How Do Anonymous Instagram Viewers Work? 

Have you ever wanted to stalk someone by following their, Instagram Viewers, Instagram story anonymously? It could be an ex you’re trying to see how they’re doing, a crush, or even a recently made enemy.

Unfortunately, the Instagram story feature allows the uploader to see how many people have seen the story and who in particular. However, thanks to technology and consistent innovation, there are third-party applications such as those on Stories viewer that have been built to help you view Instagram stories anonymously.

This article will look at these third-party applications to hide your identity while viewing Instagram stories. It’ll also give you a step-to-step guide on other ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. Keep reading to learn more.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously– Instagram Viewers

Use Third-Party Apps

One of the surest ways to view Instagram stories anonymously is by using third-party applications. Some of the common Instagram viewer applications include:   

  • Glassagram   
  • GreatFon   
  • Insta Stories and   
  • StroiesDown  
  • StoriesIG
  • Picnob
  • Imginn
  • IgAnony

These applications work independently of the Instagram app since their purpose is to ensure the anonymity of the story viewer. You don’t have to download most of the apps to use them, and you also don’t have to link your Instagram account to the third-party app. It is an advantage since connecting your account to other apps puts you at risk of being hacked.   

You can use the web version by following these steps, for example, for the Glassagram app: 

  • Copy the Instagram page URL   
  • On the Glassagram website on the web browser, choose the free trial option   
  • Paste the Instagram URL on the opened Glassagram website   
  • Allow the app to run   
  • After a few minutes, the application will display for you all the user’s Instagram stories for you to view   
  • Click on the stories to view them anonymously   

For this specific app, Glassagram, you can view the users’ Instagram posts, pictures, and reels. It also gives you the option of downloading them. However, it’s not guaranteed that any other third-party Instagram viewer app will provide you with these options. You can read reviews about Glassagram to learn more.   

Also, although different third-party applications may require varying procedures, this is the standard procedure for using the apps. Other than that, using these apps only works for public Instagram accounts. If the account you want to view its stories is private, you may want to try other alternatives.   

Use A Fake Account

Another safer option for viewing Instagram stories incognito is using a fake account. Create a new Instagram account with different details from your real identity. It’s also advisable to make your fake account private to control who interacts with it. That way, you reduce the chances of your bubble being busted and your identity being reviled.   

Once you have created the fake account, you can follow the Instagram user you wish to stalk, or you can view their stories every time they post. To make your account appear more authentic, put up some posts to let it appear active.

You can also use a fake account to view Instagram stories from a private account. However, you’ll first have to send a request to follow the user, and only after they have accepted will you be able to view their stories.   

Watch The Stories On Airplane Mode

Did you know you can view Instagram stories while your phone is in airplane mode? When your data is on, Instagram automatically preloads several Instagram stories so that you can view them even without any internet connection. It, therefore, makes it possible to view the stories in airplane mode. Stories viewed on airplane mode don’t record your viewership; hence you remain anonymous.

To use this method, all you have to do is visit the user account when your data is on, then while at it, switch to airplane mode. Once airplane mode is on, click on the stories to view them anonymously.

The only disadvantage with this method is that you may not be able to view all the stories if they’re several. That is because Instagram only preloads a few stories for instant viewing.

Use Telegram Bots

If you haven’t been successful with the first three steps discussed above, there’s another alternative, using telegram bots. Telegram bots are a technology that has been created to help view Instagram stories anonymously.

These bots allow you to view the three most recent Instagram story posts for free, after which you have to purchase a paid subscription. An example of a telegram bot you can use is the insta-Spybot.

To use the bot, send the URL profile to the bot. From the bot, you’ll be able to select the stories and view them incognito. They are usually sent to the bot in GIF format. However, this option is only viable for Instagram accounts that are public.   

It would be best if you only used this option as your last resort. As mentioned earlier, any application that requires you to link it to your account puts you at risk of being hacked. That said, note that not all third-party apps work independently of Instagram.

For some, you have to link the Instagram account with the app to view the stories anonymously.   

To use these apps, link your account with the application, then go to your Instagram account and tap on the stories to view. Your viewership won’t be recorded. Hence, you’ll remain anonymous.

The advantage of these apps is that some allow you to view the stories of private accounts. However, there’s a catch. You have to subscribe to the apps.  

Wrapping It Up!   

If you have been wondering how to keep tabs on your ex or that friend you fell off with, third-party apps are here to rescue you. However, before using the apps, check if you have to connect your Instagram account to the app.

While some anonymous ig viewer apps can operate independently of Instagram, others will have to be linked. Only use the latter option after understanding the associated risks, such as your account being hacked. Alternatively, you can use the other three ways to view Instagram stories anonymously discussed in the article.   

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