9 hidden Features of macOS 11 Big Sur Apple did not tell us

Technological advancements go hand in hand with hardware developments. Apple has cracked the code of world technology market by introducing processors ahead of times and now by releasing macOS 11 Big Sur, the latest macOS to facilitate the experience of working on the best machines on the planet.

Well, Apple at WWDC 2020 has announced macOS 11 Big Sur that comes up with major improvements in experience and stability.

Much talks over its big leap in terms of upgrades ever since macOS rolled out has grabbed the attention of netizens worldwide. In short, macOS 11 Big Sur is a successor to macOS 10.15 Catalina that most likely be available from October 2020 for free of cost.

9 hidden features of macOS 11 Big Sur in detail.

Do check them out.

#1 – User Experience:

Apple has been trying to surprise its users since macOS 7 with mega changes in user interface, look and design of icons and tabs.

With updated menu bar that looks taller and semi-transparent allows the desktop picture to be visible from one corner to the other.

While pull down menus are larger giving more space to read between the lines. The macOS 11 also has made the floating dock more transparent that makes your wall paper glitter through the dock and app icons got a new shape and design.

The latest update also brings you a new system sounds and symbols in toolbars, sidebars and control centre that bring more clarity and consistency across apps helping you to identify where to click. With the  introduction of big and tough friendly icons Apple is eyeing at launching tough displays in the near future can’t be ruled out.

Major changes under UI:

  • Updated menu bar
  • Floating Dock
  • New icons for apps
  • Lighter window appearance
  • Redesigned sheets
  • New and updated sounds
  • Full-height sidebars
  • New symbols throughout macOS

#2 – Control Centre:

macOS 11 brings you the control centre that you have not envisaged ever for it consolidates all your favourite menu items that allows you to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, air drop without even opening system preferences. It also allows you to customise it by adding or dropping apps to it while you drag and drop the same.

New updates under Control Centre:

  • Redefined menu
  • Customize Control Centre
  • Click for more options
  • Pin to menu bar

#3 – Notification centre:

The new age notification centre in macOS Big Sur brings all widgets and notification at one place and sorts them by order of time.

More so now you can add new widgets to notification centre by clicking on add new widgets.

The latest update also brings you 3rd party widgets that you can add to notification panel. 

However, news of apple planning to bring iOS and macOS on to one platform can’t be overruled as we found similarities between both like the customizable Control Centre and notification centre.

New features under Notification centre:

  • Updated Notification Centre
  • Interactive notifications
  • Grouped notifications
  • Redesigned widgets
  • Customize widgets
  • Discover more third-party widgets

$4 – Safari

You can now customise safari browser with background image and choose what sections are displayed on the home page. macOS 11 also had brought tremendous speed to safari although it is the fastest browser available by loading last 50 visited sites faster than chrome.

Subsequently, the new update also comes with improved power efficiency as lasts one more hour than chrome or Firefox while surfing and up to 3 hours more while streaming video. 

Interestingly, the all-new safari will use intelligent tracking prevention to monitor trackers that are closely keeping an eye on you. Well, users can download a privacy report where you can find out details about cross-site blockers.

New features under Safari:

  • Customizable start page
  • Improved performance
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Favicons in tabs
  • Safari extensions on the App Store
  • Privacy Report for each website

#5- Messages:

macOS 10 Big Sur allows you to pin your favourite messages to the top of the list along with easier search options.

Users can reply to a particular message in the group as that of in WhatsApp in the updated messages.

New features under Messages:

  • Pin conversations
  • Share your name and photo
  • Message effects
  • Emoji editor & Stickers
  • Enhanced photo picker

#6 – Advances MAPS 

macOS Big Sur will have guides in maps that bring you nearby places to eat, shop, and entertainment and also allow you to create your favorite guides.

The all-new maps will have cycling routes in the most recent update, Big Sur. Apple prestigiously incorporated the feature to check access to your vehicle in restricted areas like in china.

New features in MAPS:

  • License plate restrictions
  • Live updates for shared ETA
  • Cycling & Electric vehicle routing
  • Create your own guides

 #7.  Privacy

 Like your nutrition helps you with detailed information about the food you consume, App Store will feed you with privacy information about a particular app with the new macOS 11 Big Sur. Also, it is displayed in a simple format to read and identify privacy practices 

New features under privacy 

  • Privacy information on the App Store
  • Displayed in a simple format
  • Self-reported privacy practices

#8 – Apple Arcade

The new game centre brings you updates about your friend’s game progress in a dashboard and also lets you continue playing games where you left on the other device.

The new macOS 11 update in arcade brings you upcoming games and remind you when they are available for download.

New features in Arcade:

  • Friends playing recommendations
  • See all games and filter
  • Game Centre in-game dashboard

#9 – Battery

With a new optimized battery charging Apple increases the life span of your battery by reducing the wear and tear of it. If you connect your charger for an extended period of time, the optimiser will easily predict and get activated.

It also chucked the “Energy Saver” section from System Preferences and replaced it with a new “Battery” section helping users to have a glance at the battery capabilities.

New features in battery:

  • Optimized Battery Charging
  • Battery usage history


What does it seem to you? Did Apple tell us everything? Is the new translucent UI a sign of touch screen displays from Apple in the future? Is it the reason why we have an iOS-like design overhaul?

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, share it on social media, and let’s see what do your friends think about it.

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    Excellent post. Thanks for making us aware and glad to know about these hidden features of Macos 11 big sur.

    Every time you comes up with fascinating ideas that are truly engaging and helpful in every aspect. After going through this post i have noticed that their are some major changes & updates under every feature.

    According to me Major changes under UI, new features under notification centre and messages, new features in arcade & battery and new updates under control centre will be the main attractions.

    Hope users enjoy using these surprising features.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a fantastic post.

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