10 Tips on How to use Gmail more efficiently

There are over 4.5 Billion email accounts registered on various platforms. Every minute over 204 Million emails is sent worldwide. Since the launch of Gmail in 2004, it has become the most used and promising platform for email delivery. Managing Email inevitably becomes an important part of modern informational work.

Every person who uses the Internet must be using email. Now people use Gmail for other tasks than just a mailing client like chatting with colleagues, store necessary files and access calendar. To use Google products like Android, Google map, Google Earth, Google ad sense, Google News, YouTube, Picasa, Google forms, Google drives, Google +, Blogger, etc. you should have a Gmail account.

Most of the people still don’t know to use Gmail efficiently. There are also individuals who may express Gmail as one of their primary sources of distraction, and they end up wasting a lot of their precious time on managing emails. Gmail is loaded with tons of additional features that will make your email experience more exciting. I will show you some hacks for How to use Gmail more efficiently.

How to use Gmail more efficiently:-

1. Gmail Account at own Domain Name:

You must be using some very general Gmail account like [email protected] Instead of using a traditional email account you can use Google apps for a good looking email address. Google apps consist of collaborative tools such as Gmail, Google docs. It is customized email address build for business and companies. It will help you a business identity in an email also and make you more professional.

2. Use labels:

You have been familiar with folders on windows explorer. It’s quite easy to manage and organize files in the windows explorer through the folder.

If you want to manage the emails just like that, then labels are your solution. You could create a label for business, personal, customer, college, friends, etc.

To create a label just go to settings->labels-> create a label.


Make sure to add filters into your label to handle it efficiently. You could also order them correctly and add custom colors to each label.

After you have, make the changes save it. After saving, you could use this feature.

3. Preview Pane:

Adding preview pane in the Gmail would help you sorting out emails by a glance at preview only. This will save much of the time which you waste on opening each mail.

There are some of the experimental features in Gmail which are known as labs.

To add a preview pane to your emails, click on the settings-> lab field.  Now click on Enable ->save changes and go back to your inbox. You will see a small preview for each of the emails in your inbox.


4. Be a Master of filters:

Filters are powerful in sorting out your messages if you use them efficiently. These could save a lot of your time and solve much of the complexes in it.

If you want to automatically move the emails to a particular label in Gmail then:

  • Click the down arrow from the search tab.
  • Fill your search criteria.
  • At the bottom right side of search criteria, you can see “create a filter with this search” Click on it.
  • Choose your actions with this quest.
  • Now click on “Create filter.”


If you want to direct all messages to attached photos or media to a different label directly:

  • Use the filename: filetype operator to deliver all messages with attached files into the specific label.

For example, if you create a filter with filename: doc|filename: txt operator, all the emails will be attached .doc or .txt file will be received in this label.

5. How to change Gmail password:

Your Gmail accounts contain a lot of sensitive information. You don’t want hackers to access your personal information. If they can access your Gmail account, then they could easily get your password for other social accounts.

Also, a lot of people also forget their password quickly because they don’t have a good recovery option for their Gmail account.

It is recommended that you should have an adamant and unbreakable password. You should also know how to change Gmail password so that you can change it at regular intervals to keep your account safe and secure.

You could easily check your recovery options and create a new password.

Click on settings->Accounts and Import-> you can see a lot of choices there. The first field gives you the option to change the password.


You could also add recovery options for your Gmail account.

6. Automatically Forward emails:

Sometimes you forget to send some emails which are really necessary to deliver. If you set-up automatically forwards messages, then you can relieve the stress.

You can only forward the emails to those email addresses who accept your request to forward messages automatically.

Click on settings from gear icon

  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  • Enter recipient email address and click on next->proceed->ok
  • A verification mail will be sent to the forwarding address. You make sure that it is verified by other
  • Once verified create a new filter of “Forward a copy of incoming mail to.”
  • Choose your action with Gmail copy of your emails
  • Now at last click on “save changes.”


Now you have successfully turned on automatic forwarding of filtered emails to the recipient.

7. Multiple email addresses with the single account:

Many of users don’t have an idea about this beautiful Gmail features. The email addresses you own can be modified in many ways to get some pretty good email address. It is also quite easy to do it, with no external application or setting.

If your Gmail address is [email protected] then you could use different aliases like:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

The emails sent to various aliases will be delivered to [email protected] These features help you to sort out the various emails received from various accounts.

If you use your email address for multiple web services and newsletter, then it can be a very handy tip for you. You can easily track the web service by looking at the alias name.

8. Gmail Vacation Responder:

If you are going out for a holiday and you won’t be able to respond to any emails during vacation. Then you can custom a response to those emails; you’ll receive in this duration through Gmail vacation responder.

To enable vacation responders to go to settings through gear icon on top right corner. In the general field, you’ll find vacation responder in the bottom of the screen.


Just create a custom message with “On a vacation” subject there and set up the date when you’ll be unavailable.  You could also choose an option to reply people on your contacts only. Now just save the changes to use this feature.

9. Right-side chat:

Hangout is an excellent chatting platform that many people use as it is fast, easy to use loaded with exciting features.

You may have used hangouts to chat with your friends located on left side. You could also choose to find the chat options of bars on the right aspect of a screen. This could be done with labs features I discussed earlier.

Go to settings->labs->Right side chat->enable->save changes.


10. Add Keywords:

Although you can store thousands of emails in your account. Sometimes it happens that by mistake we delete some important emails. Also, it becomes sometimes difficult to find out an important message if your inbox is full of emails.

If you add keywords to your mail, then you’ll able to conclude that mail easily by that keyword.

Next time you found something important, then forward it to yourself by adding some natural keywords with it. Or you could create a new label “note” and keep it there.

