How to Get Picked On Freelance Marketplaces

Freelance business turned out to be a rather useful venture. It allows you to earn money by doing what you love and saving your time and nerves. It is most suitable for people whose occupation demands a lot of creativity and energy. Which is why we decided to give you some useful advice on how to increase your chances of getting picked on freelance marketplaces.

If you are a designer 

The Web and graphic designers can consider themselves to be incredibly lucky because the largest number of freelance marketplaces is aimed exactly at designers.

Most of them, working on a crowdsourcing basis, follow the latest trend of such platforms and make designers compete for the projects. If you want to win, you need to stick to some ground rules that promote your chances of getting noticed.

Your Basic Steps

Firstly, make sure your profile includes all the best samples of your work. Despite your designs you send for the client’s entry, you still need to have an extensive profile: sometimes clients just like to compare. In addition to that, due to your profile, you may be hired directly, without entering any contests.

Also, read the brief your client sets because it’s the reflection of a future winning project. Even if you think that yellow will be the worst color ever to implement into a swimming pools’ logo and your client insists on it, do as he says.

At worst, supply your client with two samples of your work and let him decide. Last but not least, stop comparing your samples with your competitors: the more original you are, the more clients will want to work with you.

Which freelance platforms should you check first and foremost?

Those platforms that can boast about having the largest number of entries will be more beneficial for you. Their popularity boosts day by day and that’s why none will be left without a creative and challenging work.

Try out such crowdsourcing platforms as DesignContest (it has the largest number of both designers and entries), Designclue (it’s aimed at Asian countries and that’s why isn’t so well known in Europe and America) and Logojoy (which deals only with logo designs and thus has the largest entries related to logos).

If you are a writer 

Freelance writers, bloggers, and authors are in demand because of the growing influence of the Internet. An original and unique content needs to be improved every single minute because the competitors don’t doze as well.

Freelance writers deal with creating different kinds of stuff: books, novels, blog articles, academic papers, product descriptions, inventive ads etc. Thus, there is a wide variety of clients who are eager to hire a freelance writer. Moreover, there are thousands of freelance writers willing to get hired.

Your Basic Steps

Because of the highest level of the competition existing in the Internet world, freelance authors need to do their best in order to get noticed. Your fascinating portfolio is just your tiny step on your way to get picked. The problem is, when you have no extensive portfolio and/or your rank on the web platform is rather low, you think your chances of being chosen for the task are practically next to nothing.

However, that’s not true, for everything depends on the way you present yourself to your future employer. Most of the freelance web platforms offer you to write a cover letter along with entering the competition. This is where your real power is hidden.

The biggest mistake you can make in this case is to send impersonal messages from the draft you saved before. It is always visible that the message is not aimed at some particular person or company, which is why, most likely, it will be rejected.

You need to show how talented you are before you even start working with a person; thus, a cover letter is your greatest creative weapon.

Which freelance platforms should you check first and foremost?

Dozens of top freelance websites offer writers their services. However, there are certain that always seem to be the best option. For instance, Freelancer (for it is one of the biggest and the most reliable freelance platform with thousands of entries to do), Upwork (as much popular as Freelancer and not less eagerly sought) and Constant Contact.

Saurabh Tiwari

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