6 Gmail Features Useful In Increasing Productivity

According to statistics, over 1.5 billion people in the world use Gmail every day. This email service has been developed by Google that allows users to store, search, and organize messages into a conversational thread. In fact, most individuals and businesses rely heavily on Gmail. If you do the same, this article can provide some of the cool Gmail Features on how you can make the most of this service.

Gmail is a relatively easy service to use, but more often than not, you still may not be aware of all of its features. Sure, you might be using Gmail in creating and sending emails to a number of individuals at the same time, but are you aware that this service can do more than just that?

Do you know that the right Gmail tools can become the reason why your productivity will skyrocket over time?

Try out the following Gmail features so your productivity will improve:

1. Utilize Gmail Metrics

Using Gmail is already a norm for many, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is actually productive when they are using this email service. You might be opening this service on your laptop or desktop, and then tinkering around with it while not accomplishing much.

For you to determine how much time you’re spending on Gmail, and if you’re actually making the most out of your time, use Gmail metrics. This works as the best Gmail CRM that can provide valuable information about how much time you spend reading and writing while using Gmail, how many emails you received in a day, and other information about your email habits.

All of the things you’ll learn from Gmail metrics will make it very easy for you to master your email productivity, as you’ll know how to balance your time to ensure that you’re achieving goals whenever you use Gmail.

2.  Use Canned Responses

If you have been using Gmail for a long period, more often than not, you will be writing and sending the same messages. You will likely use the same opening and closing greetings in most of your emails.

If you want to save time in sending these messages, use canned responses. This feature allows you to use pre-written messages through the click of a button.

For you to use canned responses, go to Settings, look for Advanced, and then enable Canned Responses. After you’ve input your template, click Save. You can save as many canned responses as you like and easily pick one before sending your emails.

You can do the latter by clicking More Options, Canned Responses, and then New Canned Response when composing an email.

3.  Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Enabling keyboard shortcuts is another way for you to save time and improve productivity when you’re using Gmail. Instead of typing an entire word as you’re composing an email, keyboard shortcuts will only require you to type in one key and then end up with the same word or phrase.

This feature can save you a lot of time, especially if you usually compose and send long messages.

For you to enable keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail, go to Settings, click Advanced, and then enable Custom keyboard shortcuts.

Aside from configuring keyboards and using them as shortcuts to type in words, you can also use this feature to set keyboards for opening older or newer conversations, searching emails, and removing labels from emails.

This feature also allows you to mute conversations or reply in a new window.

4.  Change Your Display Density

How your inbox looks can significantly affect your productivity. Facing a crowded or cramped inbox will overwhelm you to the point that you’ll lose interest in work. Who would ever want to respond to emails if your inbox looks like you have thousands of emails stored?

How can you have the motivation to work if you don’t even feel like looking at your inbox? If you don’t want to experience any of these problems, learn how to change the display density of your Gmail.

You’ll have three options to choose from when picking display densities for your inbox. You can choose to set it to default, compact or comfortable.

You just need to click the gear icon on the top right of your inbox and change the display as often as you want.

5. Expand Undo Send

Gmail is a must for individuals and businesses because this service allows you to communicate with different people easily.

Through Gmail, you can send emails to several recipients simultaneously. This service allows you to break barriers because you can communicate with anyone who is located in a different part of the globe.

But oftentimes, regardless of how efficient you want to become during the day, there will be instances wherein you send emails without thinking about the content first. You might have thought you composed a thorough and complete email, and then realize that you misspelled several words.

If you don’t want to send the wrong message to your recipient, literally and figuratively, expand the undo send feature in Gmail.

Using this feature reduces the likelihood of sending unfortunate emails to important contacts and gives you more time – which you can set from five to thirty seconds – to reconsider the email you just sent.

6. Organize With Stars And Icons

Gmail offers about 30 gigs of free storage, making it easy for you to keep and compile thousands of emails in your inbox.

Although beneficial, this can become a problem over time as you’ll have to exert time and effort to find a particular email.

This could become very time-consuming if the email you’re looking for was active weeks or months ago.

Fortunately, your life can become easy when looking for emails if you organize them using stars and icons.

This feature allows you to mark all of your emails using five different colored stars, and other attention-grabbing icons such as question and exclamation marks.

This feature will make it very easy for you to find your emails as you won’t have to open them one by one – you just have to rely on the stars and icons you’ve used.

 Start Practicing

Some of the features in this article require familiarization, so it’s best if you use these as soon as possible.

The earlier you familiarize yourself with these features, the sooner you can improve your productivity using Gmail!

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