If you ever need it in future, you can easily access it.

Many users have been using Gmail for their work, study, connecting with friends, resource collection, data transfer and many more purposes but still they are unaware of its excellent features. As I discussed earlier, Gmail can be more than just a mailing client if you know all its features. These tips will help you handle and manage Gmail efficiently.

Hope you like and use these tips into Gmail account!  Share your experience and tips for making it more productive and fantastic platform.

This Post is Contributed by Saurav, Saurav is a technology enthusiast and the newly appointed moderator at AmplifyBlog. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at ALL DIGITAL TRENDS and Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.

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Hussain Omar - 11 months ago

Hey Saurabh,
Awesome post!

Gmail is a great mail service provider, with these hacks you made it really exciting!

Thanks for sharing!
Keep posting!


    Saurav Nayak - 11 months ago

    Hi Hussain,
    Glad that you found these hacks exciting!
    We use gmail for Work, research, Web services etc. but sadly we didn’t know gmail is much beyond that.
    Thanks for reaching out and commenting on Techibhai.com
    With best wishes,

ravichahar - 11 months ago

Hey Saurabh,

There is no one who is not using Gmail in this era of digitization. But there are a few people who know the effective use.

You have mentioned some great points here. It can help many people to understand more.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Enjoy the day.

    Saurav Nayak - 11 months ago

    Hey Ravi,
    Surely almost all Internet users have used gmail for various purposes but sadly very few of them know it’s more than a mailing client.
    I hope this post will help people in experiencing gmail differently.
    Have a great Weekend!

Philip V. Ariel (@PVAriel) - 11 months ago

Hi Saurabh,
Thank you so much for this wonderful information.
Very timely help and info.
Keep sharing
May you have a wonderful time of sharing ahead
Best Regards
~ Philip

    Saurav Nayak - 11 months ago

    Hey Philip,

    I am happy that you found these tips useful.
    Most of the people who work online are unaware of these tips. You may face a situation where these tips could save a lot of time and effort.
    Thanks for visiting techiebhai and commenting.
    Your words mean a lot to me.

Kathryn Maclean - 11 months ago

Terrific info to keep for reference. Thanks so much Saurabh.

Ugyen Dorji - 11 months ago

Hello Saurabh,
It was great reading about those ten tips to use Gmail efficiently…. Particularly the first one, google app is awesome one… I have been using since last year and I loved it, its really secure, no spam, no ads and its really convenient….
Thanks for such useful information….

Have a good day…

    Saurav Nayak - 11 months ago

    Hi Ugyen,
    Surely Google apps is amazing tool to use for growing business.It provides you more professional email address.
    It also helps you in establishing own brand.
    Lesser advertisement and spam on these email address makes it worth using.
    Thank you for visiting the blog,
    Have a great day!

Silverman - 11 months ago

Thank you Saurabh

Mairaj - 11 months ago

Hi Saurabh,

Well this is an excellent post about Gmail in which you have shared some great tips, that how one can use this astounding service efficiently.

Many thanks for sharing such an informative post 🙂



    Saurav Nayak - 11 months ago

    Hey Mairaj,
    Thanks for staying by and Commenting on techiebhai.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask..

Vashishtha Kapoor - 10 months ago

Hi Saurav and Saurabh
Well done and google apps for work is always a great way to use gmail very very efficiently. Because a opening a webmail and replying to emails with the same email becomes a mess when you dont have that.
thank you for sharing

Osho - 10 months ago

Well I’m really great fan of gmail and have been using since a long time. These tips are really useful to use gmail more efficiently.


www.nairatechnology.com - 9 months ago

Wow this is amazing. I didn’t even know that Gmail can be used for some of these things. No 7 is something I should really give a trial. Several email addresses with one account is awesome. I don’t have to check numerous accounts for new emails. Everything will be in one account. That’s cool.

Kate - a few months ago

Thank you for great tips. I’d also like to suggest one more tool for Gmail productivity: Deskun. This Google Chrome extension might save a lot of time to you with message templates, also you can schedule emails, snooze them or track email opens. These features are free.

Jayant Gosain - a couple of months ago

That is really amazing. Gmail has a lot of hidden features that actually useful for anyone. Vacation responder is really cool.
Thanks Sourabh For Sharing these hidden features of Gmail

Sonja - a couple of months ago

I didn’t even know that Gmail can be used for some of these things. Great post!

Lady Chi - a couple of months ago

I only about use one of these! I have to admit I suck at such things. I only send and receive email really. But practice makes perfect so I am really going to work on these tips, they are great.

Abhinav - a couple of months ago

This can save so much time. Gmail is different from other email providers and these hacks can make it more efficient. Good one!

Divyanka - a couple of months ago

I have never used Gmail with this much efficiency. Thanks for telling these ways. I’ll definitely try to work according to them.

Chloe - a couple of months ago

Hi, some great tips I don’t use most of these functions.

Pooja Sharma - a couple of months ago

I didn’t know half of them. Thank you for this post.

Echoesofhervoice - a couple of months ago

This is such a great post! I have gmail but I never learned all the features. Thanks for sharing!

Edoardo Pucciarelli - a couple of months ago

Thank you for your post. Any hints about how to set POP3 or IMAP for those who use a different mail service to interface with gmail? Maybe it could be a good idea for a future article.

Pammy - a couple of months ago

This is such a very efficient post! There’s so much to know about Gmail’s features that I don’t use much until I read your informative post. I better check out all these, gee, thanks for sharing!

Pammy – joyfulsource.com

PREIRNA PRACHI - a couple of months ago

Glad I read this article. Helped me learn more about gmail!

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