Tell me how many times have you felt proud of yourself looking at the website that you have built on WordPress. Because, it’s free, easy, and simple. The efforts that you might have put in designing it and its optimization to load faster to the visitors is no less than a commendable task. But, did you secure your WordPress website?

Now, imagine one day, your website gets hacked by some naughty hackers and your home page is defaced.

Excuse me if it feels bad in your stomach. It is the reality of today’s internet world without the application of security.

Mostly, the vulnerabilities are found with one of the popular CMS platforms, WordPress.

Why WordPress Security is Important?

The right question I must say. If your business website is built on WordPress and you did not secure it well, who’s going to be affected if it’s hacked or defaced by hackers? Not just the database is exposed but also the real-time visitors who would be looking or some information about the product or service will get affected as well. A hacked website will also damage the reputation of the company.

Now, tell me! Is it worth giving your business’s reputation just like that?

How to Secure your WordPress website?

I appreciate your thought of securing the WordPress website at first. See, you are halfway in the process of protecting your website and business as well.

To secure any website, one must take into consideration of the following things:

  • Website firewall – To stop the harmful attacks right at the front gate.
  • Malware removal – You should make sure that your code or plugins on your WordPress site did not have any malware snippets.
  • File upload scanner – To scan the files for viruses and malware before uploaded into the server. How do you think webservers like Gmail stay secured? If you ever had sent files to friends or family through Gmail, you would know.
  • Security Audit –To secure your website from real-time code bugs and vulnerabilities with the help of automated and manual testing methods.
  • Seal of trust – A seal of trust from a security provider assures the visitors to browse and make transactions on the website tension-free.
  • HTTPS- Use SSL to encrypt data
  • Protect the wp-admin directory
  • Set up a website lockdown through Wp Plugin
  • Use two-factor authentication for WordPress security
  • Rename your login URL
  • Use Security Plugin

What website security service should I use for WordPress?

If that’s what tingles in your mind, let me help you with a name, Astra – an all-in-one tool to secure your WordPress website.

What is GetAstra Security?

GetAstra is a cybersecurity company that provides simple plug-and-play security services to WordPress website owners. It is on a mission to secure one million websites by the end of 2022.

As a business owner, you don’t need to worry about the firewall, malware scanner and removal, file upload scanner, mobile security, and other security features if you opt for Astra. It handles all your security tasks for your website in like 5-minutes.

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Features of GetAstra Security:

The complete security suite from GetAstra offers the following features.

  • Website firewall – As discussed above, a website firewall analyses the inbounding traffic and scans for suspicious connections and stops them before entering the site.
  • Malware removal tool – Scans for the malware on the site and removes it.
  • Intuitive dashboard – A dashboard with demographical statistics of the security of the whole website is provided.
  • Country-based blocking – You can block traffic specifically coming from particular countries.
  • File upload scanner – Scans the files for infections before uploading to the server. This is the most essential feature for any WordPress website as the uploaded files will start exploiting the site after hosted on the server.
  • Community-powered intelligence – Issues raised or malware definitions found on other websites are noted and the database is utilized to cross-check all other websites. As Astra is securing hundreds of thousands of websites, this feature keeps your website safer from most common threats.
  • Team collaboration – You can assign a developer from a remote location to work on the website safely.
  • Security audit – Audits the security issues on the website and is displayed on the dashboard for any actions required.
  • CMS tailored – Compatible with other CMS platforms as well along with WordPress.
  • Trust seal – Provides a trusted seal on the websites to gain trust from your visitors. It increases return visits in parallel.
  • Agency ready – If your own a web hosting business, Astra provides the tool for all your customers.
  • GDPR compliant – It is GDPR compliant. That means you can opt for it undoubtedly even if you live in a European area.
  • Customized guidance – Just like every business is different, every website is different too. Astra provides customized guidance in keeping your WordPress site safe.
  • Human support – Nothing assures as much as a human representative attending to your concerns. Astra provides humanized technical support for its customers.
  • Community security – A large community of Astra users are allowed to share and discuss the issues faced on their websites. It sometimes offers quick solutions as they would have been authenticated by fellow users.

How much does Astra cost? – GetAstra Security Prices

Astra security for websites starts from as low as $9 per month to $119 per month. You can choose the right plan for your needs just by looking at the pricing descriptions on Astra’s website.


The basic $9 plan is for bloggers and personal websites. It includes the following in the package:

  • Website firewall
  • File upload malware scanner
  • IP & country-based blocking
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • GDPR consent tool
  • Bronze support

The $19 plan is for small business websites. It includes the following features in the package:

  • Priority malware clean up
  • On-demand malware scanner
  • File upload scanner
  • Protection from bad bots
  • Signup spam prevention
  • Silver support

The $119 plan is suggested for advanced business websites. It includes,

  • Security essentials
  • Priority malware clean up
  • Security consultation
  • On-demand malware scanner
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Gold support

The support for these three plans is prioritized based on the amount you spend on the security. It makes sense to me. What’s your opinion on this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


GetAstra Security is a company on a mission to secure websites. Its goal to reach 1 million websites by 2021 is quite intriguing.

The community intelligence that learns about threats from all its customers ensures security in a million ways.

I hope you make the right choice now.

Choose your plan and protect your website now.

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