10 Google Chrome Apps (and Websites) to Increase Writer Performance

Anyone can say they’re a writer, but committed writers know the level of dedication it takes to be successful. They also know they need help from as many sources as they can get it to ensure that what they deliver or publish is the best it can be.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Google Chrome Apps and websites, all accessible via Google Chrome, that will help make serious writers more productive, more responsive and collaborative, and, maybe, even a little smarter. Which ones have you tried already?

Which ones look like they can help you better achieve your writing goals?

Best Google Chrome Apps (and Websites) For Bloggers And Writers

#1 – Google Docs

The Google Docs app has become the real gold standard for online productivity and collaboration.

It does nearly everything that MS Word and other high-end productivity suites can, with the added benefit of real-time collaboration between the writer and his or her client, editor, writing coach, and anyone else who is willing to lend a second pair of eyes to the piece.

Google Docs also allow the writer to examine all the changes a document goes through. Delete something that you think might work in this part of the piece. Look for it in your document history. Chances are, it’s still there. Did we mention that it is rarely necessary to hit save? Google Docs employ a “save as you go” algorithm that is separate from the changelog.

#2- Reedsy Book Editor

Don’t have the coin to shell out for Scrivener (or a live editor)? Reedsy offers one of the best and most feature-rich alternatives to Scrivener out there, and the price is far more reasonable (since it’s free).

Reedsy also allows the writer to save and export in a variety of formats, depending on the project and its requirements. More info on its features and functions can be found on the product page.

#3- Readability Score

One of the most important aspects of writing is being able to write directly to a specific target audience. Readability Score lets the writer know if his or her choices of words are too simple, too heavy, or just right.

The ability to tweak parts of a manuscript to match the expectations of its intended readership can mean the difference between being published or not.

For the freelance copywriter, it helps better identify the client’s audience and write a more relevant copy for it.

#4- EssayPro


Maybe you only think you can’t afford an editor. The dedicated team at https://essaypro.com/ provides you with writing help in several distinct ways. While it is primarily a top-quality academic writing service online, its expert staff also takes on smaller tasks like proofreading and editing.

For shorter pieces, the cost is very low, and the benefit of the second pair of human eyes has a value all its own to the writer. Dedicated writers (and anyone else, for that matter) can check out their huge knowledge base and leaf through some topics that have been sticking points in their writing, all free and without login.

#5 – Writing Schedule Calculator

Trying to decide if you can meet a hard deadline? Writing Schedule Calculator can provide an accurate assessment so you can decide whether or not to take on the job.

When planning an entire writing project from scratch, the app keeps the writer motivated to stay ahead of the curve and complete milestones on time.

 #6- Noisli

Sometimes silence is the writer’s worst enemy. While some prefer white noise, crowded cafés and the like, other writers enjoy the sounds of nature as the writer.

The dulcet tones of the world around us can provide some great inspiration. If there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of nature handy at the moment, Noisli gives it.

A simple, interactive page that can just run in the background, the app provides the writer with the option to select a favorite nature scape, or it can only choose one at random.

#7- Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

 Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Every writer ought to be a blogger. Why? Blog posts are the single most effective way to keep an audience engaged. Professional writers seem to be ideal candidates for blogging, and it’s something that should be taken seriously.

If coming up with good, market-worthy blog topics eludes you with all your other work, leave that step to Hubspot.

Their topic generator can help compile multiple post titles in just a few seconds. It’s a quick cure for writer’s block (and also an excuse to be a little lazy).

#8- Cliche Finder

Most writers don’t realize how many clichéd words and phrases they use regularly. In fact, we ran the first draft of this piece through it and found several places where different words made a real difference in the messaging.

Clichéd terms detract from the quality and authority of a piece, and If you are monetizing your writing, you want as few of them in it as possible. Cliche Finder can be a huge help in that area.

#9- Papyrus

Are you looking to self-publish an e-book? Papyrus provides everything the aspiring writer will ever need to create stunning e-books with enough curb appeal to generate a few extra clicks.

There are free and premium options, but the free site is ideal for most writers’ first time out.

#10- ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one grammar and writing checker that combines many of the basic functionalities of apps like Grammarly and Hemingway into a single one-stop location.

If long-form articles are one of your specialties, this app should be of particular interest to you. The analysis AI examines the entire document and, in some instances, offers many suggestions on how certain parts can be improved.

As a serious writer, we know how important always improving and building on your talents is. We hope you will take a few minutes and click on some of the above links. Most of the high sites and apps are free or contain enough free content to get a good feel for how they work before committing to a subscription.

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