HostiServer Hosting Review – Is It Worth the money

Web hosting is not just for techies, it’s for also those who can turn on a computer and operate a mobile phone. The evolution of the internet and UX technologies made it an easy walk for every technology literate to buy his own hosting and set up his own website online. It has not only increased the feasibility but also revealed few new dimensions in the hosting and web development business.

We have a number of hosting companies available to choose from and all of them have an edge of benefit over one another. ­Before we choose one among them, we ask ourselves one question, “Is it worth the money?”

That is the point I’m going to stress on, today while introducing to you a new hosting service in the industry, Hostiserver.

Hostiserver is a young hosting service provider founded in 2012. It is fueled by an experienced team of IT professionals in creating feasible hosting infrastructure solutions.

They work on a motive to provide tension-free hosting services for their clients; so that while you work on your core business activity, they will take care of managing the hosting issues for you.

Type of solutions Hostiserver provides:


Entry-level solutions are for startups and blossoming businesses. The team takes care of the day-to-day tasks of your hosting needs in this basic type of solution.


Growing businesses also grow hosting needs and Hostiserver promises to handle them with expert solutions.

Custom Solutions

This is the most spirited solution that I found intriguing. The team is ready to take challenges of their customer’s business needs. They are dedicated to performing the most complicated tasks in accordance with the client’s requirement at custom flexibility.

Managed Hosting Solutions

The Hosting Provider offers a dimensional managed hosting environment for all types of hosting needs.

They include High-Load Websites, Media-Rich Websites, Tube Websites, E-Commerce, Game Websites, and Blogs. Let’s take a deep dive into these managed hosting solutions to understand better.

High-Load Websites

When in times of high traffic, websites breakdown and hangs giving errors in numbers that a non-techie user or a normal visitor wouldn’t understand. The Company manages this situation by not letting the website down for a casual visitor. A visitor lost is a lead lost after all.

Handling the bot-traffic and DOS attacks is another aspect that a hosting server should be keen an eye on. Hostiserver manages these kinds of artificial traffics from the bots and serves the real organic traffic effortlessly.

Media-Rich Websites

Media-rich websites are those portals with a lot of animation and smooth graphics on them to attract and amuse the visitors. Some websites even will have interactive graphics as well. These graphics would need more of the server’s physical memory. Excessive usage of physical memory than the allotted would stop your website from running.

Hostiserver would handle such situations by optimizing the rendering capabilities of the graphics on the website on their powerful servers. The managing team would set up a suitable server environment for your website to keep it live all the time.

Tube Websites

Tube websites are those which host videos. If you want to set up your own video website, the normal managed hosting plan wouldn’t help.

It needs unlimited space with faster reading and writing speeds. Hostiserver is going to handle this on your behalf.


When everything went online, e-commerce made the shopping experience easy and simple.

The e-commerce websites, unlike other websites, need secure servers to host. They should tolerate all kinds of attacks from hackers and protect the user’s privacy as the highest priority. Hostiserver takes care of the security setup for e-commerce websites in managed hosting plans.

Game Websites

Game websites are interactive media-rich websites with support for to the latest gaming technologies and JS libraries. Servers need to support the technologies in order for these websites to run flawlessly. Hostiserver promises this type of suitable environment setup for your gaming website.


Nearly half of the web is filled with blogs. Among the top most used blogging platforms, WordPress stands on the top. Hostiserver offers efficient WordPress hosting along with support to other CMS platforms. Blogs need effective high up-time and better loading times for bloggers.

If a blogger doesn’t like a hosting server, he would not just use it forever but also writes recommendations on his blog. So, I believe growing businesses like Hostiserver wouldn’t risk it.

Hostiserver Hosting Plans

The Hosting Provider offers four effective hosting server plans that are flexible to choose from. They are VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Anycast CDN, and Online Server Backup.

Managed VPS Hosting

managed vps hosting

Features of Managed VPS Hosting:

SSD VPS – SSD hard disks perform a lot faster than mechanical hard disks. Their disk speeds are double and these hard disks are long-lasting in life.

Ongoing Support – 24×7 support will keep the businesses run uninterruptedly on both ends of the businesses.

Website Acceleration – The load speeds of the web pages are accelerated through optimized server communications.

Unlimited Backup – Backups are important and restriction less backup space is bliss for any business. It enables the opportunity to take live risks on their websites and hosted projects.

Real-time Monitoring – Monitoring of the hosting usage help the business owners keep track of their experiments and extract results from it.

Dedicated Servers

dedicated server hosting plans oricing

Features of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server – Unlike shared hosting servers, dedicated servers will be solely used for one client. The whole server configuration is dedicated to the websites and apps hosted on it belonged to one particular client.

Ongoing Support – A continuous support will be helping you from setting up the server to solving the issues that may arise in the future.

Website Acceleration – Website acceleration on a dedicated server will have its advantage.

Free Backup Storage – Backups will be totally free up to the plan limits.

Real-time Monitoring – Real-time dynamic stats are available for managing the resources of the dedicated server well.


cdn plans

Content Delivery Networks are the branch servers that are set up in various global locations to deliver the content on the web much faster through the internet.

Features of CDN

Assisted Setup – Quick setup assistance for ready-to-run projects.

Integration – Fully compatible with all major CMS platforms and applications.

Optimization – Optimizes the server over-load by redirecting the requests to the other nearer CDN servers.

Adjustment – Restrict or pass-through visitors from specific countries. Useful for businesses which are not yet established their services in those countries.

Points of Presence – PoPs are set up in the areas of high demand for services.

SSD – fastest storing and retrieval solutions are incorporated.

Protection – Protects content by enabling timely expiring links to particular content.

More Traffic – More traffic is handled comparatively than other servers.

Best Routing Path – The content is distributed over the servers geographically well so that a short time is taken to access it.


backup plans

Enterprise-grade RAID storage solutions are configured to take timely backups. The backup schedules can be set up at flexible times according to the business needs. The interesting thing is that there would be no extra charges for uploading and downloading of data in case it runs out of storage.


support plans

The hostiserver team provides two types of support, ongoing and on-request support. The on-going support will be available 24×7 and any kind of technical issues are looked after. The on-request support, on the other hand, will only be available for needed working hours. It is the up to you to choose which support to subscribe for.


After all, going through the features offered by the Company, the question still raises in my mind, “Is it worth the money?”. Logically, looking at the company’s profile and their dedication and hunger for success in customer’s growth convinces the heart but is it still worth the money?

The unlimited backup storage, ongoing support, the CDN at best are the quantum evidence to say ‘yes’ to that question. Hostiserver is worth the money that you spend for your hosting needs. Moreover, working with a hosting partner that sees success in customer’s growth is more than money for a business.

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