5 Tips to Acquiring More Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most used platforms in social media.  People from all walks of life use it. Whether you are one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities to the stay-at-home mother, all have their own Instagram accounts. Even businesses have realized the reach of this platform and put up an account for their brand.

While there are those who use it for personal reasons, such as communicating with friends or family who live in a different place or to just share a glimpse of their everyday lives, there are also those who wish to use Instagram to promote their personal brand.

In order to rank among the brand influencers, you will need to have a lot of followers. But that is easier said than done.  So, if you are one of those looking for ways on how to increase your followers, just read the tips below. 

5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

  1. Post Regularly-

Regular Intervals
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it’s important that you always have new content for your followers so that they will not look for other accounts. And make your content varied. Don’t just post photos but take advantage of the many features of Instagram.

Post meaningful and entertaining videos, along with Instagram stories. Don’t forget to add hashtags, but make sure they are relevant hashtags that are really related to your products or brand.

But just for the sake of posting regularly, don’t post anything. Make sure whatever you are posting should be relevant to the niche for which you have to attain the followers.

Else you will start seeing some followers unfollowing you gradually. So, first, understand your followers and while posting anything make sure you are adding value to your post. 

NOTE –  You Can use Instagram marketing tools, which helps you edit images, schedule content and get more Instagram followers.

  1. Run a Raffle Contest –

This is a fun way to get more followers and widen your range of audiences. You can run a raffle where the prize can be your own product. Another option would be to partner with another business or even an Instagram brand influencer or personality. Make sure to be clear in your mechanics and come up with a prize package that is appealing to your would-be followers.

By doing so, you can easily attain more and more followers and most important those will be highly targeted. Another important thing is it is quite cheaper than promoting your profile and then gaining Instagram followers.

  1. Promote your IG Account on other Social Media Accounts

Do you already an established set of followers on other platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest?

Take advantage of your influence there and direct them to your Instagram account. Always attach your Instagram account to every email or communication you make, especially when linking with others.

  1. Consider Instagram Advertisements

If you have the money to spare, consider investing in Instagram advertisements. this will ensure that your account will be seen by many people as it gets promoted. Just make sure that you know who your target audience is.

If you are not clear about who you want to see your account, then the effort and money spent might seem futile.

  1. Instaswift

If you cannot afford to wait for weeks or months in order to amass hundreds or thousands of followers, then you can make use of services such as those offered by https://www.instaswift.com.  This service is reliable and will not cause your account to suffer in any way.

For a fee, you can choose between getting likes or followers, or you can even customize what kind of service you would want to get. The best thing is that only is it available for everyone, it is also instant. Even after just an hour of activating the service, you will already see the difference in your account!


Instagram is a leading social media site with a relatively active and new user segment. And so tapping Instagram users can be one of the most beneficial ideas for your business.

If you are going to follow these tips to acquire followers, you can easily get so many valuable and new followers. Gain these followers and then make the best use of them to promote and scale your business.

If you got any other tips to attain more Instagram Followers, then please feel free to comment below to help others as well.

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