10 Best Hair Styler Apps for Men and Women [Be Your Own Stylist!]

It won’t be much wrong to say that you have been obsessed with your hair at some point in your life. It makes total sense since your hairstyle plays a crucial part in adding to your look. Whether you love experimenting often or are just looking for a suitable hairstyle for you, you have stumbled upon just the right page to do so. We have curated a list of hair styler apps that are virtual haircut styler apps, and hair colour app as well as give you a virtual makeover.

These include hair styler app men and hair styler app for women.

10 Best Hair Styler Apps for Android and iOS

That being said, let’s read why and how each of them was made to the list of hair styler apps.

Hair Color by Modiface

Hair Color

As the name suggests, Hair Color lets you pick up a shade for your hair virtually.

From choosing a bunch of tones in a particular shade to a variety of shades, you can see how you look in all of them. Moreover, what makes this app interesting is the availability of custom colours.

The premium feature opens you up to more colour shades. The only challenge is finding shade in real life if you like it too much!

This is one of the hair styler apps with the simplest UI. If you are using the app just for fun, you may also add some extra accessories like glasses, headbands, hats, etc.

Use the Magic Touch filter and your picture is good to go.

With over 10 million downloads, it’s time to get your free hair styler apps for Android or iOS app.

Perfect365  Makeup Photo Editor


Give yourself the much-required makeover with the Perfect365 virtual makeup app. Not only is it one of the free hairstyle app, but also gives you full face makeup.

Click a picture, upload one from your library or do a live trial… everything is allowed at Perfect365. Not only can you get the idea of how your hair looks the best, but also get an idea of what makeup complements.

What’s really interesting about the app is its brand-specific looks i.e. you can plan out a look completely from a dedicated brand.

It gives a very clear vision of the brand you want to invest in is worth it or not.

Get your Android or iOS version ‘cause it is a #musthave.

Magic Mirror Demo, Hair Styler

Magic Mirror Demo, Hair styler

A hair styler app for girls who love to experiment and give themselves a new look unabashedly. All you have to do is take a picture and try on as many looks as you wish.

Magic Mirror can hold up to 20 edits in a single image.

Try out a new hairstyle or add some amazing colour to your existing hairstyle… anything is possible.

Those who love the app too much or are specialists can readily go ahead and get the premium version with much ado. Not only is it the best app to try hairstyles but also a sophisticated facial detection system, choose multiple photos from your library, and a lot more!

Save the edits on your phone and share them with everyone via social media.

Get the Android and iOS app now.

Hair Styles and Haircut

Hair styles and Haircuts

An app that suggests you the latest hairstyles without having to do hither tither. This is one of the simplest hair styler apps that suggest a bunch of new hairstyles to choose from.

Go ahead and pick a haircut from a catalogue of 1000+ options.

If you aren’t willing to give up on your hair length, you can skip the cut and go directly for a new hairstyle. What makes this one of the best hair styler apps is the constant update with the ongoing trends as well as the classic hairstyles.

Planning to do the classic fishtail braid for the family get-together, you know where to learn it.

You can grab this hairstyle app for Android as well as iOS. 

Hairstyles Step by Step for girls

Hairstyles step by step for girls

A dream world for your little munchkin. An app that lets your little one take care and groom themselves on their own. Starting from taking a shower to dressing up perfectly, everything is at their fingertips.<

Boys can apply hair gel, colour their hair, and dress up as they wish. As for girls, they can try any hairstyling from curling to straightening.

This is the only style my hair application designed exclusively for kids. They can learn to manage themselves from a very young age without your attention.

The app is also a fun thing to keep them engaged when you want to take a quick nap or watch your favourite tv show.

Grab the Android or iOS version as per your needs.

Style My Hair – Discover Your Next Look

Style My Hair

This is undoubtedly one of the best hair styler apps for women’s and men’s haircuts. This app for hairstyles on your face is designed by L’Oreal, a favourite hair, skincare, and makeup brand. Give yourself a makeover and from a crazy range of shades in blonde, red, copper, pink purple, etc.

It’s easy to compare the ‘before’ and ’after’ with their split-screen option as easy as it is to locate the nearest L’Oreal salon near you. The 3D hair colour technology keeps it real without making it look like a sketch.

Moreover, you can get your inspiration, hairstyling, tips, and trends in the app.

Download Android or iOS app without further delay.

Fabby Look – Hair Color Changer & Style Effects

Fabby Look

Fabby (as in Fabulous) is a useful app that lets you experiment with your hair in all sorts of colours – Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta… This is one of the best hair styler apps since they not only let you experiment with simple hair colours but also the bold and magnetic shades and see for yourself how it looks on you!

The app allows in-app purchases to open you to a full of unique hair shades and is Play protected. Moreover, the app has over 1million downloads and is sure one of the favourite apps of many!

Get your Android or iOS version without further delay.

Change Hairstyle

Change Hairstyle

Not everyone can dare to get a haircut, and for the picky ones, we have this interesting app by Your Style Apps. This men’s and women’s hairstyle app is undoubtedly one of the best haircut apps out there at the Play Store.

From short to long, you can style all types of hair lengths at your fingertips.

Nature hair makes the appearance as real as ever so you will know how you actually look and not the one with many filters.

Not only can you try a series of haircuts on yourself but you can also choose hair colour to go with it. This easy peasy interface lets you save the picture in a jiffy and share it with your loved ones.

Download the Android or iOS version on your respective devices.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover

This app lets you experiment not only on yourself but also on a model – clearly a great app for a hairstylist to imagine haircuts on different people with different face cuts. Not only can you try out some exciting haircuts, but also do some fun hair coloring on the go.

What makes this app compete with the other hair styler apps on the list is the fact that it allows you to do a quick makeup too. Add a fancy eyelash, lipstick, blush and you are ready to make everyone go green.

Besides, you can also buy the looks used for the makeover in a couple of clicks from the app itself.

Don’t delay, get your Android or iOS version right away!

Crazy Hair Salon

Crazy Hair Salon-Girl Makeover

Go as crazy as you wish with your hair at Crazy Hair Salon. With over 5million downloads, this app lets you do innumerable hairstyles on four models available in the app. Curling irons, hair straighteners, hair sprays… you can get whatever you want. 

You can give your model special and unique haircuts with the professional scissors at your disposal. And not just that, you can also give her the hair colour you want from a whole range of wild and crazy hair colours.

Exciting right?

Download the Android or iOS app from the respective Play Stores to get started.


Get going and download any of the hair styler apps listed above and give yourself a new hairstyle!

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