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If you are crazy about computer games and wish to record your gaming session in order to share them on social sites or YouTube, the best way to record games on a PC is game recording software.

Robust and highly functional software is needed to record gaming sessions and create impressive tutorials that can be posted online. So, while you have a rich experience enjoying your game, at the same time you can create online tutorials that can bring you online recognition.

What is a Game Recording Software?

Game recording software allows you to record your game on a PC. It allows you to convert your gaming experience into a rich tutorial that can be shared online. With game recording software it is possible to record games, manage, and edit games.

Best software for Record Games

  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • ShadowPlay
  • Dxtory
  • Fraps
  • XSplit Gamecaster

You can get more information about the best game recording software from this site, but this post is all about how you can use such software for an effortless and flawless recording experience.

How to Record Games on Your PC with Game Recording Software

Step 1 – Download and Install the Game Recording Software

The very first step is to download robust and high-performing game recording software. You need to search for the program online and download the file on your computer.

Once the file is downloaded, you then have to run it and follow the guidelines to install the software properly on your computer.

This step would not take much longer than one minute. Once the software is installed, you can open the program and begin recording the game.

Step 2 – Check the Software Settings

All software has some unique settings in their ‘Setting Panel.’ You need to check the software settings by making necessary changes and clicking on the respective buttons.

The settings can be organized by considering the 5 tabs related to System, Video, Save to, Audio, and Hotkeys.

Step 3 – Begin to Record Games on Your Computer

Once everything has been set up, you can launch the game that must be recorded. You need to click on the ‘Capture video’ option, which is available in the window of a screen recorder.

With the help of a mouse, make the frame settings that you wish to record or select a specific area and make desired changes for the size. You can preset the screen 960p, 720p, 320x240p, 160x120p, and 640x480p. Such settings can be made from the recording panel where you can adjust the size and select a specific location of the recording area.

You can activate the desktop to record the game, using the Switch button. This will open a new window and use the desktop to record videos usually. Click the button again to change control from the PC to Software again.

Some software has a drawing panel that can be clicked with the ‘Draw’ button. Here you can use tools, such as oval or brush, arrow, rectangle, and step to draw on the screen. It is also possible to set the thickness and color of such elements.

There is also a ‘T’ button that can be used to make necessary changes in the text. Here you can type some remarks and select the appropriate font color and size. You can even click on any spot in this area and begin typing.

The ‘Clear’ and ‘Undo’ options are located at the software can be used to cancel any changes that you’ve made. Click the web camera option available on the right side of the recording panel to record videos during the screen recording.

Step 4 – Begin Recording the Game on Your PC

You need to click on the ‘record’ button available on the recording panel of the screen recording software in order to record the game on your computer. If in case you have used the ‘Show Countdown’ in the settings panel, the countdown must appear prior to the actual recording.

If in case you wish to skip a specific part of a game, you can hit the ‘pause’ button. Besides this the software allows you to have more functionality. You can complete missions that you don’t wish to record. At the same time, you can add text or drawings while pausing the recording.

There is also the feature of Zoom out and Zoom in. This would enlarge and minimize any area that you wish to see. With zoom changes, you can even highlight an important detail in your game. If you wish to adjust the sound volumes, press the mic and audio icons available in the software.

Once your game is completed, you can stop the video through the stop icon. You can then check the recorded game video in the history panel. You can make necessary edits and even delete some sections, which you don’t want in your video.

Lastly, just save the video, and you are all ready to use it and share it across your preferred channels.

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